Tower Of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm – Full Guide

This guide entails all the details you need to know about Bygone Phantasm, how to complete it and rewards players will receive in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm Guide
Tower of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm Guide

Like most RPG games, Tower of Fantasy also has a lot for players to engage and enjoy the content in the game. The unbridled attention to detail, wide-open world, and one of the best storylines, Tower of Fantasy, attract veteran and new players to try out the new Gacha game. Among numerous game modes, players of the game are also looking for the latest Tower of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm guide to dive into the latest content available. 

For those unaware of the game mode, Bygone Phantasm is a dungeon that players must complete to receive numerous rewards and explore the latest Tower of Fantasy lore. With so much content and exploration already available in the game, completionist players seriously do not want to miss out on Bygone Phantasm.

Key Takeaways

  • Bygone Phantasm is a challenging and endless PvE secret dungeon in the Tower of Fantasy.
  • To unlock Bygone Phantasm, players need to reach level 26 & select the secret mode in the Adventure and Challenge Tab.
  • Players must bring their best DPS weapons & gear to maximize their performance in the dungeon.
  • Bygone Phantasm is a floor-based combat system, with each level becoming more challenging than the previous one. Players must defeat all enemies within a specific timeframe to complete each level.
  • The dungeon consists of 600 floors, and each floor offers sweet rewards & upgrades. The rewards in Bygone Phantasm include new weapons, gear, & character upgrades.
  • Tips & tricks for completing Bygone Phantasm include using the recommended weapons, enhancing weapons, and strategically using skills.
  • Players should be prepared to face brutal enemies & challenging puzzles in the dungeon.
  • Bygone Phantasm is an engaging & unique mode that adds to the Tower of Fantasy gaming experience.

What Is Bygone Phantasm In Tower of Fantasy

It is easy to get confused over the secret dungeon and never be able to complete it to receive the rewards for your character. Meanwhile, this guide for Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy will detail each aspect of the dungeon you need to know before diving into the dangerous dungeon. 

As said earlier, Bygone Phantasm is a PvE secret location, but even worse is because it is endless. Unlike multiplayer activities and daily missions in Tower of Fantasy, Bygone Phantasm involves a challenging combat system and puzzling settings that can overwhelm all kinds of players.

Tower of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm Guide
Tower of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm

The game mode is available on all servers. It means you can pick any of the servers at the start of the game as long as it has good latency health. Here is the complete Tower of Fantasy best server guide you can incorporate into your first-hand gaming experience of the game. 

As for the Bygone Phantasm mode in Tower of Fantasy, you will be able to compete against enemies in a floor-based dungeon system. The reason for the floor-based mechanics is because, as you complete each level, players will receive a new and more challenging level to complete and receive the rewards. 

This floor-based combat system makes it unique and more engaging than the other modes available in the game. Moreover, the Bygone Phantasm mode is instantly available to players after a powerful story and character progression. Here is how you can unlock Bygone Phantasm in your playthrough of Tower of Fantasy. 

Unlocking Bygone Phantasm

Unlocking Bygone Phantasm is the first crux of the matter. In fact, it involves a significant storyline and character progression to be able to receive the Bygone Phantasm mode in your game. 

The primary requirement for the PvE mode is to at least be at level 26. Although it is not difficult, especially if you are playing the storyline, you will eventually hit level 26 for your character. However, there is no other way to unlock the Bygone Phantasm earlier in Tower of Fantasy. 

As soon as you hit level 26, players can find and select the secret mode in Tower of Fantasy. You can access Bygone Phantasm by selecting Adventure and then the Challenge Tab. Here you will be surprised to see a new entry to challenge Bygone Phantasm, ready for players to start. 

Bygone Phantasm Challenge
Bygone Phantasm Challenge

Another important thing you should incorporate before going to the mode is that it is perilous with many brutal enemies. The last thing you would want to experience is to lose all the progress just because you did not have the right gear. So, bring your Tower of fantasy best DPS weapons and gears on the floor to ensure maximum performance and better chances of receiving the rewards. 

Starting Bygone Phantasm
Starting Bygone Phantasm

After selecting Bygone Phantasm, you will see Weapon bonuses, all the levels for the mode, and the weekly rewards you can receive in Tower of Fantasy. The game also features rankings of the top players for Battlefield of the Elites. Although, that is the subject of discussion for another day, and you can proceed to the Bygone Phantasm by selecting the first level. 

How To Complete Bygone Phantasm?

Now that you are in the Bygone Phantasm, you might also want to know what to expect and how to complete each level. The first thing you will see after starting the mode is a floor-based combat ground that will ask you to prepare and engage with the consciousness platform. 

Interacting with the platform will also show you the recommended weapons to use in the upcoming battle with enemies. You can compete with numerous enemies you must kill to complete the level as soon as you interact with the consciousness phantasm. So prepare beforehand to defeat all the enemies and make out alive easily. 

Awaken the Consciousness Phantasm
Awaken the Consciousness Phantasm

Each level also has a timeframe apart from the blood-thirsty enemies and monsters. Players must defeat all of the enemies on the platform within this timeframe, or they will lose the level. 

In our case, we encountered level 18 enemies, which are still pretty tough for level 26 characters. But the first level is a lot of fun because of the challenge in a unique setting in Tower of Fantasy.

On the other side, if you are a higher-level character and use weapon enhancement, you will receive enhanced performance on the gear. This way, players can achieve a significant gaming experience in the challenging mode of Bygone Phantasm. 

As said earlier, dozens of levels or floors exist in the Bygone Phantasm mode. Meanwhile, with each floor, the players progress, the intensity and challenge of the combat are also increased. The exact figure of the floors stands at 600, which is huge for an RPG like Tower of Fantasy. 

Fighting Enemies in Bygone Phantasm
Fighting Enemies in Bygone Phantasm

On the other side, some numerous sweet rewards and upgrades are available to players on completing each level. All you need is good gear and weapons to stand against the challenging enemies on each level and defeat them to make the most out of your gaming experience. 

Players stuck at a certain level, or floor can also consider upgrading weapons or creating a team composition to defeat all enemies in the mode. Here is the Tower of Fantasy best team guide that will assist players in creating a perfect composition for PvE battles, especially in Bygone Phantasm mode. 

Since the difficulty and enemy intensity increases with each level or floor, you might not be able to finish them on the first try. Meanwhile, the time limit to complete all levels remains the same. For that instance, the game allows you to replay them as many times as you want. Moreover, you will also save your progress of the Bygone Phantasm and start again from the particular level where you left. 

Tips And Tricks For Bygone Phantasm

After the complete Tower of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm guide, players can quickly progress the secret challenges and collect all the rewards it offers. However, incorporating some tips and tricks to your gameplay can pave the way for the best experience for your playthrough.

With over 600 levels available to players, the overall process of diving into experiencing the challenges can feel overwhelming. However, starting slow and taking breaks with each level can help players quickly progress through the Bygone Phantasm mode and complete each floor. 

One of the most crucial aspects you must incorporate into your playthrough of the mode is to upgrade the weapons consistently. As said earlier, each floor will increase the enemy level by one, thus increasing the challenge for players. You might not be able to clear the dungeon without good weapons. 

For that instance, it is highly critical to upgrade your weapons and gear. Significantly, the floors start to get challenging after 20, and you will no longer be able to stand a chance against the enemies. Since you might have already collected ample resources through story mode, you can easily upgrade your gear and weapons to progress through the Bygone Phantasm dungeon. 

The next tip that every player must consider is to use the weapons with synergy. You might have already noticed that the game would also recommend synergy and DPS weapons at the start of the Bygone Phantasm floors. Meanwhile, they are recommended for a very good reason. 

As you can see, the battle on each mode level is pretty challenging and fast with the time limit ticking on your head. In this case, you will need a good weapon with a damage per second rate to deal maximum damage in a short time.

You can always rely on good team composition to create balanced combat. This way, you will be able to achieve good damage, defense, and healing for your character. Mix and match different weapons to quickly find the perfect killing machine for the Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy. 

Rewards In Bygone Phantasm

After the massive grind of playing the challenging floors of Bygone Phantasm, players will qualify to receive rewards to upgrade the character’s performance even further. As you complete each floor, players will receive Advancement and Booster modules. The cherry on top is that these modules can be used to upgrade armor and enhance the defenses of your character. 

Rewards in Bygone Phantasm
Rewards in Bygone Phantasm

Moreover, players will receive Dark Crystals on floors 36 and 63. Considering the rarity of the Dark Crystals in traditional missions and quests of the game, Bygone Phantasm is the best approach to collect these items. 

Final Words

Bygone Phantasm is a great addition of challenges in Tower of Fantasy that aims to enhance the players’ gameplay experience and hand out hefty rewards. The starting floors of the challenges might require a bit of patience. But once you get a hold of them, you can easily finish the 600 floors to become the ultimate warrior of the dungeon. 

That is about it for our Tower of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm guide. Do you find this guide helpful for completing the Bygone Phantasm dungeon? 

What is your approach to playing the PvE endless dungeon in Tower of Fantasy? We would love to hear your thoughts in this comments section down below. 

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