Tower of Fantasy: Character Customization [Explained]

Customizing one's own character to perfection is part of the fun in Tower of Fantasy. Here's everything players need to know.

Yahya Jamshed - VeryAliGaming | Tower of Fantasy Character Customization Guide

With the worldwide release of Tower of Fantasy, many players will swarm the live servers as soon as the game is available across all regions to begin their Tower of Fantasy adventure. In this guide, we will tell you all about the Tower of Fantasy Character Customization options at your disposal.

The opportunity to adopt a life that isn’t their own is, for many players, a big part of the pleasure of video games. It’s amazing to be able to soar on a dragon’s back or lay siege to an orc stronghold, but these feats are made much more thrilling when the player gets to perform them while controlling a character, they’ve carefully personalized to their liking.

Key Takeaways

  • When starting a new server, choose your character’s gender carefully because it’s a permanent setting & cannot be reversed.
  • Once in-game, players start with a default character & can customize it later.
  • Character creator provides various customization options such as preset characters, sliders for physical attributes, & item selections for different body parts.
  • The appearance tab allows players to select pre-made outfits&change the color of each element.
  • The accessory tab provides three standard choices for both sexesGoggles, Headbands, & Eyepatch Colors cannot be altered.
  • The shape tab allows players to change the skin tone of the character.
  • The hair menu comes with preset hairstyles & accessories for both men&women. The custom tab can be used to change the front, middle,&back parts of the hair.
  • The Facial Features tab allows players to customize their Wanderer’s facial features. There are six basic features & seven more features that can be altered. All seven features can be customized using a circular slider.
  • The eyes tab provides four subtabs for customization – enhanced eyes, eyeballs, eye shape, and eyebrows.
  • Select the Popularity Vote option from the character customization screen’s Lobby button if you want to use a pre-made character.
  • You cannot copy Wanderer of a different gender than your current character.

Tower Of Fantasy includes a very sophisticated system for character customization that enables users to build their characters, use characters made by other players, or even alter community creations to their personal preferences. It’s amazing how many possibilities this system gives gamers, but it’s also simple to get overwhelmed by them. Here’s everything you need to know about those systems.

Towers of Fantasy Character Customization

Intro To The Character Customization

The introduction and gender selection are seen when you first enter a new server. The gender you choose for your character on the server will be a permanent setting, so choose carefully. Because it cannot be reversed. Create a name and head in-game after that.

Once you’re in-game, you will play as one of the default characters. Don’t worry about this, as it’s just a tutorial thing. Progress with the mission as normal and continue through the cutscenes and cinematics. You will then wake up in a new game area and meet a character called Sherly. Sherly will make you do a few quests leading up to the Astra Shelter quest.

Sherly leads you to a person named Celine in the Bethlehem ship’s shelter as part of the Alta Shelter quest. Continue the conversation, and a character customization screen will appear. The basics of customizing a character in Tower of Fantasy function exactly the way they do in most games.

The Character Creation screen presents players with a multitude of item selections and body attribute sliders which can be adjusted to achieve the desired look. Whether it’s altering the character’s eye or hair color, giving them glasses, a mask, or some epic anime eyebrows, or changing their physical proportions, all of this can easily be done from the Character Creation screen.

How To Use the Character Creator

To get started, boot up Tower of Fantasy and head to the Presets button on the top-right side. This will take you to the character creator, where you can prepare your Wanderer for in-game play. If you create your character beforehand, he or she will appear exactly as you designed them after the tutorial.

As soon as you boot up the character creator, you should see the preset screen along with a male/female gender option.

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Tower of Fantasy Character Customization

This page comes with a list of five presets, and your own sixth custom character preset. Go ahead and choose your preferred pre-made character as a base model. Don’t worry, you can customize a significant amount about your character from here. This is just to get started with a basic foundation.


Outfit, Accessory, and Shape are the three sub-tabs under the Appearance heading. You may pick from five pre-made outfit sets while using Outfit. Choose your desired appearance and change the colors of your character as you choose.

To remain with a selection of chosen colors, you may either utilize the Overall Color wheel under Default Dye, or you can adjust the sliders for the various highlighted clothing elements by choosing “Custom.”

When finished, select the Accessory tab. The three standard choices are the same for both sexes and are either goggles, a headband, or an eyepatch. Each may be changed, but their colors cannot be altered.

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Tower of Fantasy Character Customization

The final area where players may alter the Wanderer’s body type is Shape. Men only receive 23 skin tones, while women can select from 24. There is no color slider, and all of these are predetermined by default.

There aren’t as many alternatives for Black and Brown players because the majority of these options offer gamers a light-skinned character.


The Hair menu comes with a series of presets for both men and women, along with five different accessories for your head. Click on the Custom tab in the upper-right corner to change the front, middle, and back parts. You can also customize the way your hair appears in each section using the default color wheel or the custom color picker.

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Tower of Fantasy Character Customization

Facial Features

Finally, players can customize their Wanderer’s facial features. These are pretty in-depth for an ARPG and offer players the ability to practically recreate their own face in-game.

Tower of Fantasy’s Face tab features six basic facial features, but you may also alter seven more features, including the face’s size, cheekbones, cheeks, chin, lower cheeks, lower jaw, and lower lip.

You may customize the appearance of your numerous characteristics down to the smallest detail on all seven using a circular slider. You can essentially design the character of your dreams if you put some time and attention into it.

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Tower of Fantasy Character Customization

Results are similar on the Eyes tab. Players can choose from the following four subtabs: improved eyes, eyeballs, eye shape, and eyebrows. You may choose from a variety of eyebrow forms using Eyebrows, adjust their height and opacity, and change their color.

Along with eye distance, eye height, and how sunken your eyes appear, eye shape gives an even wider variety to pick from. Additionally, you may choose from a wide variety of eyeballs and alter the shape, size, distance, and look of the pupils using the Eyeballs tab.

Lastly, Enhanced Eyes lets you choose from a series of killer, anime-esque additions to your Wanderer’s pupils, such as hearts, rays, or spirals. You can change the various parts’ colors here and even set your eyes as two different colors.

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Tower of Fantasy Character Customization

Then, there are customization options for your Nose, which are called “Accessories” until you click the tab. Female Wanderers, only get one nose with three different sliders, respectively controlling nose height, curvature, and pointiness. Men can choose from three different noses, nose height, nose bridge shape, pointiness, and width.

Mouth also gives you a fair amount of control over how your mouth looks. Like the nose, these are pretty straightforward, change the curvature, height, mouth positioning, etc.

Markings are the last category. Various alterations to your character’s face, such as bandages, hearts, or blushing effects, can be selected, placed, and colored in this way. On the latter, you may also change the colors.

Yahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | Tower of Fantasy Character Customization

That’s it! Click the Complete button, confirm your changes, and your Wanderer’s customization is officially finalized and ready for play.

How To Import a Pre-Set Character

If the player doesn’t feel like coming up with an original character or just wants a premade starting point, they can use a character built by another player. This character can either be used as-is or customized, letting the player tweak an existing model to resemble a favorite anime character without having to build them from scratch.

To choose a pre-made character, pick Popularity Vote from the character customization screen’s Lobby button to start the selection process. If a player wants to play a certain character but doesn’t want to do the work of creating them from the ground up, this is the method to accomplish it.

The community has already made some spot-on characters from well-known anime like Naruto. A character can also save a Wanderer on the My Favorites page by clicking the Save button in the upper-right corner of their image.

To copy another Wanderer, select the desired Wanderer and then select Copy Character ID. Once the character has been copied, the player can customize it by selecting the Appearance tab on the left side of the Character Creation screen and then changing the desired features.

Note that Tower of Fantasy doesn’t allow the player to copy Wanderers who are of a different gender than the player’s current character, though the player can purchase an item that will allow them to change their character’s gender.

Nervous about losing your original Wanderer’s design? Don’t worry, as long as you saved your prior character, you can always switch back. Just head to the My Presets tab in the Lobby area and click Copy Character ID. Your character should be imported back into the game shortly.

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