Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Horse Mount

In this guide we will help you get the parts for the horse mount in Tower of Fantasy and ride around the world in style.

tower of fantasy how to get horse

So has getting around in Tower of Fantasy been boring? Do you want to spice things up? Maybe get a robot ostrich, or quite possibly you would like to know Tower of Fantasy how to get horse mount? Well, worry not since we will cover it in this guide.

If you have ever played Genshin Impact, then you are already familiar with this game, but if you aren’t familiar with Genshin, let us elaborate. Tower of Fantasy as a game is known as a gacha game. It originates from the East and incentivizes you as the player to spend money on it rather than unlocking skins. You unlock characters, weapons, and best relics.

Even though Genshin Impact may inspire it, Tower of Fantasy has some quality of life improvements that it tries to implement. Some of these are not very noticeable, while others make it so much easier to do specific tedious tasks such as going around the map and talking to NPCs.

tower of fantasy cover art

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How To Get Horse Mount

There are four parts to the Horse mount, also known as the Monocross mount. Here we will detail each part’s location and how to acquire it so you too can ride around on a magnificent robot unicorn, like that old game on the old iPhones. So strap in as we dive deep into Tower of Fantasy how to get horse mount.

tower of fantasy how to get horse

Monocross Heart

For this part, you will need to create/acquire two Ore Extracts, and the locations for them are as follows:

First Ore Extract:

Make a food item called the Fiddlehead Pie, which will come in handy later. Afterward, head towards the Miner’s Camp and get to the area with the forcefield surrounded by copious amounts of crystals. Begin breaking the crystals around the left side to the forcefield. Upon smashing the right piece of crystal, you will receive a Strange Residue.

Next, you must go to the NPC called Stoker. You can find him near Goldrush Mountain, standing outside his house. Proceed to give him the pie you made beforehand, and he will provide you with your first piece of the Ore Extract.

Second Ore Extract:

For the next piece of the heart, you must look inside the house of Stoker, and you will eventually find this code: 3, 1, 2. Then backtrack to Goldrush Mountain and locate all three energy conversion devices.

For the correct order, you must follow the note found before. The Right one is 3, the Left one is 2, and the Middle One is 1. After doing this, you will gain the second Ore Extract, which you can combine to create the Moncorss Heart.

Monocross Head

Interestingly this is the only part of the Monocross mount that is dropped randomly through mob drops as loot.

You just have to farm some enemies to get this drop, although it has a very low drop rate. Somewhere around a 0.005% chance of getting this drop from the Devotee mini-bosses scattered in the area.

After collecting this part, you are halfway to completing the Tower of Fantasy how to get horse mount, and there are just a few simple steps left.

tower of fantasy how to get horse head

Monocross Body

The body for the horse mount can be acquired slightly differently than the parts mentioned previously. You find this part in a slowing supply module guarded by a horde of enemies.

The pod is housed in North Warren in the house located at the bottom of the cliff. The exact coordinates for this location are 664, -1236. The passcode required to get into this house is 7092.

Monocross Legs

The legs of the horse mount are located in a supply pod, similar to the Monocross Body. They are at the coordinates 938. -403 atop a building that resembles a water tower.

Many enemies surround this area, and you will either have to take them out or snake past them somehow to get to the supply pod containing the horse mount legs. and by collecting this final piece, you have completed your journey on Tower of Fantasy how to get horse mount.

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Mounts in Tower of Fantasy

As discussed, mounts are excellent quality of life changes introduced by Tower of Fantasy into the Genshin formula. They make traversing the map so much easier, and with the bonus of customizability, it feels as if these mounts can be unique to you and you alone.

There are a total of 15 mounts in the entire game, and in this guide, we will talk about the Tower of Fantasy how to get horse mount. Meanwhile, we will also briefly review the other mounts just to showcase them, and maybe if one catches your fancy, we can assist you in getting that particular mount.


tower of fantasy taxi mount

This vehicle is similar to the Monocross mount in that you must find all the parts and assemble them upon obtaining all the pieces that make it appear as it does in the art.

It requires four parts, each of which can be found in the following ways: get the engine by going through the Navia Ecological Park hidden quest; the cockpit is located at Seaforth Dock in a bunker at the coordinates 511, 767 with the passcode 3594; the thruster parts can be found through a sheer random drop of 0.005% against the mini-boss Four Powers; the hood can be obtained from completing the hidden quest line which gives us the engine part as well.

Omnium Beast VII

tower of fantasy bull mount

Another attractive mount has parts that need to be collected and assembled. This mount resembles a technological bull in the hind legs department and only requires three parts to complete.

The parts of this mount can be found as follows: the cockpit is located by going through the same hidden quest in which we collect the Voyager pieces; the first leg can be secured by to the HT201 Shelter in the Southeast Banges, its coordinates being 88, 996 locked with the passcode 1647; the second leg is procured by defeating Behemoth mini-bosses with a drop rate of 0.005%.


tower of fantasy chaser mount

This is the third mount that requires us as the players to accomplish fetch quests and gather components to use it. In this instance, we need to gather two pieces to make the mount functional.

The parts are located as follows: the first piece can be found from a supply pod in Northern Astra at the Rusty Belt with the coordinates -829, 473; the second part is a loot drop from the Vermin Brothers mini-boss, and the drop rate for this is somewhere around 0.005% so makes sure to wish on a star before you begin your farming session.

Future Chariot

tower of fantasy future chariot icon

This particular mount is only purchasable using Blue Crystals in the shop and not available anywhere else in all of Tower of Fantasy.

Jerboa Pain Car

tower of fantasy jerboa pain car

This particular mount is only obtainable using the gachapon event and is not available anywhere else in all of Tower of Fantasy.

Desert Rower

tower of fantasy desert rower icon

This particular mount is only obtainable using the gachapon event and is not available anywhere else in all of Tower of Fantasy.


tower of fantasy jerboa

This particular mount is only obtainable using the gachapon capsules in Mirror City and is not available anywhere else in the Tower of Fantasy.

Aida Knight

tower of fantasy scooter mount

This particular mount is only obtainable if you unlocked it during the fourth paid battle pass and is not available anywhere else in all of Tower of Fantasy.

Crimson Meteor

tower of fantasy crimson meteor skin

You can purchase this from your home island store, but when it comes to the skins for it, they can only be obtained through gachpon capsules available during events.

Heavy Bike

tower of fantasy heavy bike icon

This particular mount is quite unique as it is more of a milestone award for progressing the weapon of Marc to three stars.

Mecha Bird

tower of fantasy mechanical ostrich

The mecha bird is our fourth and final (as of yet) mount that is crafted by a player. For this mount, you need to get grinding. To get the head, body, and legs, you must buy them during the event, and for the engine, you must gain 100% server completion while the special event is ongoing.


tower of fantasy cube

If you registered for the game before it hit global live servers or were part of the pre-registration, then you are eligible to own this mount.

Dust Wheeler

tower of fantasy dustwheeler

A mount that can only be acquired if the player receives a Grand Marshal Rank in the Tower of Fantasy’s PvP arena.

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