Tower of Fantasy: How to Reroll [Explained]

This Tower of Fantasy How to Reroll guide will let you understand the pull system in the game and how you can reroll characters.

Tower of Fantasy: How to Re-Roll

What Is The Tower of Fantasy Reroll System?

The reroll system is a process that many players take part in. When starting out games like Tower of Fantasy, a Gacha game, you have to make pulls. These pulls give you certain rewards, such as characters and relics that you can use. However, you are never guaranteed the prize you are looking for. So to overcome that boundary and get your most desired prize, you participate in reroll.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tower of Fantasy reroll system is a process where players repeatedly make pulls until they get their desired prize, such as characters & relics.
  • To participate in reroll, players need to unlock the game’s Gacha system by finishing the game’s tutorial.
  • Pre-requisites for the reroll process include creating multiple accounts & presetting character customization.
  • Creating multiple accounts can give players multiple chances to pull out their desired character, while presetting character customization can save time when logging into different accounts.
  • The actual reroll process involves signing in, acquiring the Gold Nucleus, meeting Celine, participating in a race, meeting Scrapper, and receiving rewards.
  • The pre-registration bonus in the first 180 days of the game’s launch grants players a Gold Nucleus, which aids in the reroll process.
  • Best Gacha pulls in the game include Orestes, Apollo, and Artemis.
  • Players must be resilient & keep pushing forward if they get a bad pull during the reroll process.

As we mentioned, Tower of Fantasy has multiple characters with different skill sets. This creates a distinction between which are regarded as better than others. Hence, players look forward to their pulls to get the best characters. Once you finish the game’s tutorial, you will unlock the game’s Gacha system. It will allow you to pull out characters with you will have to play until you can get more pulls.

However, getting more pulls is hard, and what if the character you started with is not to your liking? In that case, the reroll is your best bet. The process of enrolling is a long and tenuous one, but it can be gratifying. There are a few steps involved, so we suggest you thoroughly go through this Tower of Fantasy How to Reroll.

Pre-requisites For The Tower of Fantasy Reroll

The reroll process isn’t guaranteed to give you your desired character on your first try. However, the longer you try, the more chances you will have at unlocking it. If you follow these steps side by side, you will have no problem eventually getting what you want.

However, we suggest you follow these steps beforehand to make the whole process easier for yourself. It will save you time and enable you to be more invested in the pull rather than be worried about following the steps repeatedly. With that being said, let’s look at the different steps.

Create a bunch of accounts

Once you launch the game, you will be asked to sign in with your created account. As usual, players plug in their main account first and go ahead with the tutorial. Upon unlocking the Gacha system, they make the pull and find disappointment behind it. They fail to get their desired characters and are forced to play with the ones at hand.

However, you can avoid this by making separate accounts. The different accounts will give you multiple chances to pull out the character of your dreams.

If one account doesn’t work, you simply have to try another. Moreover, you can give them random names like “Altaccount1” and so on to know which one you have already tried. With more chances available, you will find the character you want in no time.

Although this process seems tedious, it will pay off eventually. We suggest that you keep these accounts on you beforehand so that you don’t have to go through making the accounts while being burdened by your bad pull. It will help keep your mental energy up and save you time as well.

Preset Character Customization

Tower of Fantasy Preset Character Customization
Character Customization

Once you have logged in to your account, you will be tasked with customizing your characters. Many people spend their time here endlessly perfecting their character to their preference. That is how it is supposed to be for players. However, if you are participating in the reroll process, you will have to go through this every time you log in to a different account. This can make things problematic for you.

Fortunately, there is a method you can use to get around it, which greatly simplifies things. Upon launching the game, you will be greeted with the main menu on your device. You’ll see an icon with the word “Preset” beneath it. Clicking it will bring up the screen where you may customize your character.

This is the same screen you will face countless times when you open a separate account. Here, take your time and make the character however you want it to be. There is no reason to be hasty here as this will be the last time you will have to do this.

Once you are satisfied with your modifications, save your character and head back to the lobby. Here you will see a UID associated with your character. This is a unique ID that is different for every permutation of characters. You can copy this UID and keep it with you as it will help you in the actual Rerolling process.

How To Reroll In Tower of Fantasy?

Now that you are done preparing for the reroll process, you can challenge this task head-on. Remember that you must be resilient and keep pushing forward if you get a bad pull. Luckily for you, the process is made more accessible by the game developers. They are handing out bonuses to those who pre-register for the game in the first 180 days of the game’s launch.

These bonuses aid you greatly in the reroll process. The bonuses allow you to make more pulls than you usually would. As you must be aware, you need Gold Nuclei for your pulls.

Hence the pre-registration bonus grants you one due to your early support for the game. This Gold Nucleus becomes integral when added to the one you collect in the tutorials to the more significant number of pulls available to you.

With a more significant number of pulls come more chances for success. This will ensure that you have multiple tries each time and are on the right track to taste the fruit of your hard work. However, as this bonus is only available for the first 180 days, we suggest you hop on now because if you wait too long, it will only become more complex.

With difficulty and fewer chances, you will be less likely to succeed, which can make you give up. But do not worry; with the following steps, you will be able to go through the process easily and quickly every time you try it.

Signing in

The process starts from your first sign-in. You can use any account you want as you have plenty more if things don’t end well here. Once logged in, you will come across multiple cutscenes, introducing you to the Tower of Fantasy’s world. As this will be your first sign-in, we recommend you watch these cutscenes to familiarize yourself with the game.

These cutscenes also build up the story behind the game. Following along will make the game more enjoyable, and you will be more immersive in your gameplay. The cutscene will also give you the choice of going for a male or a female protagonist, which is up to your preference. These cutscenes will repeat every time you sign in with a different account, so you can skip it after watching it once.

Once the cutscenes finish, you will be in the tutorial. You will start in a place called the Astra Shelter, where your quest for the Gold Nucleus will begin.

Acquiring the Gold Nucleus

Next up in this Tower of Fantasy how to reroll guide, we aim to get the Gold Nucleus. In the Astra Shelter, the first people you will encounter are Shirli and Zeke. Finding them will trigger more cutscenes, making you familiar with the game.

Shirli will teach you the game’s mechanics and enable you to look around the place. As this can be pretty long, you should only watch it once during your rerolling process and just skip it afterward.

The cutscenes will allow you to admire the game’s beauty and show you the path to a Gold Nucleus. The Gold Nucleus can be found if you interact with various items throughout the map. It will also be shown on the map, but it is straightforward to lose track of it. Thus to aid you further, we have included the location of the Nuclei.

Meeting Celine

Once the cutscene finishes, Shirli will take you to meet Celine. You will know if you are at the right place once you reach there. That is because Celine lives inside a big ship. Here, don’t enter the boat immediately but halt for a moment. Head left of the ship and use it to climb onto its exterior. Once onto the exterior, make your way to the top to interact with the orb. This will give you a Gold Nucleus.

Then head inside and talk to Celine. She will take you to the character customization screen. Here your UID will come in handy. Just use the preset, and you won’t have to deal with making the characters personalized over and over again.

The Race

After you are done with your character customization, Shirli will introduce you to various other characters. Once all the introductions are finished, she will challenge you to a race across the vast river. Your goal in this race is to beat Shirli, but don’t let this distract you from your goal of finding the Gold Nucleus.

When the race starts, don’t follow behind Shirli blindly. Take a right turn at the start, and you will notice an orb floating in the air. Interacting with the orb will give you another Gold Nucleus.

Meeting Scrapper

You can find the last two Gold Nucleus once you interact with Scrapper. The last person Shirli will take you to meet is Scrapper. He will take you to a high vantage point with a jetpack strapped to your back. You will see a marked zone on the map where you will have to glide down and land.

However, if you do that, you will miss out on the Gold Nucleus necessary for your pulls. Hence, look for an area with bones coming out of it. Follow it, and you will see an orb floating in the air. Interact with the orb, and you will obtain the last two Nuclei.


Tower of Fantasy Gold Nuclei Reward
Gold Nuclei in Reward Section

The game’s Gacha system is unlocked when you defeat all the monsters in your way. The tutorial will end, and you will be back in the lobby. However, to make the pulls, you will need your Gold Nuclei. Thus, it is crucial that you know how to get them after finding them.

You will see many icons for different things in your lobby on the top right of your screen. Among them will be a rewards icon alongside the shop icon. Click it, and you will see a screen with the prompt “Claim Rewards.”

Claim your rewards from each tab, including the Special Operations Tab. They will give you pre-registration bonus and prepare you for the Gacha Pulls.

Gacha Pulls

This is the most essential part of this whole process. The success of this system is the reason why such a process exists. Following this Tower of Fantasy How to Reroll guide’s instructions will ensure that you have 30 Gold Nuclei. This will enable you to do at least x10 pulls three times. If you manage to have more Gold Nuclei remaining as well, you can use it to do some solo pulls.

The aim of these pulls will be to acquire the characters of your desire or SSR relics. The characters you get will define how you will have to go about the game, which can hinder your play style. Thus you have to ensure you get what you are looking for.

If you manage to get what you were looking for right from the bat, then the rerolling process is finished for you. You can stop reading here and enjoy the game. However, you must repeat the process if you are still unlucky and haven’t found your desired character yet.

You will have to log out of this account and sign back in from the other alternative accounts. Making some beforehand will save your time and effort here. Then you will have to go through the tutorial again and, through our steps, obtain the Gold Nuclei. Lastly, make the Gacha Pulls and hope for the best.

The Gacha pulls can take up to many tries for you to find what you are looking for. So remember, you have to keep going forward as this reroll process is for those that can strive. If you keep being resilient, you will get your hands on what you are looking for.

Best Gacha Pulls

If you are just starting out the game, you might not be aware of the best characters in the game. You might even overlook some of the strongest characters in the game, leaving you in a mess of a situation. Hence I will list some of the best characters you can pull so you don’t accidentally miss out on some gems.

Tower of Fantasy Samir

Firstly, we have Samir. She is a compelling character that displays her true potential in a PvP battle. She uses her dual pistols, Dual EM Stars, to destroy her opponents from afar and get the victory.

Her weapon has insane skills for you to utilize and will be a great addition to your arsenal. Furthermore, her kit is user-friendly, meaning you can master it quickly. Lastly, her kit contains a blend of both offense and defense which will help you adjust and tackle situations better.

If you don’t manage to get Samir, you should be on the lookout for King or Shiro. King is a DPS machine that obliterates enemies with his Scythe. His insane shield-breaking ability has made him notorious in the game. On the other hand, Shiro uses her bow to deal massive damage from afar and win without even taking damage.

Additionally, if none of these come up either, you can aim for Meryl or Zero. They both provide good abilities and skills to try your hand and make yourself familiar with the game. Their capabilities also ensure that you can deal with any kind of adversity.


The Reroll process is tedious, but it can serve a great purpose. It can allow you to have another chance at a great start and play as your favorite character. However, the reroll process can not guarantee success. That is the only flaw with it. Some people can get what they want on the first try, while some cannot even after ten. This is why you should do it in moderation or if you are determined enough, keep at it.

The best thing about the reroll process is that you will retain all the accounts meaning you can switch back to the account with better results. This will allow you to have a backup character with which you can dominate the Tower of Fantasy World.

This concludes our Tower of Fantasy How to Reroll guide. Let us know down below which is the best pull from the Gacha System!!

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