Tower of Fantasy SSR Rank & Characters

In this guide we will detail all the things you need to know about the gacha system to approach it with confidence.

tower of fantasy ssr

So it seems you have been swept up in the recent craze regarding Towers of Fantasy. Looks like we found you trying to find out more about the Tower of Fantasy SSR Rank and what items and characters fall under this ranking.

If you have ever played Genshin Impact, then you are already familiar with this game, but if you aren’t familiar with Genshin, let us elaborate. Tower of Fantasy as a game is known as a gacha game. It originates from the East and incentivizes you as the player to spend money on it, but rather than unlocking skins, you unlock characters, weapons, and best relics.

The game also ranks these unlock under different tiers. These tiers are talked about more in the next section of this guide. Now we mentioned if you have played Genshin Impact because it seems that Tower of Fantasy has been greatly influenced by it.

After all, this extends more towards the gameplay and gacha aspects. We also list all the relics and characters with the SSR Rank, but we will not go into great detail as they are much too complex to be converted in this guide alone. Hence we will simply be briefly mentioning them.

tower of fantasy ssr
Tower of Fantasy Cover Art

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What is Tower of Fantasy SSR Rank?

There are two main ranks you need to worry about in the game. The ones we will be focusing on are the SR ranks and the Tower of Fantasy SSR rank. These ranks act as rarity levels or stars if we compare them to traditional gacha games.

The SR rank is comparable to 4 stars which is the second highest rarity while the SSR is like 5 stars and the highest rarity obtainable in the game. To put it simply the higher the rank the more powerful and useful the acquired item or character, however that isn’t the case 100% of the time as there are always exceptions.

How Does The Gacha System Work

Now, this wouldn’t be a gacha game unless it gives you a crippling addiction to its gameplay and slim chanced rolls. In Tower of Fantasy, they are known as “special orders.” Each gacha system has an innate pity function which they make sure to implement otherwise most players of the genre don’t even dare to look in the game’s direction.

Now you may be confused about what a pity system is and don’t worry as we will explain it to you in the easiest terms possible. Basically, there are a certain number of rolls that you can do before you are guaranteed a certain rarity. In the case of Tower of Fantasy SSR rank, you are guaranteed an SSR after every 80 special orders. For every 10 special orders, you get a guaranteed SR.

This means that on your journey to a guaranteed SSR you will get 8 SR as well and not to mention that you might get lucky and pull an SSR earlier than the pity.

tower of fantasy scenery
Tower of Fantasy Gameplay

Tower of Fantasy SSR Rank Characters

Below are the characters you can expect to get if you get lucky in your endeavors with the special orders or simply hit your gacha pity limit, as explained above. Here we will give you a basic overview of the characters which are classified as Tower of Fantasy SSR rank.

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tower of fantasy ssr artwork
Tower of Fantasy Claudia Art
Weapon Type: Sword
Weapon Name: Guren Blade
Resonance: DPS
Element: Grievous 💀
Shatter: 7.5
Charge: 12


ssr cobalt-b character
Tower of Fantasy Cobalt-B Art
Weapon Type: Rifle
Weapon Name: Blazong Revolver
Resonance: DPS ⚔
Element: Flame 🔥
Shatter: 6.5
Charge: 10


tower of fantasy ssr
Tower of Fantasy Cocoritter Art
Weapon Type: Staff
Weapon Name: Absolute Zero
Resonance: Support 💚
Element: Ice Shell ❄
Shatter: 4
Charge: 12.5


tower of fantasy ssr character
Tower of Fantasy Crow Art
Weapon Type: Dual Blades
Weapon Name: Thinderblades
Resonance: DPS ⚔
Element: Volt ⚡
Shatter: 6
Charge: 8


huma character art
Tower of Fantasy Huma Art
Weapon Type: Shield
Weapon Name: Molten Shield V2
Resonance: Defense 🛡
Element: Flame 🔥
Shatter: 10
Charge: 10

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tower of fantasy ssr
Tower of Fantasy King Art
Weapon Type: Scythe
Weapon Name: Scythe of the Crow
Resonance: DPS ⚔
Element: Flame 🔥
Shatter: 12.5
Charge: 5


tower of fantasy ssr
Tower of Fantasy Meryl Art
Weapon Type: Greatsword
Weapon Name: Rosy Edge
Resonance: Defense 🛡
Element: Ice Shell ❄
Shatter: 12
Charge: 4


nemesis character art
Tower of Fantasy Nemesis Art
Weapon Type: EM Blaster
Weapon Name: Venus
Resonance: Support 💚
Element: Volt ⚡
Shatter: 6
Charge: 8


tower of fantasy ssr
Tower of Fantasy Samir Art
Weapon Type: Dual Pistols
Weapon Name: Dual EM Stars
Resonance: DPS ⚔
Element: Volt ⚡
Shatter: 6
Charge: 10.5


tower of fantasy shiro art
Tower of Fantasy Shiro Art
Weapon Type: Chakram
Weapon Name: Chakram of the Seas
Resonance: DPS ⚔
Element: Grievous 💀
Shatter: 10
Charge: 6


tsubasa character art
Tower of Fantasy Tsubasa Art
Weapon Type: Bow
Weapon Name: Icewind Arrow
Resonance: DPS ⚔
Element: Ice Shell ❄
Shatter: 4
Charge: 11.5


tower of fantasy ssr
Tower of Fantasy Zero Art
Weapon Type: Omnium
Weapon Name: Negating Cube
Resonance: Support 💚
Element: Flame 🔥
Shatter: 5
Charge: 13

How To Get a Free SSR

The best and most reliable way to acquire an SSR Rank character or relic is to collect 700 points in the Newcomer Event. The way way you collect points in this event is by completing missions given to you on the event screen menu.

tower of fantasy newcomer event missions
Tower of Fantasy Event Mission Screen

Each mission rewards you with a varying amount of points. These can vary as the difficulty of the mission will vary and scale accordingly with the difficulty. Basically the harder a mission is to complete the more points it will give you.

One very important thing to be wary of however is that you have a set time limit within which you have to complete this Newcomer Event. This limit is 21 days, which in theory should be enough time to complete all these missions and gain you a sweet sweet free-of-cost SSR.

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