Tower Of Fantasy Vitality: Everything To Know

A detailed guide covering the right use of Vitality in Tower of Fantasy. Follow this guide to get most benefit out of it and use it wisely.

Vitality Guide
Best Vitality Usage Guide

Energy is termed Vitality in Tower of Fantasy, a quite handy and sustainable item. Its utilization is limited to specific game modes, and the total score is 180, unequally distributed among all these modes. Some activities require more energy than others, so you need to use them efficiently.

  • Vitality is a critical resource in Tower of Fantasy, used in 5 game modes with a total of 180 points.
  • Rate of replenishing Vitality is 1 point every 8 minutes, fully restored in a span of 24 hours.
  • Players have the option of refilling their Vitality through self-recovery or by purchasing the Vitality Solution with the use of dark crystals.
  • There are five modes that players can utilize their Vitality, including Joint Operation, Dimensional Trials, Omnium Beacon, Interstellar Exploration, and Spacetime Domain.
  • Obtain dark crystals through world exploration, upgrading pass, story mode, and achievements.
  • The cost of obtaining the Vitality Solution increases with each purchase, and it is recommended to utilize free methods of acquiring dark crystals instead of spending resources.

Speaking of its recharging time, it is one point every eight minutes. By following this, your vitality will recover to 180 after 24 hours. Remember that you can gain all of it back, so it’s better to consume it daily to get the maximum gain.

This best vitality use guide is developed to help you with the vitality and function in this game.

Vitality Restoration Methods And Consumption Modes

All the methods and modes are arranged so that you don’t feel confused at any point, and getting started with this guide should be a super easy experience.

So let’s get started.

Methods Of Vitality Reclamation

So far, there are two methods through which you can refill your vitality. One method is self-restoration, while the other method involves purchasing. Now let’s get into it.

Timely Recovery

In this method, vitality can replenish on its own gradually with time. It is a passive method and free of cost. According to the recovery timing, you get 45 points after 6 hours; then, as the 12 hours pass, it rises to 95; in the end, it becomes 180 after completing 24 hours.

Right now, there is no way to speed it up, so all you have to do is wait patiently.

Vitality Solution

If you run out of energy while doing your tasks and don’t want to quit now, this method suits you. Players can buy the Vitality Solution from the in-game store by exchanging the dark crystals in the Tower of Fantasy.

This method can restock the vitality rapidly, and you don’t have to hold back and wait for hours. Using this solution once will provide you with 60 points. It is limited, and you can purchase it only 4 times.

The initial cost is 50 crystals, and as you continue to buy, its price keeps increasing and becomes more expensive. Such as, on buying vitality for the second time, you will have to spend 100 crystals. You can get 240 energy besides that 180 in a day through this method by having it four times.

Let us tell you some simple techniques to obtain dark crystals. Here we go: Explore the world, Upgrade the pass, play the story in Tower of Fantasy, accomplish achievements, vehicle Upgradation, unlock cooking recipes, and do wanderer’s long missions.

Now you know many ways to earn crystal, so don’t miss out on them. Apart from this, you can also get crystals using Tanium. It is available in the game’s store and has varying costs. Well, we suggest you use a free method and save your resources like money and dark crystals.

Modes Of Vitality

Modes Of Vitality (imagecredits: Kekvin)
Modes Of Vitality (imagecredits: Kekvin)

As we have mentioned earlier, there are a variety of modes where you can use vitality daily. There are 5 modes: Joint Operation, Dimensional Trials, Omnium Beacon, Interstellar Exploration, and Spacetime Domain.

Joint Operation

 Vitality Joint Operation
Joint Operation

Go for this one if you want to obtain armor items, XP, and matrices as a reward. The joint operation is the most preferred one. It takes 90 vitality to take part in it, and your level must be 20; otherwise, you will not be able to play it.

Playing joint operation on a higher level is recommended as there are more chances to get greater rewards, i.e., matrices for SSR and rare equipment. In contrast, you get common tips on the low level, so it’s not worth spending your time on unless you have a higher level.

Regarding its gameplay, you come across the three chests, and to receive rewards, you have to open them. The cost of vitality for each trunk is 30. The vitality is consumed only when you open the chest.

This all takes place in a dungeon, and you get to fight with powerful mobs and a boss in the end. The difficulty level increases as you persist going. It can be hard to do it as a solo player so playing in a team is more appropriate; invite your teammates or match up randomly; it’s your choice.

Dimensional Trials

Dimensional Trials (imagecredtis: ZaFrostPet)
Dimensional Trials (imagecredtis: ZaFrostPet)

Dimensional Trials consume 30 points of vitality, and you can unlock it on level 23. This one is easier to complete than the previous one. You receive XP bundles and materials for weapon upgradation and matrices as a reward.

In this dungeon, you have to encounter compelling enemies and feeble mobs, but it’s less strenuous to deal with them, and you can play as a solo player. The complication of level determines the number of rewards as you are more likely to get more on higher levels.

Omnium Beacon

Omnium Beacon
Omnium Beacon

30 Vitality is required for an omnium beacon in the Tower of Fantasy. On the 28th level, you get access to it. The rewards include random rarity weapon enchantment material. Omnium Beacon is different and intriguing.

Here you don’t have to combat enemies; rather, it’s about hiding the beacon. You and other players are supposed to hide their beacons for a certain period to attain rewards after 24 hours. Beacon should be placed in an unpredictable location, so other players may not find it.

But if they locate it, you will no longer be able to obtain the rewards, so be brainy while hiding it.

Interstellar Exploration

Interstellar Exploration
Interstellar Exploration

Unlocks at level 21 and demands 30 Vitality. It is a great mode to earn Upgrading material also you get the XP and weapon battery, etc. Interstellar exploration consists of difficulty levels that range from 1 to 3 stars, and chances of getting greater rewards depend on this.


You can join it through the stargate, these are purple-colored gates that can be anywhere in the world and the main task is to deal with a large number of enemies. Aside from this, you can finally summon the boss and attain rare items by defeating them. For the summon purpose, the Star seed is used.

Spacetime Domain

Spacetime Domain
Spacetime Domain

If you are in search of a mode that may provide you with an ample amount of gold, then the spacetime domain is perfect in this case. As you level up to 29, unlock it and participate by spending 30 Vitality.

It can be done at any time, sooner or later, as this one is the easiest and most unchallenging. This is also a dungeon but a precise one and includes brawling with the enemies and the final boss. The effect of difficulty level on the rewards is also the same in the spacetime domain.

One is allowed to play it without consuming vitality, but its deduction is compulsory to receive rewards.

How To Search Vitality Modes

  1. Open the adventure menu by clicking on the Sword-shaped icon in Tower of Fantasy.
  2. Among all the options, look for “Select,” then click on it, and all the modes that use vitality appear on the screen.
  3. Now, play any mission that you prefer.

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That’s it for now, folks; we will be back with more exciting guides for you. You have all the information needed to get the most out of Vitality.

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