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In this guide we will be explaining everything regarding xp, including what it is and how you can farm it.

tower of fantasy best xp

Have you been getting tired of not gaining experience? Do you want to spice things up? Well lucky for you as we will cover the Tower of Fantasy Best XP Farm and all the other ways you can get XP in-game.

If you have ever played Genshin Impact, then you are already familiar with this game, but if you aren’t familiar with Genshin, let us elaborate. Tower of Fantasy as a game is known as a gacha game. It originates from the East and incentivizes you as the player to spend money on it rather than unlocking skins. You unlock characters, weapons, and best relics.

Even though Genshin Impact may inspire it, Tower of Fantasy has some quality of life improvements that it tries to implement. Some of these are not very noticeable, while others make it so much easier to do specific tedious tasks such as going around the map and talking to NPCs.

tower of fantasy cover art
Tower of Fantasy Artwork

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Level Cap

So you want to know about XP? To put it in simpler terms, XP is the abbreviated form of Experience Points which can also be written as EXP, but these terms are quite interchangeable.

So what is the level cap? The level cap is the maximum amount of levels you can gain before the game stops you from going higher. In Tower of Fantasy, multiple factors are considered when discussing the level cap.

First and foremost, the level cap for Tower of Fantasy is different than what you would see in some other games. In this game, the level cap is increased periodically, and there is theoretically no level cap if the devs decide to do it that way. There was a system initially where the level cap was periodically increased every few days. That table is shown below.

Days Since Release ⌛ Level Cap 📈
1 Level 18
2 Level 24
3 Level 27
4 Level 30
5 Level 32
6 Level 34
7 Level 36
8 Level 38
9 Level 40
11 Level 42
13 Level 44
15 Level 46
17 Level 47
19 Level 48
21 Level 49
23 Level 50
25 Level 51
27 Level 52
29 Level 53
31 Level 54
34 Level 55
37 Level 56
40 Level 57
43 Level 58
46 Level 59
49 Level 60
52 Level 61
56 Level 62
60 Level 63
64 Level 64
68 Level 65
72 Level 66
76 Level 67
80 Level 68
84 Level 69 
88 Level 70

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Different Ways To Gain XP

There are many ways to gain experience points in Tower of Fantasy. These include but are not limited to the following, which may or may not include the Tower of Fantasy Best XP gain method.

Quest Completion

Like most games in the modern era, Tower of Fantasy has a quest system that rewards the players based on the level of difficulty and time expected to be taken for completion.

There are two main types of quests that you can complete. Firstly there are Main Quests, and secondly, there are Side Quests.

tower of fantasy main quests
Main Quests Tab | Courtesy: Exputer

Main Quests are more rewarding but harder to complete, although that isn’t always the case since these can oftentimes be completed by naturally progressing the story. Side Quests, however, are labeled as such since they are intended detours from the main story and often delve into the territory of menial labor for one-off NPCs.

Daily Missions

tower of fantasy daily missions
Daily Missions Screen | Courtesy: Pillar Of Gaming

As the name implies, these missions can be done daily and have some generous rewards if you are willing to complete them within the allotted time.

These missions offer some more experience points since they are time-gated, and only players who truly want to level up will be completing them.

Eating Food

An exciting way to get experience points, if we say so ourselves. You don’t expect to get XP from eating food, but here we are. If you go to the Kitchen and talk to MI-A, she will cook you some consumable items that can apply buffs to your characters. Once you eat the food, you will get some experience, so do this at least once a day.

On that very same note about food, you can look at our guide on the Tower Of Fantasy Best Healing Food. This guide will help guide you in the right direction and get started with the cooking system in the game.

Discovering Ruins

Ruins as a game system are suitable for new players who want both loot and experience points in the game’s early stages. These help with power creep and allow these players to catch up when it comes time for a significant update in the game.

Within these Ruins, you can find supply pods and chests, which can be found in other areas while exploring but are more commonly found here and with a higher quality of loot than most random chests scattered throughout the land.

Tower of Fantasy Best XP Farm

In this part of the guide, we will discuss getting to the level cap as fast as possible. Keep in mind that this part of the guide could change drastically given that there is no nerf to this method or a more efficient method is discovered in the future. With that being said, let us begin.

tower of fantasy level up character
Character Stats Screen | Courtesy: eXputer

So the Tower of Fantasy Best XP farm can be set up pretty quickly if you are at an average level and have some form of area of effect damage. Firstly, we are going to be utilizing each of the methods we have discussed previously. This is because we are aiming to make the best XP gains possible and for that we will require the utilization of all the systems in the game.

This XP farm is a once a day type of farm which nets youridiclous amounts of XP while not taking copious amounts of your time out of the day, since we know you are a busy person with not an unlimited amount of time to grind a gacha game. So this method is designed to respect your time as a player, although not too much since you are playing a gacha game.

Step 1: Login to the game and see what daily missions you have. Plan your route according to the missions you haver to complete.

Step 2: Visit MI-A in the kitchen and try out the dish she has for you. This is, as stated before, free experience points for doing essentially nothing but pressing a button.

Step 3: Go complete your missions and on the way kill any and all enemies you encounter. These enemies are free XP and even though they are not the Tower of Fantasy Best XP method its definitely worth killing them.

Its just that simple. Follow this method daily and you will hit the level cap sooner than you realise.

Final Thoughts

Ok so now that we have told you the farming method we should also let you know what happens when you hit the level cap. Does your gained XP get stored? Does it not accumulate anymore? What is going on with it?

Well there is an answer to that. When you hit they level cap and do activities that gain you XP they are buffered into a hidden XP bar that is one level higher than the level cap at the moment. Any XP gained is channeled into that bar and when the level cap is elevated you are immediately granted one experience level.

This does not extend to more than one experience level so do keep that in mind when you go out to grind some XP after hitting the current level cap.

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