COD MW3: How To Transfer COD Points From MW2 To MW3

This guide discusses how you can transfer your COD Points from MW2 to MW3; however, make sure you meet the certain requirements mentioned here.

Transfer COD Points from MW2 to MW3 Cover
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Transfer COD Points

Key Takeaways

  • COD Points refer to the in-game currency to buy cosmetics like weapons, skins, operators, and other bundles.
  • Players can transfer their COD Points from MW2 to MW3, along with some other stuff.
  • To transfer CP, the two games must be on the same platform and linked to the same Activision Account.
  • Additionally, other transferable stuff includes bundles, operators, and weapon skins.

How To Transfer COD Points?

Call of Duty MW2 and MW3 are connected, and any COD Points purchase actually links to the account and not the game itself. Therefore, all the COD Points will automatically transfer to MW3 from MW2. However, ensure these to satisfy these requirements when purchasing Modern Warfare 3 to make the transfers possible:

  1. You must own Call of Duty MW2 and MW3 on the same account.
  2. They must be on the same platform, e.g., PlayStation, Xbox, or PC.
  3. The COD Points are transferable between the same consoles, from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5, Xbox One to Xbox X, and between Steam and Battlenet.
  4. If your games are linked to different Activision accounts, then the transfer is not possible.

What Else Can You Transfer?

Additionally, the transfer is possible to the following items as well if you meet the above requirements:

  • Operators
  • Weapons Skins
  • Weapon Attachments and Upgrade Levels
  • Equipment Skins
  • XP Tokens
  • Bundle Purchases

Most of the stuff in the above list is relocatable by default, however, this doesn’t apply to a few things that are absent in Modern Warfare 3, like some lethal equipment.

Remember that you cannot move the stuff from Modern Warfare 3 back to MW2, i.e., the shifting process doesn’t work the other way around. Moreover, the bundles you buy after August 16 are not transferable. Make sure to read the info given with the bundle to check if it’s available in MW3 as well

Ending Remarks

In my opinion, this feature is excellent as both Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 share the same aspects. This will allow players to save their time unlocking the same things they did back in the prequel. Moreover, they can spend their remaining CP on the new items coming in MW3.

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