God of War Ragnarok: Transmog Your Armor Guide

A guide that tells you about the transmog feature in the game and how to access it.

Kratos Standing looking on a mountain
Kratos Standing looking on a mountain

God of War Ragnarök is here and it is way bigger and more open than the previous title. With even more features for you to explore. In this article, we’re going to tell you “how to Transmog your armor”. First, let’s have an intro!

Have you been a fan of the God of War Series? Then you must be really excited about this one. After the launch of God of War in 2018, fans have been waiting for the Ghost of Sparta to come back into action.

One of the reasons that fans loved the previous title was the ability to find different pieces and craft armor and other types of gear to boost Kratos’ ability and stats. In God of War Ragnarök, you’ll find a transmog feature. It lets you have more control over the overall customization of our main character.

Key Points:

  • The transmog feature has been added to the game, as confirmed by the developers
  • Ragnarök has more options to customize than ever before in a God of War game
  • You have to max out all the upgrades regarding your gear

Yes! You’ve already heard about transmog from all over the gaming community. But you’re still wondering where and how to access that feature. Keep reading to find out!

Armor menu, where you'll find the option to transmog
Armor menu, where you’ll find the option to transmog

The Transmog Feature in God of War Ragnarök Explained

The direct definition of the transmog feature is to have the option to customize the way that Kratos looks, without sacrificing or compromising on the stats. Let’s look at the last title for reference.

In God of War (2018), the outfits or the armor that I thought looked the coolest didn’t necessarily give me the stats that I wanted. So to acquire the max stats, I was typically having to wear stuff that either didn’t quite look the way that I wished for. In some cases, I had to avoid some of the armor that was going to give me the stats I wanted but I thought it looked terrible.

The developers have fixed all of it by adding the transmog feature. It’s going to be fun exploring it, but there’s a catch!

Where to Find the Transmog Feature

Before the release of the game, a lot of players were curious and uncertain about the transmog feature of the game. Because the developer confirmed that it would be in Ragnarök at launch but the game itself doesn’t tell you about this at all.

I’m sure you’ve been looking pretty much everywhere in the menus but still couldn’t find it. Well same here but turns out that you can only unlock it later in the game. Without giving any story spoilers, of course, you can find the transmog option hidden in the Armor Tab.

Do note that you have to max out the levels of the pieces of armor if you want to be able to use this feature!

Edit Appearance to use the transmog feature
Edit Appearance to use the transmog feature

Steps to Transmog your Armor 

As you must have noticed by now, the gear pieces have levels and you can upgrade them. To be able to transmog first, you need to upgrade a gear piece to level 9. After which you will see the edit appearance feature and then you will be able to choose from all the gear pieces that you have to upgrade.

Let’s get you through the steps of doing it:

  • Open the Armor Tab
  • Select one from the options i.e. Chest, Waist or Wrist
  • You’ll see the option to “Edit Appearance” if it’s maxed out
  • Press ‘Square’ to transmog it.

More about Customization regarding transmog

Once you have the upgrades unlocked, feel free to get creative. You can also switch between the different colors if you have the upgrades unlocked. Sadly, it does mean that you have to upgrade each individual gear piece to the max before you can change their look. There are quite a bit of armor sets that look pretty cool but, you might not like their play style. It works the same for the gloves and the waist as well.

New players cannot really enjoy the transmog feature right away. But hey! Where’s the fun in getting everything set up on a plate anyway!

To get to level 9, the game requires you to play for a ton of hours. So you would have to get to near the end of the game to be able to enjoy this feature. That’s all that there is on the transmog feature in God of War for now. As the game adds more to it, we’ll be the ones to inform you and thoroughly explain it to you!


Well, now you will be able to enjoy Godly stats while looking as glorious and deadly as ever. Keep following us to read more guides and know-how on God of War and other games. Share us with your fellow gamers and friends. We shall see you in the next one!

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