Tri Thundaga Crisis Core Reunion: Definitive Guide

The Tri Thundaga Materia delivers devastating lightning damage to the surrounding enemies in an AOE. It is supposedly one of the only few Materia to go on par with the Costly Punch!

Tri Thundaga Materia Crisis Core Reunion

Do you want to pulverize nearby enemies with a few lightning attacks? Who knows, maybe you’ll need only one to get the job done! Tri Thundaga Crisis Core Reunion is a Materia that is capable of delivering AOE damage to nearby enemies using lightning/thunder. You can head on over to our Crisis Core Best Materia guide to better understand the concept of Materia!

Key Notes

  • Tri Thundaga uses Magic and costs 64 MP to use/cast.
  • Once the animation starts, your player delivers three devastating bolts of lightning and decapitates multiple enemies.
  • It deals AOE damage, which means you can take down more than one enemy.
  • The Materia is ranked 3rd and is supposedly the best to be compared with Costly Punch.
  • You can get your hands on the Tri Thundaga Materia from chests which you can obtain by clearing missions 3-4-3, 6-4-3, and 9-5-5.
  • However, if you want to unlock it quickly, try clearing Mission 4-5-1 to obtain it as a reward!
  • The Tri Thundaga Materia may seem similar to the Thundaga Blade Materia. Although they share a similar name, they are different.

Methods To Obtain Tri Thundaga Materia

Tri Thundaga
Tri Thundaga Materia from fusion, you can skip the potions/items though!

Hey, you’ve come this far already? Time to wrap things up so you can go on along with your Crisis Core rampage with the Tri Thundaga Materia. 

As you have already been told, there are four different ways to get the Materia. Three methods showcase different chests that contain the Materia, and the last method provides a brief guide to obtain it as a reward by completing Mission 4-5-1; “Neutralize the Commander.”

To move further into detail, you’ll want to clear the missions as follows;

  1. Wutai in the Slums
  2. Unusually Strong Monsters
  3. Operation: Desert Island

You must be wondering why we skipped any logical shops to purchase the Materia, right? That’s because you cannot purchase it from any shop. However, there are few, only two, proper ‘recipes’ you can follow to craft Tri Thundaga. To craft the Tri Thundaga Materia, use either Libra or Goblin Punch.

  • Tri Thundaga + Libra
  • Tri Thundaga + Goblin Punch

To get the best out of Materia Fusion, here’s a guide on Crisis Core Materia Fusion List!

How To Get +350% HP With Tri Thundaga

Materia Fusion
You can reach Tri Thundaga HP +350% through Materia Fusion!

It is seemingly possible to get your Tri Thundaga from +20% MP to HP +350% by using different potions in the Materia Fusion menu. You’ll need to mix the right items in order to complete the final item. Here are the following items you’ll need;

  • Tri Thundaga + Libra + one Fat Chocobo Feather: It will cost you 419 SP to obtain the fused Materia (HP +30%)
  • Tri Thundaga + Libra + Forty (40) Hi-Potions: It will cost you 716 SP to obtain HP +70%.
  • Tri Thundaga + Libra + Twenty-Five (25) X-Potions: The SP costs will increase the more you fuse these items. You’ll need 1785 SP, to reach HP +120%.
  • Tri Thundaga + Libra + Ninety-Five (95) X-Potions: SP Cost will be around 28,000 and you’ll get HP +310%.
  • Tri Thundaga + Libra + Twenty (20) X-Potions: The fusion will cost around 13,000 SP to finally reach HP +350%!

With that said, you can have fun with Tri Thundaga Crisis Core Reunion! If the guide was able to help you to some extent, how about checking out our endless guides on Crisis Core Reunion?

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