BEST Trickster Build Outriders [Definitive Guide]

This trickster build outriders guide will let you know all the builds and perks you can take advantage of as a trickster in outsiders.


Outriders Worldslayer is an Online looter shooter game that allows you to participate in some of the most exhilarating action sequences. The game has fascinating world-building alongside polished mechanics. Outriders also give you free reins on your character building, making it essential to know which character to choose. This is why you need this Trickster Build Outriders guide to help you along the way.

Outriders allow players to select a class for their characters from four unique options. Each class comes with its own perks and is helpful in its own scenarios. You will need to ensure that you choose the class that fits your playstyle the most. That will help you showcase your true talent with your character.

One of the classes is the Trickster class. This Trickster Build Outriders guide will let you know everything you need to know about this build, such as weapons, skill trees, and much more. Well then, let’s jump right in.

Trickster Build In Outriders

The Trickster class in outriders favors those who excel at close-range combat. The class shines the most in its ability to output severe damage in close brawls while being able to dodge the enemy attacks nimbly. This class is very rewarding for those who manage to get the hang of it. Moreover, the class enables you to debuff your enemies, making them unable to run away and easy prey for your blade.

Furthermore, the trickster class traits are also highly busted. They grant you 5% extra HP, making you more durable in fights. You gain a shield that negates 5% of your enemy’s attack giving you the chance to counter-attack without hesitation. This can make it so that you can hit your enemy the instance they launch an attack and are unable to dodge your attack.

As mentioned, the class rewards those who excel at close-range combat. Whenever you hit an enemy in close-range, you heal 20% of your HP and even gain a shield. The extra health allows you to continue fighting, while the shield takes away some of the risks for when you go for an attack.

Moving on, we have the Skills of the Trickster Build Outriders.


There are multiple skills that you can choose from which will help you in your future endeavors. Each skill has its uniqueness and can allow you to turn the fight. Their usefulness depends on your playstyle; that’s why you will need to give them another look. However, below are some of the most useful trickster skills that can help people of almost any playstyle that choose to take the Trickster class.

Trickster Build Outriders Skills
Trickster Build Skills

Hunt The Prey

Firstly, we have Hunt The Prey. This allows players to take advantage of their opponent’s cluelessness to deal with decisive blows. It enables players to teleport behind the enemy and deal massive damage with multiple blows.

It can be a good opener ability as it will help you start the fight with an advantage. Additionally, the ability also grants you a skill bonus so that even if the enemy can dodge your attack in time, you don’t take much damage from them. The ability is instrumental, and its cooldown is a mere 4.9s.

Twisted Rounds

Next up, we have twisted rounds. When you summon this ability, it infuses your weapons’ bullets with Anomaly. This will increase your damage output and will allow you to end fights fast. The damage increase is 500,000, so you can imagine how strong it will be, especially at close range where your opponents won’t be easily able to dodge it. The cooldown for this skill is 11.3s.

Time Rift

This skill benefits those who want to take full advantage of the Trickster build. Upon activation, the skill sends out a shockwave which launches the nearby players in the air, rendering them unable to fight. This can give you enough time to run away or set up for an attack.

Moreover, the skills debuff your enemies with “Weakness,” making it easier for you to deal with them. The cooldown for this multi-purpose skill is only 5.4s, so make sure you carefully consider it if you wish to take a different skill.

Trickster Build Class Tree

Moving on, we have the Trickster Class Tree, which grants you different perks to utilize in your fights and playthrough. Even though there are numerous options, the skills mentioned below are the most useful and the best for the Trickster Build.

Trickster Build Outriders Class Tree
Trickster Class Tree


This skill is beneficial in every situation. It increases your overall Anomaly by 10%, allowing you to deal more damage. This enables you to take on hordes of weak enemies or powerful bosses. This skill is activated throughout your fight time and will allow you to decimate your foes.


Secondly, we have the CounterShield. This skill rewards player that uses deception skills. It grants buffs whenever you use your deception skills, making it a good combo with Time Rift. The buffs you get are nothing to scoff at either. They increase your overall Anomaly power by 50% for a duration of 10 seconds, allowing you to deal massive damage.

Combat Shield Timeline

This skill is similar to CounterShield. It also buffs up the player Anomaly power by 50%, with the only difference on its activation. This skill buffs only when you use movement skills rather than deception skills. Taking this skill alongside Coutershield will allow you to have incredible Anomaly power whenever you use a deception or movement skill.

Outrider Execution

Outrider Execution is a very potent skill to have due to its multiple perks. It allows you to move swiftly across the battlefield with your movement skills. Additionally, you will also get 35% increased weapon damage enabling you to obliterate your foes. This damage increase lasts for eight seconds, meaning that it will be useful even if you are fighting a bunch of enemies.

Assault Master

This skill increases the Assasuly damage of the equipped weapon. The damage increase is 3.5% for every concentration skill unlocked. This skill gives you an incentive to open more concentration nodes and allows you to deal considerable damage with every blow.

Disruptive Firepower

Disruptive Firepower helps you in fights in several ways. It provides you with opportunities to cast your deception in the middle of the battles, which can help you gain the upper hand. Moreover, it also grants you 35% increased weapon damage for eight seconds enabling you to take care of your opponents efficiently.

Anomaly Scything

This skill allows players to utilize their melee skills to their max potential. It gives you 30% more Anomaly power for a duration of five seconds, allowing you to obliterate anything that stands in your way. With the focus of dozens of skills on the anomaly power, with this skill, your damage output is further increased, allowing you to have a higher damage power in a fight.

Ace of Trumps

Ace of Trumps allows players to rip through the shreds of their opponents with its buff. It will enable you to have 10% armor piercing ensuring that your attack reaches your opponents even through all of their armor. This is a generally good skill as you are bound to face opponents with high armor.

Deadly Shadows

Deadly Shadows is excellent if you wish to increase your damage chance. It gives you a 20% increased crit chance to deal massive damage with one attack. This will enable you to deal with stronger mobs more easily. So, if you think that you are missing some damage and crit, this skill is for you.

Arms Trick

Next up, we have Arms Trick, which has proved valuable time and time again for the Trickster Class. This skill buffs up the close-range weapon damage by 15%, making you a much deadlier force when in close proximity.

With the Trickster Class mainly designed for short-range duels, this skill is a perfect fit. Moreover, melee attacks are already powerful and can become lethal with increased damage.

Death Probability

Lastly, we have Death Probability. This use of this skill is pretty simple. It increased the overall weapon damage of a player by 8%. Even though it might sound like it’s not much and pretty basic, the skill itself has shown its worth. The 8% increased damage can become all that’s standing between victory and utter defeat.

Therefore this is an excellent skill to have in your kit as one of the Trickster Class. This skill will surely help you out as this is a part of the Best Trickster Build Outriders.

Trickster Build Pax Tree

Trickster Pax Tree
Pax Points Menu

After the Class Tree, we have the Pax Tree, which gives you various skills and perks. The skills below will allow you to have the best Trickster Build and display the most damage.


Firstly, we have Triggerman. This ability allows you to increase your overall attack damage. For every skill that you have on cooldown, you will have a 15% increased attack damage. This damage will make it much easier for you to be victorious in your fights.

The 15% attack damage might not seem much, but the stack-on effect really makes it shine and allows you to decimate your opponents.

Fail-Safe Protocols

This ability is handy for getting out of sticky situations. As the name suggests, this ability acts as a fail-safe and allows you to stay alive even in the worst of conditions. When your HP falls below 30%, it grants you a giant shield that can absorb up to 50% of the base damage.

Moreover, it gives you 20% damage negation, making you invincible to attacks for 3 seconds. This will allow you to stay in combat for a more extended time and turn fights that you will typically lose with your low HP bar.

Perpetuum Trickery

This ability allows you to exploit your luck. It relies on you hitting a crit and provides you with a 10% increased Anomaly power. This will increase your overall attack damage making it easier for you to end fights before they get close.

Lies Deception

This skill covers up one of the main weaknesses of the Trickster class, which is the low HP bar. This skill grants you a shield that absorbs a massive chunk of damage. While activated, the shield continues to shine for 4 seconds and disappears once broken.

This ensures that you can fight back even while getting hit. More importantly, it gives you the confidence to take those risky fights without being scared that you be destroyed instantly.

Power Overwhelming

Lastly, we have Power Overwhelming. This skill raises your overall attack damage explosively. You get an increased 40% firepower and even more depending on your Anomaly Power. This difference provides you to turn the tides in a battle when needed and can help you emerge victorious.


Next up, we have the weapons for the Best Trickster Build Outriders. These weapons are mighty, especially with the mentioned mods. They allow you to deal massive damage and overturn fights.

Final Penance

This weapon has proved to be the most potent weapon for those of the Trickster class. If you stick with this weapon, it will reward you handsomely. If you manage to get this weapon to level 64, you will have a 52.4% crit chance, which will allow you to deal heaps of damage.

Additionally, the weapon also gets its long-range damage increased to 11.3%. This allows you to poke enemies from afar without getting hit back much. This can put you in an advantageous position when taking a fight.

Furthermore, you can go for Anamoly Enhancement, Mage’s Rage, and Dark Sacrifice to take for the rolls. These rolls add a lot to your overall impact in a fight. The Anamoly Enhancement increases your firepower by 40% of your Anomaly power, so the higher the anomaly power, the higher your firepower. While on the other hand, Mage’s Rage rewards you for your crits. With each crit, your Anamoly power increases by 10% and can stack up to deal considerable damage.

The Dark Sacrifice roll gives you a damage boost in the shape of 25% increased weapon damage once your health drops below 50%. This ensures that you are still able to win fights even while low.

This weapon has proved quite potent time and time again and will be a huge addition to your overall firepower.

Geist Defiant

This is the second option for the Trickster weapon they can go for. It has the same crit chance increase after level 64, along with the long-range damage. It fulfills the same role and allows you to display massive damage.

The rolls that fit best with this weapon are also the same, Mage’s Rage and Anamoly Enhancement. These allow you to showcase the highest DPS and the most Anamoly power you can aim for. Another role for this weapon is the critical point. It gives you a 20% increased crit chance allowing you to deal those decisive blows and stand undefeated.


Lastly, we have the armor options you can go for to complete the Best Trickster Build Outriders. These armor pieces will ensure that you can remain unharmed from your opponent’s attack while simultaneously dealing massive damage. There are five pieces of armor that you can wear on different parts of your body, so let’s go through them individually.

Shieldbeast’s Helmet

Outriders Trickster Build ShieldBeast Helmet
Shield Beast Helmet

This Helmet has an Anamoly power of 53k and allows you to deal 11.3% damage. Alongside, it protects you from any incoming attacks aimed at your head and allows you to stand your ground. It will be a great addition to your kit and help you win fights.

The Three mods you can use with this Helmet are Strong Twist which adds firepower to your equipped weapon. Power Assimilation will increase your Anamoly power, allowing you to deal more damage. Lastly, you can take Dead Clock.

ShieldBeast’s Vest

This piece of armor protects your torso from all incoming attacks. This is the part of your body that is most likely to get hit the most, so it is essential that you wear excellent armor. You can further enhance the effectiveness of your vest piece by using the mods.

You can go for Skullpiercer, which will increase your crit damage. Dum-Dum Bullets will increase the damage you can deal with your assault weapon. Lastly, you can take Captain Hunter, allowing you to deal more damage against higher-level opponents and elites.

ShieldBeast Trousers

ShiledBeast Trousers protect your vulnerable legs from your foes’ damaging attacks and keep you agile enough to dodge them. You can use mods to amp up its impact. The best options are A little bit of pain, Anamoly Echo, and Trophy.

These mods will add to your firepower while protecting you.

Gloves of Mortal Embrace

These gloves are the most useful ones you can take to take advantage of the Trickster Class fully. Moreover, you can take Trample the Weak, Arms and Anamoly, and Personal Space as mods to add more to your damage output.

Footwear of Terminal Velocity

For the shoes, you can use this piece of armor for its effectiveness in making you win battles. These boots will make you agile and keep you safe from harm’s way. The best mods for these are Hyperloop, Sharp eye and instant reload. With these by your sides, you will become unstoppable.


This is the best Trickster Build Outriders and will ensure you become a dominant force to be reckoned with. The weapons and especially the skills are the highlight of the trickster class and, if utilized accurately, can transform you into a goliath. While you make up your mind if the trickster class is for you, you can check out our Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide.

This concludes our Best Trickster Build Outriders guide. Let us know what your thoughts are on the Trickster Class down below.

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