V Rising Alpha Wolf Location & Fight Guide

Obtaining the best items and upgrading them at the start of the game will help you efficiently in the long run. Today, we will guide you to the V Rising Alpha Wolf Location along with the necessary tips to defeat them. Before going into the details of the guide, let me brief you a little about the game and how you’re supposed to progress as a blood-thirsty vampire.

Key Takeaways

  • Upon awakening from slumber, the player enters a graveyard where they can gather bones, coins and various items.
  • To construct a Blood Altar, quest tasks must be fulfilled, which serves as a way to track the Alpha Wolf.
  • The Alpha Wolf is located near Farbane Woods and does not roam far from the bandit camp
  • The Alpha Wolf possesses four distinctive moves, such as lunging, howling, and calling forth other wolves. A sword combined with a reaper is the ideal weapon combination to use.
  • Upon successfully defeating the Alpha Wolf, the player has the opportunity to extract his blood, granting access to the Wolf Form.

Before starting on your adventures, you’ll be seeing your character rise from his endlessly deep slumber within a chamber sort of area. On the upper left corner of your screen, you’ll be able to view the current quests you have to complete in order to progress through the game.

How To Find V Rising Alpha Wolf 

V Rising Alpha Wolf Location
The first quest you need to complete after waking up from your deep slumber! Keep a tab on these quests if you’re ever stuck.

It is quite helpful and can be necessary, I guess, to keep tabs on the quests. Consequently, you’ll have to collect enough bones to unlock a recipe called the Bone Sword by the current quest you’ll have to finish. The current quest is for you to check out if you seem to be lost or stuck on a particular stage.

So you awoke near the chamber, right? You’re character, upon leaving the crypt, will enter a graveyard. Before running off to explore the lands far and beyond this point, let me give you a piece of advice.

It would be best to stay within these boundaries and collect as many bones and loot as possible. Because your early quests will require the collection of bones, and where else could you find enough bones aside from the Grave Yard? Smash some skeletons and bones for limited loot!

Well, that was some sort of a short prologue for my V Rising Alpha Wolf Location guide. Let’s focus on the main topic at hand, shall we?

Alpha Wolf Location

V Rising Alpha Wolf Location
You can use the game’s mechanism to aid you in tracking the Alpha Wolf via the Blood Altar!

Remember those quests I told you about? You need to complete them as much as possible before initiating a fight with the Alpha Wolf. Completing those quests will allow you to build a blood altar, which you can use to track different enemies.

Open the Blood Altar, select the Alpha Wolf, and click on “Track Blood.” It will allow you to track him. The amazing feature of this game provides a very detailed blood aroma that gives you the direction of any enemy.

For this case, you’ll be able to see the blood scent coming from the direction of the Alpha Wolf. Generally speaking, not many players know this detail, but in my V Rising Alpha Wolf Location, he is situated near the Farbane Woods.

I’ll put up an image for you to see the estimated wood area where you can find the Alpha Wolf. There’s no definitive spot for him to spawn, so don’t lose hope if you can’t find him in the specified locations.

V Rising Alpha Wolf Location
You can find the Alpha Wolf within these boundaries.

Another thing to note, the Alpha Wolf’s behavior does not allow him to roam farther down from the bandit camp. It’s about time you follow the guidelines you activated from the Blood Altar. Follow the direction of the blood, and chances are, you’ll find him near the caves.

If not, I’ll show you another way you can find him, so keep on reading till we reach that point. However, I hope you find him in these spots.

Defeating the Alpha Wolf

Alpha Wolf
Finding the Alpha Wolf by following the Blood Trail shown by the Blood Altar’s “Track Enemies” feature!

The fight pattern of the Alpha Wolf consists of four different attacks he uses against you. It is a relatively easy fight if you have the right equipment and level to face the beast. Before you actually try to find the Alpha Wolf, wouldn’t it be best to be prepared beforehand, rather than bluntly facing him without any preparations whatsoever?

The Wolf can lunge forward if you get too close to him. You can dodge the lunge attacks easily without much effort. The best combination of weapons you can use is the Sword and the Reaper.

They are suitable for long-range attacks, and you can deal significant damage to the Wolf. In my V Rising Alpha Wolf Location guide, you will be able to obtain the Wolf Form and trounce the Alpha Wolf.

Next up, you have to be careful. After the Wolf loses a portion of his HP, he’ll turn red, howl, and unleash a flurry of attacks. You can dodge these by simply rotating around him because he basically attacks in one direction.

If you’re not at a more extensive level, keeping as much distance as possible is best. Consequently, you can use a long-range attack to weaken him. Another one of his attacks includes summoning two more wolves. If one was difficult for you to beat, get a load of two more!

I mean, you can take down the other two summons in order to focus on the Alpha Wolf. Once they are taken care of, defeating the Alpha Wolf will be a piece of cake.

Wolf Form

V Rising Alpha Wolf Location
Extract the Alpha Wolf’s blood to unlock the Wolf Form!

After defeating the Alpha Wolf, you’ll be prompted to hold down the F button to extract his blood in order to obtain his special powers. The sooner you kill the Alpha Wolf, him being a boss, the better it is for you.

Wolf Form
After unlocking the Wolf Form, place it in the Abilities area to use it anywhere.

By applying the special effects from the Wolf Form power, you’ll be able to morph into a wolf! Although, the form is not something you can mount to, unlike the horse, which is comparatively faster than morphing into the Wolf. His Wolf Form will aid you in your venture across the land. To equip or use the Wolf Form, simply press the “J” button on your keyboard or the Book Icon on the far right corner of the screen.

However, it does give you a significant boost in your speed, and to give you a precise number, it’s a 45% boost in your speed!

With that, I end my V Rising Alpha Wolf Location guide, and I hope you were able to find and defeat the Alpha Wolf to procure his extraordinary Wolf Form power. Hopefully, the guide was as simple as possible for you to understand. Always keep tabs on your current quests to become powerful as you progress through the V Rising map!

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