The BEST V Rising Armor Sets [2023]

V Rising best armor sets are a crucial part of the gameplay. Here are the top 5 entries to help you make the choice easily.

V Rising Best Armor
V Rising Best Armor

All new V Rising sets the stage by allowing players to play as an ancient awakened vampire that will do anything for survival. Apart from collecting rare items and crafting battle gears, you might also need armor to protect the bare skin of your character.

Key Takeaways

  • V Rising offers 9+ armor sets for players to find and craft. 
  • The best armor set depends on personal gameplay preferences (e.g., heavy or light). Here are our top recommendations:
  • Boneguard Armor: Craftable using bones and hide, early-mid level.
  • Bandit Armor: Loot drop from Bandit Camps, level 2.
  • Merciless Nightstalker Armor: High level, good stats, increased physical attack.
  • Skaldr Armor: Level 3, bonuses to physical attack and evasion .
  • Ancient Nord Armor: Highest level, best protection, bonuses to health and physical attack.
Players can find items like chest pieces, Gloves, Leggings, and Boots that can add significant protection to the surface. However, with over nine armor sets available in the game for players to discover all by themselves, choosing V Rising best armor set can become a little tricky. 

The world of V Rising is hazardous. Especially, beginner players that are not familiar with Diablo or Valheim-themed games are much exposed to the threats of lurking enemies in the shadows. For that instance, they always seek armor sets with promising stats and buffs that can add bonuses to the performance of their vampire character.

Thankfully, developers have added over nine armor sets that cover a vast portion of the game and enhance the defenses of your character. If you are also one of those players struggling to ensure the protection of the character under high-level enemy encounters, you are in the right place. This guide entails the top 5 V Rising best armor sets to push your character’s defenses to the next level. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

V Rising Best Armor

V Rising has all kinds of armor sets with the stats ranging from heavy to light armors. You must narrow down the list to your personal gameplay preferences and ideal playthrough.

For instance, some players may pursue a tanky character with heavy armor since they want to focus on dealing with massive damage. Meanwhile, some players pursue light armor because of fast-paced action with more focus on survival.  After all, armors are essential for survival in the darkest hours of V Rising.

Another essential thing to note is that most of the armor sets in V Rising are craftable items. Players will need to collect specific resources to be able to craft the complete armor sets. At the same time, you may also receive randomly around the map. Here are the top five Best V Rising armor sets that you can obtain for your character. 

Boneguard Armor

The first one in the V Rising armor list is Boneguard armor. As the name implies, it is armor made of bones that is easily craftable on the player’s workbench. Boneguard armor sets the stage for offering the best protection to early-mid-level players in the game. On top of that, players will also enjoy a unique outlook of the armor that fits perfectly in the dark world of V Rising. 

Considering it a starting armor set, Boneguard armor is regarded as the weakest armor that you can find in the game. However, still, it is better than the bare undergarments that every player starts in V Rising. As for the stats, players will gain +18 HP from Chest piece, +15.5 HP from Legs, 12.9 from Boots, and +10.3 HP from Gloves. Also, the armor comes with good durability of 347, which is more than enough for players starting new in the game. 

Boneguard Armor
Boneguard Armor

Crafting Boneguard Armor

Apart from the stats, players will need at least 30 Bone to craft chest and leggings of the Boneguard armor set. Since it comprises four armor pieces, the rest of the items containing Boots and Gloves requires Animal Hide for crafting. Moreover, bones are easily dropped by creatures and undead, you can find Animal Hide from the dead corpse of Bear Moose and more animals.

Meanwhile, you can also craft a better version of the Bonegaurd armor with a slight level up, and resources are known as Plated Bonegaurd Vestments. The cherry on top is that by wearing the upgraded Plated Bonegaurd armor, you will be able to enjoy bonuses from the set.

These include Increase in Max Health by eight if you can craft two armor pieces. While managing to craft four armor pieces will grant you a Physical Attack Power of 2. Unfortunately, bones will not be enough to craft the set, and it requires 120 Animal Hide to craft on Simple Workbench. 

Bandit Armor

Another best entry-level armor set in the game is Bandit Armor. Bandit armor is known for improved stats for enhanced protection against the worst enemies in the game. On the other side, players also pursue it because it is readily available in the game without crafting the set. 

Bandit Set
Bandit Set

Players can grab the whole set by looting the Bandit Camp. The whole process indeed involves an intense battle with enemies around the location. However, in the end, players will receive the complete set of Bandit armor, thus worth the grind. Being the level 2 armor set, it comes with the good stats of +31.1 HP for Chest, +20.3 HP for Legs, and +16.9 HP for Boots. With these stats on your side, players will not have to worry about engaging in combat anywhere in V Rising. 

Crafting Bandit Set

Unlike Boneguard, things are a little different with the Bandit set in V Rising. Bandit armor is only available as a loot drop in the game.

All you need to do is to start farming on the Bandit Camps that you can discover in your world and defeat them to increase your chances of receiving full Bandit set. 

Merciless Nightstalker Armor

Next comes the Merciless Nightstalker Armor for being the coolest and armor with the best stats. The armor set comes with a level 4 requirement. Although, this seems like a hefty requirement for beginner players. But it makes up for unique effects and promising stats for the defenses of your character. 

Unlike Bandit armor, Merciless Nightstalker armor is not available for you to loot in the game. Players will have to craft the armor on Simple Workbench by using certain in-game resources. These include Nightstalker Vest, Leathers, Coarse Threads, and Copper Ingots to craft a full armor set with massive 602 Durability. 

Merciless Knightstalker Armor
Merciless Nightstalker Armor

On the other side, the armor stats are also pretty straightforward for a level 4 armor set. These include +40.4 HP for Vest, +34.6 HP for Leggings, +23.1 for Gloves, and +28.8 Boots. Plus, unique effects like +12 Max HP increased with two armor pieces, and Physical Power and GL increased by 2 and 1, respectively. 

Crafting Merciless Nightstalker Armor

Merciless is available both as a dropped set and a craftable item in V Rising. As for crafting, players will need a crafting recipe from Grayson the Armorer. Once you have the recipe, you can collect all the required items to craft the complete set of Merciless Nightstalker Armor. For that instance, you will need to collect 20 Leather and 12 Coarse Threads to craft all four pieces of Merciless Nightstalker Armor. 

As for the leather, you can have no problem crafting it from Animal Hide, which is dropped by Bears and Wolves. Moreover, Coarse Threads is once again famous for being dropped by numerous enemies at the Bandit Camps. You may already have accumulated Coarse Threads in your inventory and can utilize them to craft your complete set of armor. 

Merciless Hollowfang Armor

Although it is the improved version of Hollowfang armor, what makes this set stand out among others are the unique bonus effects on your character. As we move further into the list, the level for the armor also increases.

Crafting Merciless Hollowfang Armor

Merciless Hollowfang armor is a level 6 armor set with stats ideal for any player that wants to take head-on with all bosses. Especially if you are considering farming on Blood Carriers for obtaining the unsullied hearts, Merciless Hollowfang armor is the perfect choice to go for. 

Crafting Merciless Hollowfang armor requires heavy crafting on Tailoring Bench. Once you have the bench, you can proceed to collect one normal Hollowfang armor piece and 12 Iron Ingots. For that instance, you will have to obtain the standard Hollofang armor first. This armor can be crafted on Tailoring Bench with 8 Cotton Yarn, 8 Leather, and 8 Wool Threads for each armor piece. 

Merciless Hollowfang Armor
Merciless Hollowfang Armor

Players wearing the complete Merciless Hollowfang armor set will receive massive durability of 914 on each piece. Meanwhile, Chestguard will grant HP of +64.8, Leggings stand at +55.5 HP, Gloves at +37, and Boots at +46.3 HP. Not just that, but the Merciless variant will also reward players with a bonus effect of +4% Movement and Attack Speed, even if you are wearing only two of the armor pieces. 

Twilight Armor

Twilight armor also enhances the level of protection with some promising stats and attention-grabbing bonus effects. Apart from the protection stats, Twilight armor also stands out for the quality of the outlook on your vampire. In fact, Twilight is the only set in the game that fits perfectly the dark gothic vibe of your vampire character. 

Twilight Armor
Twilight Armor

Like most armor sets in the game, Twilight also comes with four armor pieces. As for the stats, players will be able to enjoy massive stats on each item. As a level 7 armor, it grants +80.1 HP, +45.8 HP, +57.2 HP, and 67.8 HP for Chest, Gloves, Boots, and Leggings respectively.

Although the stats of this armor are the same for Dawnthorn armor, which we are going to discuss later. Twilight ranks higher in the list because of the coolest bonus effect for your character.  Wearing the complete set will grant players immunity to the sun, which is a serious problem for playing as a vampire character. Moreover, the armor set will sparkle while standing in the sun. 

Crafting Twilight Armor

Acquiring the Twilight armor set requires story progression. For that instance, you might want to pursue the storyline first with any of the early-level armor first to obtain your set of Twilight armor. 

Dawnthorn Armor

Dawnthorn armor is easily the best armor in V Rising for both looks and the stats. It is also one of the high-level items with a level requirement of 7 that is sought after by players in the game. Moreover, the stats on the complete set are entirely off the charts. Once you get your hands on the complete set, your vampire set will be immortal against enemies in the game. 

Dawnthorn Armor
Dawnthorn Armor

Speaking of stats, Dawnthorn armor comes with a whopping +80.1 HP for Chest, +68.7 HP for Leggings, +45.8 HP for Gloves, and +57.2 HP for Boots. Moreover, Dawnthorn armor also takes pride in its durability of a massive 1119 for each armor piece.

Crafting Dawnthorn Armor

Although, crafting the complete armor set requires some hefty resources on Tailoring Bench. For that instance, you will need 160 Scales, 12 Pristine Leather, and 8 Ghost Yarn to craft each armor piece of Dawnthorn. You will have to craft Pristine Leather by yourself using the Fish Oil and Pristine Hide. While you may find Fish Oil abundantly anywhere in V Rising or even in Brighthaven Docs, you will need Pristine Hide. For that instance, players will need to farm on Werewolf in Lurker Dwelling to loot the item. 

Next, players will also need Scales, which are dropped by insects, spiders, and numerous other kinds of enemies. It calls for a hunting job in Spider Cave, so you can easily get your hands on enough Scales to craft the Dawnthorn Armor.

Lastly, you must have Ghost Yarn, craftable with Ghost Shroom and Cotton Yarn. Or if you are too lazy, you can farm on enemies in Vodoran’s Ancient Village to easily get your hands on the Ghost Yarn.  Unfortunately, it does not come with unique effects for your character. However, what this armor set lacks in the special effects, it makes up for the protection against hazardous elements of V Rising. 

Bloodmoon Armor

After the Twilight armor set, Bloodmoon stands out for offering the royal outlook and prime defenses to your vampire character. With the gear level 8, Bloodmoon surpasses the expectations for performance with the complete set. Also, if you were looking for an armor similar to Dawnthorn but with bonus effects, the Bloodmoon armor set is the perfect choice to go for.

Bloodmoon Armor
Bloodmoon Armor


Crafting Bloodmoon Armor

Bloodmoon armor is craftable by using the Dawnthorn armor pieces and some other resources. These include 36 Imperial Thread, 24 Silk, and 4 Primal Blood Essence.  While the Imperial Thread is easily bootable from any Army Outpost or Brighthaven Slums, you can also craft it with Snow Flower, Sunflower and Wool Thread.

Make sure to also get your hands on enough Silk from the Spider Cave. Last but not least, Bloodmoon Armor requires Primal Blood.  This will require significant progression until players have unlocked the Blood Press from Jade the Vampire Hunter. Once that is out of the way, you will need 4 Exquisite Hearts to craft 1 Primal Blood.

So make sure to craft enough to easily obtain all four pieces of Bloodmoon Armor.  By crafting the set on Tailoring Bench, you will receive armor set stats of +97.7 HP for Chest, +83.8 HP for Leggings, +55.8 HP for Gloves, and +69.8 HP for Boots.  Now to the best part, which is the bonus effect for your character. Wearing the full Bloodmoon armor will add 6% attack speed to your character along with the Gear Score by +1. With these bonus effects, your character will become an unstoppable murdering vampire. 

Death Armor

Last but not least, Death armor with gear level 9 is the ultimate armor set in the game with highest stats. Not only it is the hard to obtain armor set, but it also makes your character immortal against foes. For that instance, players will have to grind to collect all the essential items to craft the massive and overpowered Death armor. 

Death Armor
Death Armor

What makes it the best armor in V Rising are the fashion statement for your vampire and the defenses. Speaking of defensive stats, Death armor will push +117.7 HP for Chest, +67.2 HP for Gloves, +84 and +100.8 HP for Boots and Leggings respectively. On the other side, you will also need to collect some of the rarest items to craft the Death armor. 

Crafting Death Armor

Players will need 20 Shadowweave, 16 Werewolf Leather, and 12 Exceptional Tailoring Components to craft the Death armor on Tailoring Bench. Once you have these resources, you are all set to craft your very own set of Death armor. 

Final Words

While these armors might be enough for your protection needs, there are four other armor sets that you can find and craft in your game. Meanwhile, developers will also add new gear updates in the game that may enhance your playthrough experience.  That is about it for V Rising best armor set in the games. Do you find this guide helpful in obtaining your ideal armor set for the character? What is your favorite set to pursue the gameplay in V Rising? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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