The BEST V Rising Armor Sets [2023]

V Rising armor sets are a crucial part of the gameplay. Here are the top 5 entries to help you make the choice easily.

V Rising Best Armor
V Rising Best Armor

V Rising has all kinds of armor sets with the stats ranging from heavy to light armors. You must narrow down the list to your personal gameplay preferences and ideal playthrough.

For instance, some players may pursue a tanky character with heavy armor since they want to focus on dealing with massive damage. Meanwhile, some players pursue light armor because of fast-paced action with more focus on survival.  After all, armors are essential for survival in the darkest hours of V Rising.

Another essential thing to note is that most of the armor sets in V Rising are craftable items. Players will need to collect specific resources to be able to craft the complete armor sets. At the same time, you may also receive randomly around the map. 

Key Takeaways

V Rising offers 9+ armor sets for players to find and craft. 

The best armor set depends on personal gameplay preferences (e.g., heavy or light). Here are our top recommendations:

  1. Boneguard Armor: Craftable using bones and hide, early-mid level.
  2. Bandit Armor: Loot drop from Bandit Camps, level 2.
  3. Merciless Nightstalker Armor: High level, good stats, increased physical attack.
  4. Skaldr Armor: Level 3, bonuses to physical attack and evasion .
  5. Ancient Nord Armor: Highest level, best protection, bonuses to health and physical attack.

Best Armors And Comparison

Here is a comparison table for the best Armor sets in V Rising:

No.NameHp from ChestHp from LeggingsHp from GlovesHp from BootsDurability
1Boneguard Armor1815.510.312.9347
2Bandit Armor31.120.3-16.9-
3Merciless Nightstalker Armor40.434.623.128.8602
4Merciless Hollowfang Armor64.855.53746.3914
5Twilight Armor80.167.845.857.2-
6Dawnthorn Armor80.168.745.857.21119
7Bloodmoon Armor97.783.855.869.8-
8Death Armor117.7100.867.284-

Boneguard Armor

The Boneguard armor is the first armor set in V Rising and serves as a suitable choice for early to mid-level players. As the name suggests, this armor is crafted from bones and offers both protection and a unique appearance that complements the dark world of V Rising.

While it may be considered the weakest armor set in the game, the Boneguard armor is a significant improvement over starting with nothing but undergarments.

Here are the stats for each piece of the Boneguard armor:

  • Chest: +18 HP
  • Legs: +15.5 HP
  • Boots: +12.9 HP
  • Gloves: +10.3 HP

Additionally, the Boneguard armor boasts a good durability rating of 347, providing ample protection for players who are just starting their journey in V Rising.

Boneguard Armor
Boneguard Armor

Bandit Armor

Bandit Set
Bandit Set

The Bandit Armor is one of the best entry-level armor sets in the game, known for its improved stats that provide enhanced protection against tough enemies. What’s particularly appealing about this armor set is that it’s readily available in the game without the need for crafting.

To obtain the full Bandit Armor set, players can loot the Bandit Camp. This process involves engaging in an intense battle with enemies around the location, but the reward is worth the effort.

The Bandit Armor is a level 2 set with the following stats:

  • Chest: +31.1 HP
  • Legs: +20.3 HP
  • Boots: +16.9 HP

With these stats, players can feel confident engaging in combat anywhere in the world of V Rising, making the Bandit Armor a valuable asset in your journey.

Merciless Nightstalker Armor

Merciless Knightstalker ArmorMerciless Nightstalker Armor

The Merciless Nightstalker Armor is regarded as one of the coolest armor sets with exceptional stats, but it does come with a level 4 requirement. While this might be a bit challenging for beginner players, the armor compensates with unique effects and powerful defensive stats.

Unlike the Bandit armor, the Merciless Nightstalker armor is not available for looting in the game. To obtain this set, players will need to craft it on a Simple Workbench using specific in-game resources, including Nightstalker Vest, Leathers, Coarse Threads, and Copper Ingots. Crafting the full armor set provides a substantial 602 Durability.

The armor’s stats are impressive for a level 4 set, with the following values:

  • Vest: +40.4 HP
  • Leggings: +34.6 HP
  • Gloves: +23.1 HP
  • Boots: +28.8 HP

Additionally, the Merciless Nightstalker armor offers unique effects, including a +12 Max HP increase with two armor pieces equipped, and a boost of 2 to Physical Power and 1 to GL (perhaps referring to Gameplay Level) for added versatility and power in combat.

Merciless Hollowfang Armor

Merciless Hollowfang Armor
Merciless Hollowfang Armor

The Merciless Hollowfang armor is an improved version of the Hollowfang armor, and it stands out due to its unique bonus effects. It’s a level 6 armor set with stats that make it ideal for players looking to take on tough bosses, especially when farming for Unsullied Hearts from Blood Carriers.

Crafting the Merciless Hollowfang armor involves using a Tailoring Bench. To craft this set, you’ll need one normal Hollowfang armor piece and 12 Iron Ingots for each piece of Merciless Hollowfang armor. To obtain the standard Hollowfang armor, craft it on the Tailoring Bench using 8 Cotton Yarn, 8 Leather, and 8 Wool Threads for each armor piece.

When wearing the complete Merciless Hollowfang armor set, each piece boasts a massive durability of 914.

Additionally, here are the HP values for each piece:

  • Chestguard: +64.8 HP
  • Leggings: +55.5 HP
  • Gloves: +37 HP
  • Boots: +46.3 HP

Furthermore, the Merciless variant provides players with a valuable bonus effect of +4% Movement and Attack Speed, even when wearing only two pieces of the armor set. This makes it an excellent choice for players seeking both durability and enhanced combat capabilities.

Twilight Armor

Twilight Armor
Twilight Armor

The Twilight armor is not only impressive in terms of protection but also stands out for its striking appearance and unique bonus effects that perfectly complement the dark gothic vibe of your vampire character in the game.

This armor set consists of four pieces, and as a level 7 armor, it provides substantial stats for each piece:

  • Chest: +80.1 HP
  • Gloves: +45.8 HP
  • Boots: +57.2 HP
  • Leggings: +67.8 HP

What sets the Twilight armor apart from others, including the Dawnthorn armor, is its exceptional bonus effect. When you wear the complete Twilight armor set, you gain immunity to the sun, a significant advantage for a vampire character. Additionally, the armor set has the unique visual effect of sparkling when your character is exposed to sunlight, enhancing its immersive and thematic design.

Dawnthorn Armor

Dawnthorn Armor
Dawnthorn Armor

The Dawnthorn armor is widely regarded as the best armor in V Rising, both in terms of its aesthetic appeal and its impressive stats. It’s a high-level item with a level requirement of 7, making it highly coveted by players in the game. When you acquire the complete set, your vampire character becomes virtually immortal against in-game enemies.

Here are the remarkable stats for each piece of the Dawnthorn armor set:

  • Chest: +80.1 HP
  • Leggings: +68.7 HP
  • Gloves: +45.8 HP
  • Boots: +57.2 HP

In addition to these outstanding stats, the Dawnthorn armor boasts a massive durability of 1119 for each armor piece. This combination of exceptional durability and stat bonuses makes the Dawnthorn armor a top choice for players seeking both protection and style in V Rising.

Bloodmoon Armor

Bloodmoon Armor
Bloodmoon Armor

The Bloodmoon armor set in V Rising is a standout choice for players seeking a royal appearance and exceptional defenses for their vampire character. With a gear level of 8, the Bloodmoon armor set exceeds expectations when fully equipped. It’s particularly appealing for players looking for an armor set similar to Dawnthorn but with bonus effects.

To craft the Bloodmoon armor, you’ll need the Dawnthorn armor pieces and additional resources, including:

  • 36 Imperial Thread
  • 24 Silk
  • 4 Primal Blood Essence

Imperial Thread can be obtained from Army Outposts or Brighthaven Slums, or you can craft it using Snow Flower, Sunflower, and Wool Thread. Gather Silk from the Spider Cave, and for Primal Blood, you’ll need to unlock the Blood Press from Jade the Vampire Hunter. Crafting Primal Blood requires 4 Exquisite Hearts, so ensure you have enough to craft all four pieces of the Bloodmoon Armor.

Death Armor

Death Armor
Death Armor

The Death armor set in V Rising is the ultimate armor set in the game, boasting the highest gear level of 9 and exceptional stats. It’s not only challenging to obtain but also makes your character nearly invulnerable to foes. To craft this formidable and overpowered armor set, players will need to embark on a demanding journey to collect the necessary items.

What sets the Death armor apart is its outstanding fashion statement for your vampire character and its incredible defensive stats.

When equipped, the Death armor provides the following defensive bonuses:

  • Chest: +117.7 HP
  • Gloves: +67.2 HP
  • Boots: +84 HP
  • Leggings: +100.8 HP

However, crafting the Death armor is no small feat, as it requires some of the rarest items in the game. The journey to obtain this ultimate armor set will test your dedication and resourcefulness, making it a coveted achievement for those seeking the best defenses and style in V Rising.

Final Words

While these armors might be enough for your protection needs, there are four other armor sets that you can find and craft in your game. Meanwhile, developers will also add new gear updates in the game that may enhance your playthrough experience.  That is about it for V Rising best armor set in the games. Do you find this guide helpful in obtaining your ideal armor set for the character? What is your favorite set to pursue the gameplay in V Rising? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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