Top 7 V Rising Best Weapons

Multiple games were released on the same day i.e, 17th March, and with that, we were given access to a survival game called V rising. Stunlock Studios, who are the developers of the game, has released it on the Windows platform and intent to expand it once it reaches the popularity it deserves. We are here to list down V Rising Best Weapons that you can use to survive in the open world of V rising. Currently, there are seven weapons in the game you can use.

However, fear not as these weapons have upgraded versions in regards to their skills and abilities. Surprisingly, it is a multi-genre game with base-building alongside versus and co-op, and multiplayer. Your character is a fully customizable vampire, who wakes up after a century-long sleep. Now without any further wait, let’s jump into this V Rising Weapons guide. 

V Rising Best Weapons

As I have mentioned before, the game consists of seven equipable weapons;

  • Swords
  • Axes
  • Maces
  • Reapers
  • Slashers
  • Spears
  • Crossbows

Out of these, six weapons are melee ranged and one being the crossbow, is a long-range weapon. We are going to list them in order of Best to Worst weapons in V Rising, so that beginners may get an idea of what weapon to select after playing that game.

Each weapon in the game has one primary attack, which of course does not have a cooldown and a cost to use it, while two skills which have a different cooldown time and abilities that are unique in effects to the weapon being used. However, please note that all seven of these weapons provide the players with the same boost to their stats.

Therefore, you can take any weapon into battle but the main reason why we are here to break down these weapons is to analyze which weapon is the most effective out of the others. The weapon most effective in skills, combos, and attack speed is the Sword.


Swords are always our go-to weapons before the start of any game, indeed they play out a different role in each field and bring out the best of themselves. The sword in V Rising Best Weapons list is at the top for its amazing damage and effectiveness in overall stats. It has one primary attack and two unique skills that are impressive.

The highest damage per second and shockwave attack on the sword is why it is the most effective weapon in V Rising. However, let’s not get our hopes high on this one. You will find one good thing about these weapons but see them lacking in other aspects. Those aspects or areas will be covered by the other weapons.

Primary Attack

V Rising Best Weapons
Primary Skill

The Sword will do AOE damage as well as a single target lock-on, allowing you to not only damage one but multiple targets simultaneously. The all-rounder; Sword has a primary attack that allows the character to lunge forward towards the enemies and unleash a series of attack that increases damage by 35% on the first and second hit and 40% overall damage output in its final delivery.

There’s a 0.2-second delay in casting the Primary Attack which will not hinder your movement during any collision with the enemies. The part where the damage increases per hit are quite astounding, as the 40% damage takes down enemies faster.


V Rising Best Weapons
Shockwave Skill

The Shockwave is an incredible skill on the Sword making it worthy enough to be listed in the V Rising Best Weapons guide. The attack unleashes a shockwave, as the name suggests, in a straight line and launches the enemy in the air along with 35-40 damage. Once the enemy is in the air, you can cast the skill again to teleport towards them and strike them down to the ground dealing tremendous damage.

I love the animation on this skill as it is both amazing and incredible. The damage dealt by the shockwave is about 70% of physical damage and once in the air, the player strikes three times and deals 25% damage per hit. You can unleash the Shockwave again after 8 seconds of its cool-down time.


V Rising Best Weapons

You can use this skill once reaching the copper stage early on in the game. It allows your player to spin around for 1.1 seconds dealing AOE damage to a swarm of enemies instantly taking them out. The incredible spin of the sword allows the caster to deal 35% damage each time the Sword successfully hits the target.

The spinning goes on for about 1.1 seconds and the damage is dealt with every 0.25 seconds, which means you can land a hit 4.4 times!


The second best weapon in V Rising is the Reaper. You can get it very easily and we’ll brief you on how you can obtain it. The Reaper has one base attack and two special skills. Similar to the Sword, Reaper is also a melee ranged weapon, that you can use for hard-hitting enemies. However, it lacks speed but packs a punch!

You need a blueprint and smithy to build this weapon and you can get some of the items required from Redrock Pass. Let’s have a quick look at what the Reaper offers; you get 18.5 Physical damage and inflicts hefty damage to the undead. It is most effective against skeletons!

Moreover, the chance of you striking a critical hit is plus 5% and you can build the weapon by focusing your points either on physical or spell power as both will do wonders for you. To obtain, defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess so that you can access the jewel crafting table.

Another way is to not kill this lad and just go to any place that is swarming with the undead giving you the possibility of a spawned undead commander. This dude has a chance of spawning mostly in the Church of the Damned or the Iron Mine.

Once defeated, he’ll drop the General’s Soul Reaper orb of Knowledge and you can use a couple of those to get the Reaper. So far it is one of the best weapons in V Rising.

Primary Attack

V Rising Best Weapons
Basic Attack

Like any other weapon that comes with a base attack, The Reaper also has a basic skill AKA Primary Attack, that consists of a combination of attacks that deal 50%, 50%, and 55% damage during those three hits. It takes about 0.3 seconds to cast the attack and it literally shreds enemies in PvE and PvP fights. 

Tendon Swing

V Rising Best Weapons
Tendon Swing Attack

It allows your character to swing the Reaper at their foes. Don’t get me, wrong guys, the swinging does great damage. For instance, you will be able to get a whopping 125% melee-based damage which will cause the enemies to force back and apply a Fading Snare for 2 seconds.

The cast time for this skill is 0.2 seconds and it takes 8 seconds to be reused again in battle.

Howling Reaper

V Rising Best Weapons
Howling Reaper Attack

This is a very good skill on the Reaper and sometimes people will tend to miss the target while using the skill. It lets you throw your weapon toward the enemy, spin around crazy, and deal insane damage to them. Not only that, the first hit will slow the enemy down for 1.5 seconds and the spin will deal 20% physical damage in those 2.5 seconds.

This means the damage infliction will take its effects every 0.25s in those 2.5 seconds it spins. It is a great skill, I mean it’s basically meant to be a mid-range skill you can use. The cooldown time is 8 seconds. 


The Axes give off a heavy dual wield feeling similar to Elden Ring. Although they pack a hard punch and insane damage, however, the concepts of dual-wield do not apply. Their specialty is “Wood” and they stand between the Swords and Maces when it comes to dealing significant damage to the enemies, mainly the undead and skeletons.

Unlike other weapons, the Axes stand their ground against tough opponents and bosses and therefore are the ultimate Best Weapons In V Rising. 

Every player looks for a weapon with high damage output, however, they find themselves lacking in speed when equipping themselves with the Axe.

A combination of Sword and Axe can deal an insane amount of damage along with a chance to unleash a series of attacks that destroy anyone that crosses your path. Use the Shockwave to launch the enemy into the air, and once they hit the ground, hit them with the X-Strike!

Primary Attack

V Rising Best Weapons
Basic Attack

Its primary attack allows the character to perform a series of attacks in the form of slashes that deal 45%, 45%, and 55% of physical damage with each hit. With this base attack, players can get close to the enemy and deal melee damage with the Best Weapon in V Rising. 

The base attack/ Primary Attack takes 0.2 seconds to cast and works effectively. These three hits allow you to annihilate the enemies on the battlefield without much effort.


V Rising Best Weapons
You can throw your axes and wait for them to boomerang back to you!

The X-Strike is my favorite and most powerful skill for the Axe. It allows your character to throw the Axes towards the enemies and boomerang back to him, dealing an area of effect damage to multiple enemies that get caught in the attack.

The two Axes are thrown toward the enemies and they deal damage while spinning, and each hit does 85% physical damage while slowing the enemy’s movement for 1.5 seconds. Moreover, the point where the two Axes intersect causes incapacitation for 2 seconds.

The cooldown time for the skill is 8 seconds and it takes 0.5 seconds to cast. 


V Rising Best Weapons
Frenzy Skill

The Frenzy is the first skill you get for the Axes and it allows the user to dash forward and strike down the enemies with an incredible slash attack. The first hit causes an insane 100% physical damage causing the user to enter into a state of Frenzy.

It momentarily increases the movement speed by 25% which is quite helpful when delivering powerful blows to the enemies. Moreover, when the user lands a successful hit, the attack speed takes a hard shift by 30% for 0.8 seconds.

The increase in movement and attack speed covers the areas where the Axes are lacking and makes them a beast in battle.


The Mace does more damage than any other weapon in our V Rising Best Weapons list. The Mace should be your go-to weapon when looking for a high damaging weapon.

When I said that these weapons are good for one thing and lack in other aspects, I meant the exact same thing with the Mace. They deal high damage to the enemies but lack the speed.

Therefore, the damage per second on this weapon is slow, however, the damage per hit is quite impressive! One of the reasons why you should go with the Mace in V Rising. The specialty of this weapon is Mining.

Primary Attack

Basic Attack

The Primary Attack is again, a series of blows that deal 50%, 50%, and 60% physical damage on each successful hit that lands on the enemies. It is a total beast in dealing high-end damage to the enemies.

The cast time for this attack is 0.35 seconds and might I add that this particular skill, even at a base level, unleashes a fatal blow on the enemies? One of many reasons to be using the Mace in V Rising and it does not disappoint! 

Crushing Blow

Crushing Blow

This unique skill can be achieved after unlocking the copper stage. The Crushing Blow allows the user to dash towards the enemy and slam the Mace toward the ground unleashing a heavy 110% physical damage output that applies the Fading Snare for 2 seconds.

A truly devastating attack that can put any enemy on their knees. The cooldown time to reuse the skill is 8 seconds and it takes 0.7 seconds to cast the skill.


Smack Skill

As the name suggests, this skill allows the user to smack the enemies in front of them and deal a huge 50% physical damage. It is a highly useful skill for any player looking to render the enemies useless for a few seconds.

The Smack also causes the enemies to recoil and be incapacitated for 1.2 seconds. An outstanding performance by one of the two unique skills for the Mace which has a hefty cooldown of 9 seconds. It takes 0.35 seconds to cast the skill. How fun would it be to Smack the Mace on the enemy’s face?


Spears may be underrated in other survival games, but in V Rising, they lack the speed and damage abilities for them to stand out among Best V Rising Weapons. The attacks are launched at a slow speed and the damage output is comparatively lower than any other V Rising Weapon.

Primary Attack

Primary Attack

You can deal 40% damage on your first and second successive hit on the enemy and ultimately unleash 50% physical damage for the final blow by using the Primary Atatk on the Spear. I’d suggest you avoid using the Spear due to its weaker damage output.


Harpoon Attack

Players can launch the Spear towards the enemy and stab them causing them to get hit by the damage equivalent to 70%. With Harpoon, you can also pull the enemies towards yourself and hit them with A Thousand Spears to kill or damage them instantly.

It has a cooldown time of 8 seconds and a cast time of 0.8 seconds making it the least effective skill for the Spear.

A Thousand Spears

A Thousand Spears Attack

The skill allows the user to penetrate the enemies countless times with each landing hit dealing 30% physical damage. It can be recast during the effect to perform another thrusting attack that deals 50% physical damage and knocks the enemies back as well.

It has an 8 seconds cooldown time and requires 0.35 seconds to be cast. This particular speed does have insane speed, however, it lacks the necessary damage to defeat the enemies.


Another weapon available for use by players in V Rising is the Slasher. It is regarded as the most basic weapon in V Rising with no specialty whatsoever. As compared to the other ranking weapons, the Slasher does not land itself in the V Rising Best Weapons list due to its low damage output.

However, its skills allow you to evade and dodge enemy attacks while hitting them with low-end damage simultaneously.

Primary Attack

Basic Attack

You can perform a combination of attacks with the Slasher and deal melee-ranged damage that will unleash a 27.5% damage output for two successful hits and finally a 35% physical damage on the last hit. Do not concern yourself with the low cast time of 0.15 seconds because you will only be able to pierce the enemies with continuous attacks to finally kill them.


Camouflage Attack

As the name suggests, the skill allows the users to increase their movement speed by 25% for 3 seconds, while hiding their presence from the enemies. This might be the only useful skill provided by V Rising for the weapon.

Evidently, if you use your primary attack, it will unleash a massive 80% physical damage and incapacitate the enemies for 3 seconds.

However, be aware that once you use any skills, you will lose the ability to be invisible AKA Camouflage to the enemies. It has a longer cooldown time than any other weapon skill in V Rising, which is 10 seconds.

Elusive Strike

It lets you continuously strike the enemies!

The Elusive Strike causes the user to continuously slash the enemies all the while moving back and forth and dealing 60% physical damage. The enemy movement will be slowed down for 2 seconds prior to each successive hit. Elusive Strike can be reused again after 8 seconds and can be cast in 0.2 seconds.


The only weapon in V Rising that works for long-distance attacks. It is a ranged weapon that allows the users to sit back and enjoy dealing damage to the enemies from afar! I did say that the list of V Rising Best Weapons will go from Best to Worse, however, the Crossbow does not land itself in the worst category due to its amazing skills.

Unlike the other six weapons in V Rising, the Crossbow does not have any special combination of attacks for its base skill. The reason for that is pretty obvious, a Crossbow is meant to throw one arrow per shot.

How will you be able to hit combos when you can only dish out one arrow at a time? It may land itself a spot in the V Rising Weapons list due to its charged attacks.

Primary Attack

Primary Attack

The base attack of the Crossbow allows the users to fire an arrow at the enemy, dealing a hefty 115% physical damage on each successful hit. It cannot be used for any special combos, you can only dish out as much damage as possible with each hit.

The cooldown time for reusing the skill is 0.55 seconds and it takes 1 second to cast the base attack.

Rain of Bolts

Pour down five arrows on the enemies from the sky!

Rain of Bolts has a cooldown time of 8 seconds and can be cast in 0.4 seconds. Any player that has difficulty in PvP and PvE can find themselves in a difficult spot without the Crossbow. This skill allows them to destroy enemies by firing five arrows straight into the air, waiting for them to rain down on enemies and deal 40% physical damage.

Rain of Bolts is a very useful skill for any player having difficulty in PvP and PvE battles. Although it might not be as effective for single target enemies you can use the Snapshot!


Snapshot Skill

Users can launch an arrow at a devastating blow that deals 75% damage while causing the same Fading Snare effect on the enemies for 2 seconds. The Snare renders the enemies vulnerable to attacks.

It has a cast time of 0.3 seconds and a cooldown time of 8 seconds. By far not the best skills for a Crossbow, because the chances of landing those deadly arrows are slim. If the enemies get too close to you, then it’s just a matter of seconds before you start losing your health.

Well, that was the end of our V Rising Best Weapons list, please leave your feedback in the comments section and let me know if I missed any major detail regarding the V Rising Weapons.

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