V Rising Holy Radiation: Location, Resistance & More

v rising holy radiation

What is Holy Radiation?

You rule the dark night with an iron fist. There are a few things that can truly harm you, a vampire lord but they do exist. Three of these that cannot be fought through brute strength and power alone are garlic, silver, holy radiation, and sunlight. Speaking of brute strength, even though you cannot fight these you do have to fight everything else in this world and for that, we recommend you check out Rising Best Weapons.

Key Takeaways

  • Holy radiation in V Rising is a poison debuff that drops HP to zero.
  • Obtain resistance by using Holy Resistance potions from boss fight with Christina.
  • Crafting Ingredients needed are 1 Bottle of Water, 2 Scourgestone, 60 Mourning Lilies.
  • Mechanics and Resistance obtaining processes  reinforce the game’s world-building and storytelling, and challenge players to adapt.

Now, these are all quite expected given how vampires are portrayed in pop culture nowadays. However, the thing we don’t usually think about or know is how to counter these defensive measures from the perspective of the monster.

Because only a monster knows a monster’s secrets. But out of all of the aforementioned weaknesses, holy radiation seems the most bizarre, mostly in the visualization but it’s simply like poison to a creature of darkness.

v rising holy radiation
V Rising Dawn | Courtesy: VRising

From a pure gameplay perspective, the V Rising holy radiation is a poison debuff that reduces your HP from hero to zero almost instantly.

Your character has resistances and certain specific levels of resistance, this includes Holy Resistance. If you have a Resistance Level of zero then your HP will drop by 10 points per second.

How to Resist V Rising Holy Radiation

Now that we know what V Rising holy radiation is let’s discuss how to obtain resistance against this poisonous faith. What we can use first and foremost is the potions of Holy Resistance.

Now that may seem like a deus ex machina but in reality, is quite far from simple. This requires a multitude of steps including a boss fight. The boss is Christina, the Sun Priestess a level 44 boss that you better be prepared to face.

v rising holy radiation
Christina, the Sun Priestess Location | Courtesy: segmentext

After killing the boss you can unlock the recipe to craft Holy Resistance potions. Build an alchemy table and have the following ingredients prepared for crafting: 1 Bottle of Water, 2 Scourgestone, and 60 Mourning Lillies.

This alongside the Bear Form you have access to should provide quite sufficient holy radiation shielding. It’s enough shielding that you can walk into the Dunley Monastery and not take too much damage, rather you can outheal it and freely explore.

holy radiation v rising
Dunley Monastery Location

Final Thoughts

These subtle mechanics used in worldbuilding and gameplay simultaneously are quite nice to see as they are able to do storytelling outside of boring narrated exposition dumps. This way the player can take their own pre-conceived notions from pop culture and have them reinforced by the game’s internal systems.

Overall quite an interesting mechanic that forces the player to adapt to their environment. If you like this guide then check out more guides of V Rising by our talented writers such as BEST V Rising Armor Sets.

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