V Rising: How to Get Unsullied Heart

Acquiring Unsullied Heart can be difficult as it is a rare drop obtained by defeating Blood Carriers. They are indicated by a red dot on the map.

How to Get Unsullied Heart V Rising
How to Get Unsullied Heart V Rising

Unsullied heart is used for a variety of other purposes like crafting advanced biomaterials and gears and changing the blood type of your character. But mainly, players pursue this item to power up the castle. Meanwhile, getting your hands on the unsullied heart is not an easy feat.

Key Takeaways

  • An important crafting item is the Greater Blood Essence, which is made using Unsullied Heart, which serves multiple purposes in V Rising, including upgrading the castle and crafting advanced gear.
  • Blood Carriers have a 20-25% chance of dropping Unsullied Heart and can be located using the “Blood Altar” in the castle or the “V Blood” menu in the game’s interface.
  • Alpha Wolf, located in the south-central region of the map, is a highly sought-after Blood Carrier for Unsullied Hearts.
  • Alpha Wolf farming is the quickest way to gather the largest number of Unsullied Hearts, which can yield a maximum number of items in about 45 minutes.

How to Get Unsullied Heart V Rising

Unsullied hearts are must-have items to push your crafting capabilities. Meanwhile, it is also one of the rarest dropping items in the game, which requires significant effort from players.

How to get unsullied heart v rising
How to get an unsullied heart v rising

Defeating Blood Carriers for Unsullied Heart in V Rising

The effective method to obtain unsullied hearts involves defeating Blood Carriers. Track them via the Blood Altar or V Blood menu, then venture into V Rising’s perilous world to hunt and kill them for rewards.

Blood Carriers, essential mid-game foes, must be eliminated to advance. They offer a 20-25% drop rate for unsullied hearts, making them the most accessible method to farm these items.

Tracking Blood Carriers
Tracking Blood Carriers

First, progress in the game to build the Blood Altars in your castles. After completing quests, use the Altars to access the list of Blood Carriers and read their descriptions and recommended fight levels. Track a Blood Carrier by selecting the option and marking its location with a red dot on the map. These bosses move around the game world, so you should search around the dot’s vicinity to find and battle them.

Use the Blood Carriers’ descriptions to locate them in V Rising. Engage actively with the game to prevent farming from becoming monotonous. Avoid confronting multiple bosses in one place to prevent setbacks and maintain efficient progress in obtaining the unsullied heart.

If you are having a hard time considering the Blood Carrier from the Blood Altars, you can go after Lidia the Chaos Archer, Rufus, and Keely the Frost Archer. One of the best and most promising Blood Carrier for dropping the unsullied heart is Alpha Wolf

To kick off the Alpha Wolf farm, you will be visiting the middle portion of the map. The main aspects that make Alpha Wolf farm more feasible are the easy location access and guaranteed drop for the unsullied heart. 

Alpha Wolf Farming
Alpha Wolf Farming

Navigating V Rising’s map can be challenging, but this route optimizes farming time. This strategy yields the maximum number of unsullied hearts in approximately 45 minutes, making it the fastest method for farming.

For the Alpha Wolf, head to the map’s south-central area indicated by the castle tracker. Discover the wolf within 20 to 30 seconds as it roams the vicinity. Ensure a thorough search to engage this hostile enemy.

Traveling to the north side of the map leads to another wolf’s den, facilitating easy back-and-forth farming due to continuous Alpha Wolf spawns.

Alpha Wolf Location
Alpha Wolf Location

Now, back to how to get the unsullied heart in V Rising from the Alpha Wolves. All you need to do is to drain the blood of the Alpha Wolf or any other blood carrier. After that, you will receive the unsullied heart as a reward for defeating the ancient blood carrier mob. 

Higher Level Farming Strategy

Besides hunting mid-level enemies like Blood Carriers, targeting higher-level bosses is an option. However, these bosses have a lower chance of dropping unsullied hearts and are challenging to defeat, often requiring multiple attempts. Found in obscure locations, their difficult moves make them nearly impossible for early-level players. Yet, if seeking a challenging gaming experience, farming for unsullied hearts remains an available option.

How to Craft Greater Blood Essence with Unsullied Hearts

After acquiring unsullied hearts from Blood Carriers or high-level bosses, here’s what you can do with them. These hearts are primarily used for crafting Greater Blood Essence, essential for higher-level equipment and game progression.

To craft Greater Blood Essence, ensure you have a minimum of 4 unsullied hearts. Go to the Refinement Tab on the Blood Press under the Production section and craft the Greater Blood Essence.

Crafting a single Greater Blood Essence item takes approximately three minutes. By farming more unsullied hearts, you can make more of these items. Get used to the crafting process and time.

For a faster process, obtain a secret recipe after defeating a boss that requires 200x Normal Blood Essence. This recipe does not involve unsullied hearts.

To get this recipe, face a level 46 Blood Carrier named Tristan the Vampire Hunter with a character at level 30 or higher. Defeat the boss to acquire the crafting recipe for Greater Blood Essence, needing only 200x Normal Blood Essence.


Getting an unsullied heart is indeed troublesome at times. Since it is a rare drop for a unique crafting item, you will definitely need to spend some time to farm these hearts in V Rising.

However, following this guide can assist players in getting their hands on the unsullied hearts easily. Set your goals straight and farm on the Blood Carriers to obtain numerous unsullied hearts for crafting the Great Blood Essence and more. 

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