V Rising: How to Get Unsullied Heart

How to Get Unsullied Heart V Rising
How to Get Unsullied Heart V Rising

Unsullied heart is used for a variety of other purposes like crafting advanced biomaterials, and gears and changing the blood type of your character. But mainly players pursue this item to power up the castle. Meanwhile, getting your hands on the unsullied heart is not an easy feat.

Key Takeaways

  • Important crafting item is the Greater Blood Essence, which is made using Unsullied Heart, which serves multiple purposes in the game, including upgrading the castle and crafting advanced gear.
  • Acquiring Unsullied Heart can be difficult as it is a rare drop obtained by defeating Blood Carriers, they are indicated by a red dot on the map.
  • Blood Carriers have a 20-25% chance of dropping Unsullied Heart and can be located using the “Blood Altar” in the castle or the “V Blood” menu in the game’s interface.
  • Alpha Wolf, located in the south-central region of the map, is a highly sought after Blood Carrier for Unsullied Hearts.
  • Alpha Wolf farming is the quickest way to gather the largest number of Unsullied Hearts, which can yield a maximum number of items in about 45 minutes.

With the darkest enemies lurking in the shadows and a huge map to explore the hidden items, players must pursue an efficient approach to obtain the unsullied heart and achieve their crafting goals. This guide entails all the details you need to know along with how to get unsullied heart V Rising. With that said, let’s get right into it. 

How to Get Unsullied Heart V Rising

Unsullied hearts are must-have items to push your crafting capabilities. Meanwhile, it is also one of the rarest dropping items in the game which requires significant effort from players.

On the other side, players might also need to be higher level to farm certain locations and enemies for unsullied hearts in v rising. For that instance, this guide will be discussing both mid and end-game strategies to obtain the unsullied heart.

How to get unsullied heart v rising
How to get unsullied heart v rising

Defeating Blood Carriers for Unsullied Heart in V Rising

First and the most effective approach to acquiring the unsullied heart is by defeating the Blood Carriers. Players will be required to track these Blood Carriers through the Blood Altar in the castle or the V Blood menu in the interface.

After selecting and tracking the enemies, you must venture through the dangerous world of V Rising to hunt down the Blood Carriers and kill them to get the rewards. 

Generally, Blood Carriers are the early-mid game enemies that must be killed to progress in the game. On top of that, these enemies have a 20-25% chance of dropping unsullied hearts, thus making them the easiest approach to farm the items. 

Tracking Blood Carriers
Tracking Blood Carriers

But first, you will need to progress enough in the game until you build the Blood Altars structure in your in-game castles. After a series of quests, you will be able to use the Blood Altars and browse through the list of Blood Carriers.

Not just that, but you will also be able to read the descriptions of these enemies along with the recommended level to fight them. From here you can start or stop tracking these Blood Carriers on the in-game map. 

Once you select the track option on any of the Blood Carrier, you will be able to see a red blood dot on the map. This dot represents the location of the Blood Carrier that you just initiated tracking. It is also important to note that these bosses do not have a fixed location on the map.

They are mostly roaming around and engaging with the game elements as part of the realism and attention to detail. So make sure to search the vicinity of the location around the red blood dot on the map to find the Blood Carrier and engage in the battle. 

You can also consider using the descriptions of the Blood Carriers to discover them around the world o V Rising. The key is to engage with the world as much as possible to ensure that farming does not turn out to be boring.

Make sure you do not visit the place with multiple bosses. Engaging in the fight with multiple bosses increases the exposure to losing progress and also affects the performance of farming the unsullied heart. 

If you are having a hard time considering the Blood Carrier from the Blood Altars, you can go after Lidia the Chaos Archer, Rufus, and Keely the Frost Archer. One of the best and most promising Blood Carrier for dropping the unsullied heart is Alpha Wolf

To kick off the Alpha Wolf farm, you will be visiting the middle portion of the map. The main aspects that make Alpha Wolf farm more feasible are the easy location access and guaranteed drop for the unsullied heart. 

Alpha Wolf Farming
Alpha Wolf Farming

Traveling in the V Rising around the map might be awful at times, but following this route can save you much time to farm. It takes about 45 minutes to get a maximum number of unsullied hearts in the farming strategy. This is the fastest method to collect as many as items during farming. 

To get to the Alpha Wolf, go to the south-central portion of the map as suggested by the tracker from your castle. You will be able to discover the wolf in at least 20 to 30 seconds. Alpha Wolf is mostly roaming the area. So make sure to search the whole place to fight the hostile enemy.

Also if you can travel to the north side of the map, you will find another wolf’s den. This makes the approach easier, as you can travel back and forth to the farm on the continuous spawn of the Alpha Wolves.

Alpha Wolf Location
Alpha Wolf Location

Now back to how to get the unsullied heart in V Rising from the Alpha Wolves. All you need to do is to drain the blood of the Alpha Wolf or any other blood carrier. After that, you will receive the unsullied heart as a reward for defeating the ancient blood carrier mob. 

Higher Level Farming Strategy

Apart from hunting down mid-level enemies like Blood Carriers, you can also go after higher-level enemies. Unfortunately, these bosses have a relatively lower chance of dropping unsullied hearts. Even worse is that you may not be able to defeat these bosses on the first try.

This is because these boss mobs are found at some of the shady locations around the world and have pretty difficult moves. Earlier-level players will never stand a chance against these bosses. But still, if you are looking for a challenging opportunity in the game, the choice to farm for unsullied hearts is completely yours. 

How to Craft Greater Blood Essence with Unsullied Hearts

Now that you have the unsullied hearts after farming through Blood Carriers or high-level bosses, you might also want to know what to do with them. As said earlier, unsullied hearts are used for a variety of purposes, with the prominent one being crafting the Greater Blood Essence.

Normal Blood Essence holds things together at the castle, while Greater Blood Essence is essential for crafting higher level equipment, gear and progress further in the game. 

For that, you might want to ensure you have at least 4 unsullied hearts. Select the Production button and visit the Refinement Tab on the Blood Press. This way you can easily craft one Greater Blood Essence to use in your playthrough.

Farm for more unsullied hearts to get more Greater Blood Essence items. Singel item takes about three minutes for crafting. Meanwhile, rinse and repeat the process and you will get used to the crafting time and process. 

Players that want to boost the processing speed might have to take a completely different approach to the craft.

This process will not involve an unsullied heart. However, you will be required to get a secret recipe after defeating a boss. This recipe will require 200x Normal Blood Essence, which should be abundant if you are already crafting Greater item. 

For that instance, you will want to ensure your character is at a higher level of at least 30 or above. This is because you are going to fight level 46 Blood Carrier known as Tristan the Vampire Hunter.

With higher level comes tough moves and intense battle choices that will test the abilities of your character. Once the boss is defeated, you will get a crafting recipe for Great Blood Essence that requires only 200x Normal Blood Essence. 


Getting an unsullied heart is indeed troublesome at times. Since it is a rare drop for a unique crafting item, you will definitely need to spend some time to farm these hearts in V Rising.

However, following this guide can assist players to get their hands on the unsullied hearts easily. Set your goals straight and farm on the Blood Carriers to obtain numerous unsullied hearts for crafting the Great Blood Essence and more. 

That is about it for how to get the unsullied heart in V Rising. Do you find this guide helpful in obtaining your unsullied heart items? What is your strategy for farming the unsullied hearts in V Rising? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section down below. 

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