V Rising Iron Ore Location: How to Unlock & Farm

v rising iron ore locations

V Rising is an online open-world multiplayer survival game. Created by Stunlock Studios, known for their team-based action brawlers such as Battlerite, Battlerite Royal, and Bloodline Champions. The just of the game is a vampire survival game where you, the player, are a vampire who has awakened after centuries of deep sleep and now seek to get stronger and become the next Dracula.

Key Takeaways

  • V Rising includes farming, combat, exploration, & resource management.
  • To get access to iron ore, you need to level up to 37 & defeat Quincy the Bandit King in the Bandit Stronghold.
  • Having Merciless Copper weapons is necessary to farm iron & to fight Quincy the Bandit King.
  • In the Dunley Farmlands, the Haunted Iron Mine is the best location to farm iron ore, but it’s challenging due to enemies and bosses.
  • You can find iron ore & veins in the mine, & also get random chest drops of iron. Destroying crates & barrels may also yield some iron.
  • Clearing the entire dungeon can yield a net profit of 800 iron ore, which translates to 40 iron ingots.
  • Tools in the iron tier require 20-15 iron ingots and 12-16 planks & can be upgraded to Merciless Iron for more damage, power, and visual appeal.

The game includes a beautiful gothic open world alongside a beautiful day-night cycle. You fortify your castle with resources collected from the world, almost reminding you of Minecraft in a way.

Among these resources is iron and in this guide, we will discuss V Rising iron ore location and how to utilize them properly.

V Rising Gameplay

Getting Access to Iron

Before you can start using iron ore you must level up till Lv 37 where you can face Quincy the Bandit King. Upon eliminating this foe you will unlock the recipe for iron ingots alongside iron weapons and tools.

As a bonus, you also receive the Hollow Fang battle gear. But enough about how to get access to iron, let’s discuss the V Rising iron ore locations.

Before going to mine for iron ore you should make sure that you have Merciless Copper weapons as it is a requirement to farm iron and helps in the fight against Quincy the Bandit King.

Beating Quincy the Bandit King

You can find Quincy in the Bandit Stronghold, located in the southern part of Dunley Farmlands. To get inside and face Quincy you must first get explosives so that you can blow open the gates to the boss fight.

When initially fighting Quincy he will be accompanied by two minions. Its best to take out these two first so that you can fight the boss in peace without having to worry about being chipped down.

The Bandit King has a few basic moves. Once you get the hang of these they are incredibly easy to identify and punish to beat him reliably.

The first move is a ground slam that shatter the area around it and explodes after a certain delay. The second move is a charging attack where he goes in a straight line with his shield up. The third move is a defensive stance which deflects all projectiles and blocks damage.

The final ability is a modified shield charge which causes Quincy to charge with his shield three times in a row and be stunned after the attack is complete. Use this to your advantage and deal as much damage as you can during this time.

v rising iron ore location
Bandit King Location | Courtesy: thenerdstash

V Rising Iron Ore Location

The best place we have found to farm iron ore is the Dunley Farmlands, specifically the Haunted Iron Mine located on the south side of the area. Going into this mine will be a challenge, with enemies swarming you and there being Meredith the Bright Archer. A boss that is quite a challenge to undertake.

In the V Rising iron location, you can find iron ore and iron ore veins. Alongside this, you can get random chest drops of iron.

Another tip that only Legend of Zelda fans will be doing naturally is destroying the crates and barrels, you can find some iron from this method although it is very rare.

If you clear the entire dungeon you should be able to get a net profit of 800 iron ore which translates to 40 iron ingots. This is because 20 iron ore is converted to

v rising iron ore location
Haunted Iron Mine Location | Courtesy: lumen.podzon

Each tool in the iron tier requires 20-15 iron ingots and 12-16 planks. Even these tools can be upgraded to a higher tier by becoming Merciless Iron. This will up the damage and power for each tool while enhancing its visual appeal as well.

Final Thoughts

V Rising is an interesting game. It has an intricate system of farming, combat, exploration, resource management, and the like. In the context of this article, we are talking about V Rising iron ore location and we have discussed that to the farthest extent possible at the moment.

V Rising is an up and coming game so it would be great of you to support the developers who worked hard on this game, and while you’re here why not check out more articles from our talented writers such as V Rising: How to Get Unsullied Heart.

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