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Valorant: New Incognito Agent Arrives January 12th

Riot GamesValorant is quickly becoming one of the hottest titles in the eSports scene. This intensely competitive shooter mixes elements from other FPS titans such as CS:GO and Overwatch. In a leak earlier this week, a Russian YouTube channel unofficially revealed this character. Riot Games has finally made it official.(Get Valorant Points Gift Cards – PC [Online Game Code] here)

His name is Yoru, and his stealthy tendencies are sure to make him a formidable (and potentially anti-fun) foe. Here’s his bio:

Japanese native Yoru rips holes straight through reality to infiltrate enemy lines unseen. Using deception and aggression in equal measure, he gets the drop on each target before they know where to look.

Riot also outlined the 14th agent’s abilities in-depth. We will list them for you here:

  • Fakeout – Yoru projects footsteps onto the battlefield and mimics the sound of walking perfectly. Use this for your mind games.
  • Gatecrash – Yoru throws out a tether. Re-pressing the keybind for this ability will allow him to teleport to it.
  • Blindside – Yoru throws out a flashbang-like energy rift. The flash effect only actually happens if the ball bounces off a wall first.
  • Dimensional Drift – this ULTIMATE will make Yoru completely invisible and invincible to his enemies for a short time.

Valorant Continues to Rise

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Valorant manages to find a unique identity in an already-saturated genre of gaming. Hardcore FPS games that stand the test of time are hard to come by, but this one might just do it. It has even attracted some of Twitch’s top streamers. That includes Ninja, who plans to enter the Valorant professional scene with a team of his own.

Valorant combines the best of many elements found in other games: unique and well-designed characters, a high skill ceiling, and constant evolution of the in-game meta. Check out Valorant HERE and start playing for free on PC today. Although the new agent, Yoru, will cost you 1000 Valorant Points (or about $10 USD).(Get Valorant Points Gift Cards – PC [Online Game Code] here)

Have you been practicing Valorant lately? Will you be picking up this new agent? Let us know in a comment below! While you’re here, check out our info on Magic: The Gathering mobile, or leaked info on a cut Super Smash Bros character.

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