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Valorant Update Adds new Agent Skye Only to be immediately Revoked

The Valorant 1.1 patch contained a new multiplayer map Icebox, and highly anticipated agent, Skye, Along with an assortment of rebalancing. However, just 30 minutes after the update came out, Riot removed the patch due to a plethora of problems.

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Meet Skye The New Valorant Agent

Players that unlocked Skye while the update was live, will still be able to access her once the patch returns. Skye’s powerful abilities and Aussie charm has had Valorant players excited for her release.

Riot went all in when designing Skye’s abilities, as they prove to be the most unique of the agents. For example, Skye’s Trailblazer ability allows her to cast a tiger-like creature that the player can control. Once the player has discovered an enemy, they can detonate the tiger to inflict a concussive blast.

Skye’s other abilities include a healing trinket that channels healing for teammates, however Skye cannot heal herself. She also has a flash ability, Guiding Light where Skye summons a hawk that can be guided like Jett’s cloud bursts. Agents will be flashed once the Guiding light has been activated again. Thirdly Skye summons three “Seekers” for her ultimate. Which travel to the nearest enemy agents and nearsight them. Skye proves to be a versatile agent who presents many options in combat while providing the team utility through healing.

New Valorant Patch A Buggy Mess

The 1.11 patch aimed to add a substantial amount of content for Valorant, however, Riot claimed on Twitter that the 1.11 patch has been a “technical nightmare.” And boy was it, players reported strange bugs such as Omens and Reyna’s nearsights having no effect on players , more interesting bugs include for example , players reporting that they would earn money while their teammates were AFK.

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The buggy patch couldn’t have come at a more critical time for Valorant Esports players. It impacted ongoing qualifiers for the First Strike tournament. Riot are obliged to release the 1.11 update later in the week as to not interfere with the tournament.

Furthermore, it was discovered by Valorant data miners that Riot maybe implementing controller support. While this opens the game up to a wider demographic of gamers, players who primarily use controllers will be at a considerable disadvantage to those who use keyboard and mouse.

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