Valuable Pokémon Cards Fund Student’s Medical School Tuition

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Caleb King, a Student of North Georgia University was able to pay over $80,000 of his medical tuition by selling a collection of Pokémon TCG cards. King paid $4,000 for some of the cards back in 2016 that had a huge increase in value since then. Interestingly, King sold 40 of these Pokemon TCG cards since the lockdown and still has 50 cards left.(Get the latest Pokémon game, Pokémon Sword/Shield here or at a 20% discount here)

Furthermore, King has yet to put his highest valued card for sale! A super-rare Pikachu card from the base set one version features yellow cheeks while the other more valuable version features red cheeks. King’s Pikachu card is worth around $20,000.

As you can imagine, King’s parents were not too happy with his purchases back in 2016. King stated in an interview with FCN that his parents said: “Hey you shouldn’t be spending that kind of money on these cards, that’s ridiculous”… I didn’t listen, and it paid off.”(Start your own Pokémon TCG cards collection here)

Got a sudden interest in Pokémon cards?

You are probably whipping out the old Pokémon card collection right about now (like me and my brother). However, Pokémon TCG is an area of expertise for King as he has a whole childhood of knowledge and four years of experience buying and selling cards.

As a result of this King knows what cards to pick up and stay away from. He explained that he only purchases and bids on cards that have been inspected by a professional grading company.

A card is graded on a few factors to determine its worth, cards can be graded on average for $10 a card and a minimum of 20. (Start your own Pokémon TCG cards collection here)

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Pokémon Returning the Favour

“I bought them to resell as an investment, I felt like Pokémon was an area that I was really knowledgeable.. on, and with prices exploding, I’ve been trying to sell them because I don’t know if the prices will go down again.”

King is referring to the increase in value of the cards of recent. As a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic and numerous big streamers buying and opening cards on Twitch.

Caleb King encouraged hobbyists, collectors, and people to sift through their childhood passions stating: “If something means a lot to you, and you love it, and you’re passionate about it, you can always make money doing anything. Being able to invest that much time into it and then have it feel like it was investing back in me… it was really cool.”(Get the latest Pokémon game, Pokémon Sword/Shield here or at a 20% discount here)

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