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Valve Hire a Psychologist to Better Understand Gamers

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Valve to Study Gamers to Improve Products and Services

Valve has continued to impress by being the spearhead in gaming for a variety of reasons. Such as the release of the innovative Half-Life: Alyx where Valve approached VR in a natural and non-gimmicky fashion. (Check out this extremely cool Gordon Freeman figure here & get your own Half-Life cap here)

While Valve’s juggernaut, the Steam store, is the marketplace where all PC gamers converge to trade in the marketplace and purchase games.

To better understand what makes gamers tick, Valve is seeking to hire a psychologist under the title of Psychologist, Research/ Experimental on the official Valve website. It is stated on the official Valve website that the psychologist will carry out some pretty interesting tasks.

“Psychologists at Valve contribute to a wide variety of initiatives across the company and are trusted to prioritize their work in collaboration with their peers.”

Mind Blowing and Interesting Research

Such as providing insights on human behavior regarding customer experiences on Steam. As well as “Design experiments to evaluate various gameplay hypotheses and design choices.”

While not on the level of Frankenstein’s experiments. It’s interesting nonetheless, to see how Valve is trying to better understand their audience and improve their products and services.

Additionally, the psychologist will “Conduct statistical analyses on Valve’s gameplay, financial, and company data to identify patterns of behavior.” Which would allow Valve to target sectors that hold gamer’s attention the most. We hope that the psychologist stays well clear of CSGO and DOTA 2 skins situation.(or they might seek psychiatric help themselves)

Innovation and the Future of Valve Titles

One of the most exciting parts of the job description that will have gamers snap to attention? That the psychologist must “craft compelling gameplay experiences for future Valve titles.” Now that will get your imagination flying.

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Valve has an impressive library of games that span both incredibly popular competitive multiplayer games such as Dota 2 and CSGO. As well as story-rich single-player games like the Half-Life series and Portal series. Valve is not new to innovation and experimental gameplay, and have always implemented new innovative design features. (Check out this cool Portal 2 action figure of Chell here)

A version of Portal 2 allowed players to use their eyes to control the game. The feature is a faster form of control than a mouse and keyboard and additionally allows for disabled people to enjoy gaming. Further showing how the games industry can carve a path to be widely available to all people. Additionally the technology can be used in utility for disabled people. Highlighting how striving for innovation in the industry can benefit other sectors of society. (Get the Portal 2 “Purrtal” t-shirt here)

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