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Veteran Assassin’s Creed Writer, Draby McDevitt, Leaving Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed writer, Draby McDevitt, announced on twitter that he is leaving Ubisoft. He leaves after working for the company for over a decade. McDevitt has worked on numerous Assassin’s Creed titles including Black Flag and Valhalla. He started in Ubisoft working on Assassin’s Creed 2 spin-offs Discovery and Bloodlines. He became the lead writer for Revelations, and Black Flag and was the narrative director for Valhalla. McDevitt did not announce where he will go to work next.   

Valhalla’s updates have been controversial among fans.  Ubisoft released a patch recently for Valhalla that fixes the crashes relating to the Ostara Festival. In Valhalla’s season two, players experienced crashes in and around the area of Ravensthorpe thanks to the Ostara update. Ubisoft, the following day, released a hotfix that addresses the problems.   

Ubisoft’s Tactics

Ubisoft after Valhalla released an update that reintroduces experience boosts that are $10. Fans have demanded the ability to transform armor stats to different armor too. This was a feature that was in Odyssey for free but Ubisoft recently put the feature back in Valhalla at a cost for 50 silver to change a single armor piece.

Ubisoft had that they will provide support for the game for the rest of the year. They have also said they are going to release two expansions this year. The first expansion is called the Wrath of the Druids which will be coming out on April 29.  The second expansion is called the Siege of Paris which will be released in the summer.  The Siege of Paris will go over the Vikings Invasion of Paris in 845 AD.  

That’s all from me

What do you about Draby McDevitt leaving Ubbisoft? Will they be the same without him?

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