God of War Ragnarok: Voice Actor Behind Faye

Find out who did they choose to voice Faye in God of War: Ragnarok

Faye standing next to Kratos
Faye standing next to Kratos

God of War Ragnarök has only been out for a couple of days and it’s already taking over the Internet by storm. All the characters are so paramount in the game’s story that people are wanting to read additional information about them.

One of those characters is Laufey the Just or ‘Faye’, as called by Kratos and Sindri. Faye was the second wife of Kratos and the mother of ‘Atreus‘. She was a giant from Jötunheim even though she stayed in mortal form to hide her giant form. The role of Faye has been crucial to the God of War franchise. Since her first appearance in God of War (2018) which started with her funeral.

In God of War Ragnarök, Kratos can be seen dreaming about her and remembering her in different story arcs of the game. Her voice is what makes the character’s aura impeccable and you can read below to know more about the Voice Actor who acted her part with brilliance.

Key Points

  • Faye has a vital but limited arc in the story
  • God of War Series utilizes Motion Capture for acting
  • The voice actor has also worked in a lot of movies and TV shows other than the game
Faye standing next to Kratos
Faye standing next to Kratos

Who is The Voice Actor Behind Faye

Deborah Ann Woll is a model and actress from America Voicing Faye In God Of War Ragnarok. She is mostly famous for her counterpart characters in ‘True Blood’ and ‘Daredevil’.

Motion Capture is vital these days in the video game industry and God of War Ragnarök utilizes it. Motion capture makes the voice acting seem almost like a real movie and Deborah has done justice to the character of ‘Faye’.

Using Motion Capture to portray faye
Using Motion Capture to portray faye

Faye’s Role in God of War Ragnarök

In God of war series, her role has had a large impact on Kratos since after her death in the prequel. Without any spoilers, storytelling is a vital part of Faye’s arc in the game. Deborah got praised by her co-voice actors and the creative director of the game, ’Cory Barlog’. It is her talent to fit every role she gets in and her story-telling ability sets her apart from the others.

Where Else Can You Faye’s Voice Actor 

When it comes to video games, Faye is Deborah’s first role as a voice actor. We didn’t see much of her in the first one as the story only starts after she dies. But it’s not like she hasn’t done any work as an actor before.

Here is a list of her roles in movies and TV shows and their details:

Deborah Ann Woll, the voice actor for Faye
Deborah Ann Woll, the voice actor for Faye

Before being voiced for God of War Ragnarök, these were some of her notable works. She has also worked in lesser-known stuff like Axe Corp and Highland Park. Deborah has also had short appearances in many movies and TV shows.

Here’s all we can tell you about the voice behind Faye. Due to her brilliant performance in the game, we hope to see her appear in more video games from now on!

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