Wanted: Dead – A Seemingly PS3 Game Accidentally Released In 2023

Wanted: Dead is Hand Down The Worst Title Released in 2023.

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Ever wonder how the Deadpool 2013 game would look if we replaced Deadpool with a cyborg and downgraded the game’s quality to worse?

And what if I tell you that such a game exists?

In 2023, 110 Industries and the makers of Ninja Gaiden unsuccessfully created Wanted: Dead. From voice acting to gameplay, everything about this game is super off. Most of all, the story is either non-existent or feels horrible in this game.

Key Takeaways

  • Wanted: Dead has many things to offer yet remains a wasted potential.
  • The game’s only good part is its combat mechanics; however, it also lacks in terms of skills.
  • Wanted’s worst things are its cringe-worthy dialogues and horrible voice animation/sync.
  • It has fun activities like arcade games and karaoke. It also features several anime-styled cutscenes.
  • Wanted: Dead feels like noodles with no spice and broth. It holds a 4/10 review rating on IGN making it the worst game of 2023.

Gameplay: Failed Execution

The game takes place in a cybernetic version of Hong Kong and follows the story of the Zombie Squad, a suicide squad-type task force. This squad is assigned to carry out high-risk military tasks.

Players take the reins of Hannah Stone, a cyborg and a member of the Zombie Squad, boating prowess in marksmanship and blade skills. The character has access to various weapons to play with, including sleek pistols, powerful rifles,  destructive grenade launchers, and razor-sharp swords. 

Gameplay of Wanted: Dead
Source: Gamer’s Little Playground, YouTube

The game features a unique element of anime cutscenes, similar to those in Quentin Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill. Besides, the protagonist can engage in fun activities like karaoke or minigames.

Nevertheless, as much as it sounds fun, it is equally awful.

Combat: Game’s Only Good Aspect

The game offers both shoot and slash options during combat. Either put a bullet in your enemy’s head or slit his throat, totally your call. 

Combat of Wanted: Dead
Source: Gamer’s Little Playground, YouTube

Quick blows, continuous sprinting, and dodging are essential to mastering the art of close-ranged attacks. Gun shooting with slide-in-charge attacks, frequent frag tossing, and close takedowns are fun action elements. There lies some satisfaction in chopping off limbs with the gory sword, but the swordplay doesn’t evolve in the game.

Frag Grenade
Source: Gamer’s Little Playground, YouTube

Players can upgrade skills and weapons with a limited skill tree as the game progresses. However, these skills don’t add any benefit to the combat approach.

For example, acquiring the “increased damage” skill doesn’t help defeat the opponent. The required number of attacks remained the same before and after.

Overall, Wanted: Dead’s combat is enjoyable but insufficient to save the sinking vessel.

Failed Voice Acting, Sync

Voice acting is an integral and engaging part of a game. When it is ruined, the user’s interest fades away in seconds. Similar is the case with Wanted: Dead.

The voice acting is unarguably terrible. Whether a mafia boss is fuming with anger or a soldier is enjoying a drink with his peers, everyone brings a new level of absurd and monotone facial expressions to the table. 

Wanted: Dead dialogues
Source: DojoGameOpen, YouTube

Throughout the game, the worsening voice sequences made me wonder whether the bosses were real villains or the voice animators themselves.

Also, the dialogues are swarmed with F-bombs. After the disastrous voice sync, players must bear the cringe dialogues that comprise 60 percent of the F-bombs. Meanwhile, the other 40 percent are a barrage of other curse words.

Unexpected Happenings

Wanted: Dead is a nine-hour campaign. During its entire gameplay, players cannot anticipate what will happen next. 

The game’s sequencing is hilariously awful. One minute, you are battling the enemies; the next moment, you are enjoying lunch with your teammates at a diner—the same teammates who have visibly zero chemistry with each other. 

The transition from anime cutscenes to 99 Luftballons karaoke singing performance or playing games at an arcade spot is one hell of a confusion.

Anime Style
Source: oboeshoesgames, YouTube

The makers tried to troll players who prefer to play on easy modes. When the difficulty is chosen to be easy, the player is forced to wear a pink cat hair band as a sign of mockery.

But jokes on them! They are the ones who will be trolled for doing a horrendous job in the game.

A Bowl Of Noodles Without Broth And Spices

The game has to be at a new low level to receive a review rating of 4/10 by IGN.

Wanted: Dead is a perfect blend of awful dialogue, sluggish gameplay, shallow characters, and lazy voice acting. It appears to me that the game was intended to be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 but accidentally got released in 2023.

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