Warhammer 40K Darktide: Best Homeworlds Choices

So you want to start getting into Warhammer 40K? Try my guide on Warhammer 40K Darktide Homeworld Choice for more info and some cool lore.

darktide homeworld choice

Warhammer 40K is a tabletop game that Games Workshop created. It is set in a dystopian, dark future where humans fight against aliens and demons for survival.

This game is set in the 41st millennium, or 40000 years into the future of Earth, where humanity is the dominant galactic force and is at war with the other forces such as the Old Gods and Tau. This is a universe where life is cheap.

For the plot of this game, you play as part of a squad of Inquisitorial Agents investigating a potential Chaos infiltration on the planet Atoma Prime in the Hive City of Tertium. As such, you get to design a character and create a fable.

For this reason, you have to decide on a darktide homeworld choice that will play into the roleplaying aspect of the story you craft.

Key Takeaways

  • Eight homeworlds reside inside the Mobian Domain, from which the player can choose one.
  • Each homeworld has more impact on roleplaying than gameplay, which boils down to personal preference.
darktide Warhammer 40k gameplay
Warhammer 40k Darktide Gameplay

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Homeworlds And What Are They?

If you are new to the 40K universe, then strap yourself in because you are about to get a crash course history on the history of the Galactic Empire of Man, which is relevant to our topic. Each world will have a small explanation that should give you the basic idea of the theme you would want for your character.


Crucis homewrold darktide choice
Crucis (Shrine World)

A Shrine World in the Warhammer 40k universe serves as a religious monument dedicated to important events in human history. These planets feature massive cathedrals and religious structures, attracting devout pilgrims and embodying extreme religious fervor. Heavily fortified due to their symbolic value, Shrine Worlds are targeted by enemies of the Imperium.

Life on these worlds is steeped in extreme religious zeal, emphasizing the Imperial Creed’s significance. They cultivate the most devout followers and committed guardsmen for the Imperium. A Shrine World background offers a deeply religiously influenced narrative for a character in the Darktide universe.

Messelina Gloriana

Messelina Gloriana homewrold darktide choice
Messelina Gloriana (Small Shrine World)

This is similar to the Crucis homeworld, as discussed previously, but with one exception. This planet is a smaller moon colony with dense forests. These dense forests allow for a more appreciative attitude towards nature from the people living on the planet.

That is the only reason you want your character to have Messelina Gloriana as their homeworld.

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Rocyria homewrold darktide choice
Rocyria (Small Agri-World)

In the Warhammer 40k universe, Agri-Worlds are vital for feeding the Imperium’s massive population. These planets focus on producing vast quantities of food, from expansive crop fields and livestock to enormous fish farms or cattle pens. Essential for sustaining overpopulated hive cities, these worlds play a crucial role in maintaining stability within the Imperium of Man. They offer a simple farmhand background for characters within the darktide homeworld choice.

Branx Magna

Branx Magna homewrold darktide choice
Branx Magna (Industrial World)

The Warhammer 40,000 universe features Industrial Worlds, highly industrialized planets producing military materials for the Imperium of Man. They often face attacks from enemies seeking to disrupt production and weaken the Imperium’s military strength. These worlds primarily serve as mining operations to extract raw materials for various technologies.

Industrial Worlds maintain strong connections with the Adeptus Mechanicus, ensuring proper setup and financial support. Choosing this darktide homeworld provides a character with a subtle link to the Adeptus Mechanicus and Imperium of Man, without direct religious influence.


Incron homewrold darktide choice
Incron (Ocean World)

Ocean worlds are planets that are covered almost entirely in water. These planets often have a wide range of aquatic life and may also have small islands or landmasses.

The exact nature of ocean worlds can vary greatly, from planets with shallow seas and sandy beaches to others with deep oceans and underwater cities. In some cases, ocean worlds may be home to intelligent aquatic species, such as the T’au Empire’s water-dwelling Vespid.

Ocean Worlds are mainly used for wither fish farming and turned into Agri-Worlds or as training bases for Space Marines and guardsmen. Most of the time, it’s relegated to an Agri-World, but in this case, it is used as a fleet base for the Imperium of Man.

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Cadia homewrold darktide choice
Cadia (Remnants of Necron Tomb)

The Necrons, once living beings turned into machines by choice, possess advanced weaponry and the ability to revive fallen soldiers. Known for their cold and calculating nature, they guard their ancient tombs hidden on various planets, emerging to defend these structures.

Necron tombs, equipped with powerful defenses and weapons systems, house the dormant forms of these robotic beings. When disturbed, the Necrons defend their resting place against intruders.

The Imperium of Man successfully fought Chaos forces besieging a planet housing Necron tombs. Choosing this darktide homeworld grants your character firsthand knowledge of Necrons and Chaos, showcasing their capabilities and the havoc they can cause.


Mornax homewrold darktide choice
Mornax (Mining World)

Mining worlds are planets that are primarily devoted to the extraction of natural resources, such as minerals, ores, and fossil fuels.

These planets often have harsh environments, and slaves or indentured workers typically carry out the work. The materials extracted from mining worlds are essential to constructing and maintaining the Imperium of Man’s vast military and industrial infrastructure.

The structure of these worlds is quite similar to Industrial Worlds except for the lack of connection with the Adeptus Mechanicus and quite a good homeworld choice if you want your character to have a freed or run away slave type of background.


Pavane homewrold darktide choice
Pavane (Unclassified World)

A planet with much potential, Pavane. The whole world has many different minerals alongside forests and rivers. This planet gives the vibes of prime Terra (Earth in the 40K universe) and can potentially be a Pleasure World.

Pleasure Worlds are worlds that are accessible to high-ranking Imperium officials and traders from across the galaxy. They are worlds where nature and beauty are unmatched in the galaxy, and the people who reside in these worlds are naturally quite friendly.

Most of the inhabitants grow up in a peaceful environment and away from the constant strife of war, so they make for exceptional diplomats regarding intergalactic negotiations.

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