Warhammer 40k Darktide: BEST Zealot Weapons

A comprehensive guide on Warhammer 40k Darktide zealot best weapons. This guide also illustrates the ultimate Zealot build for your weapons.

Guilde on Ultimate Zealot build and all best weapons for Zealot class.

Warhammer 40k Darktide is the best fighting and shooting game, released on 30th November 2022. This game has four main classes: Veteran, Ogryn, Psyker, and Zealot. You must be wondering about Warhammer 40k Darktide ultimate Zealot build and weapons.

This guide will show you how to make Zealot ultimate build and demonstrate to you every weapon you should use on the battlefield. So let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • The ultimate Zealot build is mainly for melee weapons because the Zealot class is best at melee attacks.
  • Every talent you choose in building the Zealot class impacts your healing effect and weapon damage rate.
  • Tigrus Mark II Heavy Eviscerator is the best melee weapon for the Zealot class.
  • Locke Mark IIb Spearhead Boltgun and Artemia Mark III Purgation Flamer are the two best heavy weapons for the Zealot class.

Have a look at this summary table below for the best Melee Weapons. Each category can be sorted with ease, and you can compare them with one another for better insight:

NoWeaponsAttribute 1Attribute 2Special Attack
1Atrox Mark IV Tactical AxeStrike DownFlurryStrike Down
2Catachan Mark III Combat BladeSwift strikeAssassinPunch
3Catachan Mark I ” Devil Claw” SwordFlurryCrowd ControlParry
4Rashed Mark II Combat AxeStrike DownArmour PiercingSpecial Melee Attack
5Turtoisky Mark VII Heavy SwordCleaving StrikeStrike DownSpecial Melee Attack
6Cadia Mark IV Assault ChainswordVersatileRavageActivate
7Antax Mark V Combat AxeStrike downArmour PiercingArmour Piercing
8Achlys Mark VIII Combat AxeStrike downStrike downSpecial Melee Attack
9Crucis Mark II Thunder HammerCrowd ControlObliteratingActivate
10Orestes Mark IV Assault ChainaxeHigh DamageHigh DamageActivate
11Tigrus Mark II Heavy EvisceratorUnstoppableRavageActivate
12Locke Mark IIb Spearhead BoltgunHigh DamagePiercing ShotsBash
13Artemia Mark III Purgation FlamerTorrentClose CombatBash

        Zealot Build For Weapons In Warhammer 40k Darktide?

        So as our focus is on melee attacks of this zealot class, we have come for you with a fantastic build of this class. This build will make you invincible on the battlefield. As every class has a standard of abilities, you choose your weapon based on those abilities.

        Therefore you must be wondering which abilities you should choose for your Zealot class. Do not worry; we have got you covered. Just select the skills as shown in the image below.

        Ultimate Building of Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide
        Ultimate Zealot Build

        Now we will explain to you every ability of a Zealot class, which comes at a standard.


        We are so starting with Blitz, which is our stun grenade. With this grenade, you unconsciously your foes who are within its blast radius. So, this is a great AOE stun which is fantastic when you pick up allies.


        Our Aura is The Emperor’s Will which gives an extra seven percent damage reduction. This ability is also for allies in coherency as well as for ourselves.

        Swift Exorcism

        Our first passive ability is Swift Exorcism. This ability gives us a ten percent boost to our melee attack speed. With this, you can damage more enemies.


        Our iconic ability is Martyrdom. This ability gives us five damage for each missing fifteen health. On the other hand, it has a Max stack of three.

        Until Death

        Hence, another passive ability on our list is Until Death. So, when this ability is triggered, it gives you health back from every damage you do. If precisely speaking, this ability provides you with invulnerability for five seconds and leaves us one HP.

        Chastise The Wicked

        So the last ability is Chastise The Wicked. This ability is typically a dashing quality. With this ability, we can quickly dash toward the target foe as well as it recharges our fifty percent of toughness. It also increases the damage caused by melee attacks by up to twenty-five percent.

        Now that you know the Zealot class’s standard abilities let us demonstrate talent abilities that are different at every level. We will show you the details of every talent and tell you which is best at what level.

        Level 5 Talents

        So, starting from level 5. At this level, we have Purify in Blood, Enemies within and Enemies without, and Faith Restored abilities. We will illustrate each power to you one by one.

        Purify in Blood

        So our first talent ability is Purify in Blood. This ability replenishes fifty percent more toughness on melee kill. This ability is good at lower difficulties, but as you move towards a higher level of trials and tribulations, you are not always guaranteed to kill stuff, or sometimes the uptime is not excellent.

        Enemies Within And Enemies Without

        Consequently, Enemies within and Enemies without is our next talent ability. This ability replenishes five percent toughness per second within 5 meters of three enemies. 

        But this ability is very much attached to game conditions, so the uptime is inconsistent.

        Faith Restored

        Our last level 5 talent ability is Faith Restored. This ability gives seventy-five percent damage reduction on critical hits for four seconds. Because of this ability, you become very tanky, as you can withstand much damage.

        This is best choice for talent in building the Zealot class.
        Best talent at level 5

        However, Faith Restored is the linchpin of our build. So, this ability is an excellent choice for you for a muscular Zealot build.

        Talents At Level 10 

        Moving towards level 10, we have Retribution, Punishment, and Bloodletting talent abilities.


        In this ability, we get plus ten percent attack speed at fifty percent health and a bonus of twenty percent attack speed at below twenty percent health. We only need a little speed boost, and it is tough to play at low health. So this makes it very challenging when you are at more severe difficulties.


        This ability is versatile if you are running other builds, but now this ability is not for you. However, this ability increase your impact by thirty for five seconds. The impact is the ability to knock your enemies down. You can also call this a staggering ability. 

        If you have five stacks of this ability after cleaving three foes five times, then get an uninterruptable, which means your melee stricks would not be interrupted if you get hit.


        Bloodletting is the best talent compared to the two skills we discussed earlier. So, this ability gives us a ten percent melee crit chance for 3 seconds on melee hits against bleeding opponents.

        This is best choice for talent in building the Zealot class.
        Best talent at level 10

        Melee critical hits apply to bleed as well. So, the more you bleed, the more crits you become. It is a self-sustaining loop which is very important to this ultimate build. 

        Level 15 Talents

        If we talk about level 15, we have Inspiring Excoriation, Holy Fervour, and Benediction talent abilities. We will study each talent and tell you which is best for you in this ultimate build. 

        Inspiring Excoriation

        So this talent chastises the wicked and replenishes twenty percent toughness to allies in coherency. This ability is tough as you can clear a lot of distance using it. However, in most cases, this talent is not reliable for you.

        Holy Fervour

        Holy Fervour is the next talent on our list. This skill gives twenty percent power to allies in coherency for five seconds on gaining the stack of Martyrdom. 

        So this ability does not have a lot of uptime. Ideally, you want to avoid getting hit, so you do not encounter Martyrdom frequently. Also, you do not want to play your game in low health. Therefore, this talent could not be more beneficial for you to use.


        So our last level 15 talent is Benediction. This ability is the best choice for your ultimate Zealot build. This talent gives fifteen percent additional toughness damage reduction to allies in coherency.

        This is best choice for talent in building the Zealot class.
        Best talent at level 15

        Moreover, this talent stacks your Aura to a total of 21 percent, which is quite large.

        Talents Of Level 20

        Now moving towards level 20, we have talents like Faith Restores All, Thy Wrath Be Swift, and Holy Revenant. All these three talents are very similar to each other. So, pick that talent that suits you well.

         Faith Restores All

         So after taking damage with this ability, you recover twenty-five percent of the damage taken over 5 seconds. Therefore, if you get colossal damage from your opponent, using this talent can reduce the strike’s effect. Hence, this is an excellent way to heal yourself on the battlefield.

        Thy Wrath Be Swift

        Using this ability, you no longer get stunned by foes’ melee attacks. On the other hand, when you take damage, you get an extra twenty percent of movement speed for two seconds which is impressive.

        So this talent is better for lower difficulties but can be used for higher difficulty levels.

        Holy Revenant

        However, Holy Revenant deserves the crown talent for this level. This ability allows you to gain health based on the damage you dealt during Until Death. This talent is helpful after your Until Death ends. Also, with this ability, your melee damage dealt heals for twice the amount.

        This is best choice for talent in building the Zealot class.
        Best talent at level 20

        So, this is an excellent talent but requires some micromanagement, and sometimes you do not have to use it when there is only one enemy in front of you. It is risky, but if used correctly, it pays off. 

        Level 25 Talents

        So now moving towards level 25 talents: Honor the Martyr, Emperor’s Executioner, and Rising Conviction.

        Honor The Martyr

        With this talent, Marydom has six max stacks. You will have to lose ninety HP if you want to use this talent. We do not recommend you use this ability. 

        Emperor’s Executioner

        This Emperor’s executioner deal up to twenty-five percent increased range based on how close you are to your target. The ranged damage falls off the further away you are.

        Zealot users usually refrain from using guns because this is mainly a melee class. But you may need to use a flame gun for some situations. Then you can use this talent there.

        Rising Conviction

        Rising Conviction is an excellent choice for you to make at this level. With this ability, you get four percent damage for five seconds on hit and stacks five times for twenty percent.

        This is best choice for talent in building the Zealot class.
        Best talent at level 25

        We are a class that attacks fast. So, by using this talent, we can damage our opponents more.

        Talents At Level 30

        So, ending at level 30, which contains talents like Purge the Wicked, Fury of the Faithful, and Invocation of Death.

        Purge the Wicked

        By using this talent, chastising the wicked gets two charges. This ability is a potent talent. But if you feel like using this, then go for it. It is better to have experience on your own.

        Fury of the Faithful

        Fury of the faithful gives you twenty percent more attack speed for five seconds after using Chastise the Wicked. This talent is less potent than the other talents at this level. 

        This talent is only a heal and a dash which is not impressive now. We recommend you not use this ability.

        Invocation of Death

        Using this talent melee critical hits reduce the cooldown of Chastise the Wicked by 1.5 seconds. So our build is all about critical hits. That’s why this talent is best for you to use at this level.

        This is best choice for talent in building the Zealot class.
        Best talent at level 30

        Hence, this was the ultimate Zealot build which is very important for your Zealet weapons.

        Warhammer 40k Darktide All Melee Weapons For Zealot Preacher Class 

        Zealot is one of the four main classes in Warhammer 40k Darktide. If you want to make a difference between ranged and melee attacks, then the Zealot class is best for you to make this happen. 

        We will show you every melee weapon offered in Warhammer 40k Darktide for the Zealot class. So, stay put and scroll down to get every detail on these weapons.

        Before we start, remember that the damaging effect of all these weapons drastically varies with your level in the game. The higher the level, the better the detrimental impact of these weapons becomes. So, let’s start our list of these deadly weapons.

        Atrox Mark IV Tactical Axe

        So, the first weapon on our list is Atrox Mark IV Tactical Axe. Due to this weapon, your player’s dashing capability becomes enhanced. It is a very mobile weapon—best for getting you out of danger if the enemies surround you.

        Melee weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Atrox Mark IV Tactical Axe

        Attribute 1Strike down
        Attribute 2Flurry
        Special AttackStrike down

        If we talk about its attack pattern, this weapon focuses on taking single target enemies with a single blow. This ability of this weapon helps to deal with enormous forces of foes. So, this was the light attack of this weapon. 

        To make a heavy blow on your opponents with this weapon, you will need to perform chop-down and slash-up attacks. With this combination of these two attacks, you can have a colossal damage impact on your foes.

        Catachan Mark III Combat Blade

        Next on our deadly weapon list is Catachan Mark III Combat Blade. This weapon will be very similar to the last weapon we discussed earlier. If you want to assassinate high-value targets, then Catachan Mark III Combat Blade will be a good choice for you to make.

        Melee weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Catachan Mark III Combat Blade

        Attribute 1Swiftstrike
        Attribute 2Assassin
        Special AttackPunch

        The light attack of this weapon is slashing. This attack is effective if you want to cut one of your opponents but not quite good if your foes surround you.

         If we talk about its heavy attack, it is simply stabbing the blade in the face of your enemies. Double-stab your opponent if you want to damage them more.

        More you can do first you push your opponent and then perform a slash or stab attack to kill your foes instantly. In addition, this weapon also has excellent mobility.

        Catachan Mark I ” Devil Claw” Sword

        Moving forward to our list, a sword called Catachan Mark I ” Devil Claw” Sword is next. This weapon is excellent for slashing your opponents. It cleaves your foes that do not contain armor. But this weapon is not good at cutting the enemies wearing armor.

        Melee weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Catachan Mark I ” Devil Claw” Sword

        Attribute 1Flurry
        Attribute 2Crowd Control
        Special AttackParry

        As for the light attack, try to perform diagonal attacks on your foes. You can also first push them and then cut them to Death. With this technique, you will defeat more opponents surrounding you. Now for the heavy blow, try to slash the heads of your foes, killing them in just one strike.

        So, as stated before, this weapon is fantastic for crowded enemies but unsuitable for armored foes. However, if any enemy hits you, perform a heavy attack on that opponent and kill that foe quickly.

        Rashed Mark II Combat Axe

        Rashed Mark II Combat Axe is also one of the deadly weapons. The weapon has a nice dash to it; its mobility is excellent. This weapon’s slashing ability is also suitable compared to the Tactical Axe.

        Melee weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Rashed Mark II Combat Axe

        Attribute 1Strikedown
        Attribute 2Armour Piercing
        Special AttackSpecial Melee Attack

        If we talk about the light attack, this weapon allows you to cut through foes’ heads. At the same time, its heavy attacks are overhead bash along with upward slash.

        Turtoisky Mark VII Heavy Sword

        This sword is essential as it has a significant damage impact on armored enemies. This weapon has also improved mobility quality, just like previously discussed weapons.

        Melee weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Turtoisky Mark VII Heavy Sword

        Attribute 1Cleaving Strike
        Attribute 2Strikedown
        Special AttackSpecial Melee Attack

        Try to slash your opponents diagonally to perform a light attack with this weapon. Another action you can perform is pushing your opponent and then performing an armor-piercing attack.

        If you want to perform a heavy attack on your enemies, then hit them with a slight horizontal slash. Another strike you can do is by stabbing the sword in the back of your foes. Perform these attacks and kill your enemies instantly.

        Cadia Mark IV Assault Chainsword

        Attribute 1Versatile
        Attribute 2Ravage
        Special AttackActivate

        Cadia Mark IV Assault Chainsword is one of the exciting swords in our list of Zealot weapons. So, this sword’s light attack has a better strike down than other swords, but this sword is not cleaving as much as other swords are. Also, this weapon has a high-speed attack pattern, which helps you to kill your enemies brutally.

        Melee weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Cadia Mark IV Assault Chainsword

        Remember, this sword is slightly less potent against hordes. As for the heavy strick, try to attack your opponents diagonally. This sword also has a specialty that allows you to increase its revving and then perform light and severe attacks with more power.

        With this weapon, your dodging capabilities are also good. So, this weapon is fantastic if a herd of enemies surrounds you.

        Antax Mark V Combat Axe

        So, the next axe on our list is Antax Mark V Combat Axe. This axe is one of the elite killer weapons on our list. Antax Mark V Combat Axe also has a nice wide slash. Its damage impact is more on the targeted enemy. However, If more than one enemy crowd you, you need to use this axe for your protection.

        Melee weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Antax Mark V Combat Axe

        Attribute 1Strikedown
        Attribute 2Armour Piercing
        Special AttackArmour Piercing

        This weapon’s light attack is more impressive than other axes we discussed previously. Try to strike your opponent on their neck, so they bleed and die swiftly. The heavy attack of this weapon is an overhead bash. But if we talk about the particular strike of this weapon, then you can stab the axe into your opponent’s face.

        Although, while using this weapon, your player dodging is not impressive compared to other axes. So be careful when using this weapon because if you do not dodge at the right time, you can get hit by one of your foes.

        Achlys Mark VIII Combat Axe

        This axe is quite similar to the other axes we discussed earlier. But it is helpful in combat abilities and striking your opponents to Death.

        Melee weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Achlys Mark VIII Combat Axe

        Attribute 1Strikedown
        Attribute 2Strikedown
        Special AttackSpecial Melee Attack

        If we talk about light attacks, these are good at slashing the head of your foes. Hit your enemies to perform these attacks horizontally.

        If we talk about the heavy attack, perform an overhead bash and kill your enemies rapidly.

        Crucis Mark II Thunder Hammer

        So, one of the iconic weapons on our list is Crucis Mark II Thunder Hammer. The main thing about this weapon is that it is potent. You can kill as many enemies as you hit them with this killer weapon. The exciting thing about this weapon is that it has incredible damage impact on armored foes, which are difficult to kill.

        Melee weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Crucis Mark II Thunder Hammer

        Attribute 1Crowd Control
        Attribute 2Obliterating
        Special AttackActivate

        Light attacks of this weapon are to strike your opponent from every direction. But remember, these are not regular strikes like we discussed last weapons; instead, these strikes are fierce. If you want to use heavy strikes with this weapon, first charge your hammer with lightning, then strike your opponent’s head. 

        The combination of light and heavy attacks enhances your battle-winning chances. With this weapon, your dodging capabilities are minimal. However, it is efficient in blocking the strikes from your enemies and pushing your foes away.

        Orestes Mark IV Assault Chainaxe

        Another main axe in our list is Orestes Mark IV Assault Chainaxe. The attack of this weapon is ruthless. It cleaves enemies and chainsaws foes even if it does not One-Shot them.

        Melee weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Orestes Mark IV Assault Chainaxe

        Attribute 1High Damage
        Attribute 2High Damage
        Special AttackActivate

        If we talk about the heavy attack of this weapon is diagonal chop down. And the colossal amount of advantage of using this weapon is that when it strikes, it sends enemies flying. On the other hand, we can also attack enemies by revving up this weapon.

        Last if we talk about dodging, then it is okay. You will love using this weapon on the battlefield.

        Tigrus Mark II Heavy Eviscerator

        The last one is Tigrus Mark II Heavy Eviscerator, on our deadly weapon list. This weapon is better than all the weapons discussed in this guide. If precisely speaking, this weapon is the strongest one in the Zealot Preacher class.

        Best melee weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Tigrus Mark II Heavy Eviscerator

        Attribute 1Unstoppable
        Attribute 2Ravage
        Special AttackActivate

        Light attacks of this weapon are ruthless, and you can kill more than one foe with a single blow. You need to strike this weapon diagonally on your opponents and then see the result of the brutal attack. This weapon is perfect to use when enemies surround you because it has a lot of cleaving and strikes very rapidly.

        Another move you can do with the weapon is first to push your opponents and then strike them horizontally. With this move, you can slice your foes into two pieces. Its heavy attack is achieved by first charging this weapon and then hitting your opponent horizontally. This attack will set your enemies all over the place in bits.

        Best Heavy Weapons For Zealot Preacher

        Primary, our main focus is on melee weapons in Zealot class, but there are some situations when you need to use guns instead of axe or swords. So we have brought you two best guns that you must use while running the Zealot class.

        Following is the description of these two weapons.

        Locke Mark IIb Spearhead Boltgun

        Locke Mark IIb Spearhead Boltgun is our first best gun which we recommend you use with your melee weapons on the battlefield. So, if you want to knock down the enemy’s heavily armored units like the Crushers or the Maulers, this weapon will work for you.

        Best secondary weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Locke Mark IIb Spearhead Boltgun

        Attribute 1High Damage
        Attribute 2Piercing Shots
        PrimaryHip Fire - Auto
        SecondaryADS - Semi-Auto
        Rate of Fire6.67/s
        Sprint Cost1.75/s
        Clip Size15
        Ammo Reserve80

        This weapon gives you extra damage to armored enemies and also ranged damage to Elites. It has Pinning Fire and Shattering impact qualities as well. This weapon is a God tier.

        Artemia Mark III Purgation Flamer

        This gun can be slightly better than the Locke Mark IIb Spearhead Boltgun. If you want to fulfill the role of horde control within your group, flamer is a better selection.

        Best secondary weapon for Zealot class in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
        Artemia Mark III Purgation Flamer

        Attribute 1Torrent
        Attribute 2Close Combat
        PrimaryHip Fire - Semi-Auto
        SecondaryBraced - Auto
        Rate of Fire4/s
        Sprint Cost1/s
        Clip Size15
        Ammo Reserve80

        This weapon has good elite damage, but it is excellent in burning down the vast horde of your foes that you encounter at higher difficulties. It would be best to focus on its damage circle radius and ammo. 

        So, the blessings and perks of this weapon help you greatly in killing the Elites.

        Final Thoughts

        So, that’s all from this guide on Warhammer 40k Darktide ultimate zealot build and weapons you should use on the battlefield when running this class.

        Mainly it would be best if you went for melee weapons, but when you need to kill the elites or burn down the horde of foes, use a bolt or flamer gun.

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