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Warhammer 40k Darktide: Penances List and Guide

Warhammer 40k Darktide: Penances [Definitive Guide]

This article discusses complete penances list and the tips to complete the class-type penances.

Warhammer 40k: Darktide introduces penances, which are only a different name for challenges. These challenges require players to complete various tasks in multiplayer mode. Achieving some challenges requires particular Operatives or class builds, while others depend on the enemies you fight. This guide will go through all the penances in Warhammer 40k: Darktide while paying specific attention to the class-type penances, as they are the most difficult ones to complete.

Key Takeaways

  • Penances are a fancy name for challenges featured in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.
  • There are seven types of Penances, including four sub-categories in the Class type.
  • The four class-type penances contain some of the most difficult ones to complete and are specific to each class or operative you use.
  • Penance Points and Cosmetics are the rewards player receive for completing a penance.

What Are Penances?

Penances are unique challenges in Warhammer 40k: Darktide that demand the players to play the game in a specific way to receive cosmetic rewards. These penances include killing several enemies, coordinating with the team, leveling up to certain levels, and other tasks that prove your skills. Penances only show how good you are at this game, and their rewards do not give you any in-game advantages. All penances give penance points as rewards, but only a few offer cosmetics.

Penances Types & Complete List

Warhammer 40k: Darktide debuts seven types of penances in the multiplayer mode and a lot of them are not easy enough to be completed without proper guide. These categories are created based on the class, enemies, teamplay, and your playing style. Each penance type requires completing the given tasks related to that category. All penances except the class penances can be achieved using any class. However, for the class penances, you must use the required character to meet the challenges.

There are certain levels of penance that have multiple steps with related objectives. For example, “Circle of Trust (1)” requires the player to complete chapter 1, while “Circle of Trust (2)” requires the player to complete chapter 2 of the game, and there exists a level for each chapter in this penance. Completing the first level unlocks the next one. These penances have a number inside round brackets in their name, showing the current level of the penance.

Below is the complete list of all penances in Warhammer 40k: Darktide, along with the guide (only Class Penances) to help you get the rewards.

Warhammer 40k Darktide: Penances List
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Penances List


Account Penances are the game’s primary challenges that require the player to do the beginner tasks like finishing the prologue, reaching a certain level, and unlocking some locations. There is a total of seven missions in this category.

  • Circle of Trust (1): The player must complete the Path of Trust chapter 1. For the following levels, complete the further chapters of the game. The reward is a cosmetic item.
  • Call to Arms: Completing the basic training is the task.
  • Don’t Let Me Down, Criminal: Completing the Prologue is the task.
  • Two’s Company: You must reach Trust Level 30 for two classes.
  • Unconsidered Trifles: Unlocking the first Curio Slot is the mission.
  • Well met, Whippersnapper: The mission is to unlock access to the Sire Melk’s Requisitorium.
  • Hail the Omnissiah: Requires unlocking access to the Shrine of Omnissiah.
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Account Penances
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Account Penances


These penances require the player to perform the tasks using certain Operatives, unlike other penances that do not. They are further classified into four sub-categories based on the sort of character. Each operative has their own set of penances to perform. We will talk about the four sub-categories in detail in the next section.

Warhammer 40k Darktide: Class Penances
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Class Penances


Heretics refer to various types of enemies present in Warhammer 40k: Darktide. The Heretic Penances revolve around killing certain kinds of enemies. These foes might be a swarm of smaller or massive ones. The number of penances in the category is nineteen.

  • Traitorous Collective: Kill all varieties of scab enemies.
  • Renegade Master: Kill 10 of each Scab Specialist.
  • Elitist: Put 10 of each Scab Specialist to death.
  • Scab Picker (1): Kill 1000 Scabs. The reward is a cosmetic item.
  • Blowout: Melee 10 Bombers to death.
  • Hard Labour: Without using headshots, eliminate 10 Scab Maulers.
  • Cull the Traitors: Complete the following penances. The reward is a trinket.
    • Traitorous Collective
    • Renegade Master
    • Elitist
    • Scab Picker (5)
    • Blowout
    • Hard Labour
  • Lex Triumphant: Kill 10 Dreg Specialists in total.
  • Lex Vigilant: Eliminate 10 Dreg Specialists of each type.
  • Dreg Cleanser: Kill all Dreg varieties.
  • Dreg Hunter (1): Kill 1000 Dregs.
  • Decapacitation Protocol: Headshot 10 Dreg Ragers to death.
  • Purge the Heretics: Complete the following penances. The prize is a trinket.
    • Lex Triumphant
    • Lex Vigilant
    • Dreg Cleanser
    • Dreg Hunter (5)
    • Decapacitation Protocol
  • Nightmare Patrol: Kill 10 of each kind of terrorist specialist.
  • Purification Protocol: Kill 10 Terror Elites.
  • Banishment: Kill every type of Terror enemy.
  • Purgator (1): Kill a thousand Poxwalkers and other forms of wrap terrors for the first level.
  • Bullying the Bully: Melee 10 reapers to death.
  • Cleanse the Taint: Complete the following penances. You will receive a trinket as a reward.
    • Nightmare Patrol
    • Purification Protocol
    • Banishment
    • Purgator (5)
    • Bullying the Bully
Heretic Penances: Warhammer 40,000 Darktide
Heretic Penances: Warhammer 40,000 Darktide


The mission penances are one of the easiest as most of them will complete when finishing the other missions. However, some of them need in-depth knowledge of the game. This category contains sixteen penances.

  • Raiding Party (1): Finish 50 raid missions.
  • Seek, Locate, Destroy (1): Complete 50 Assassination Missions.
  • No Stone Unturned (1): 50 Investigation Missions to complete
  • Disruptive Behaviour (1): Complete 50 missions of disruption.
  • Master of Intrigue: 50 espionage missions to complete
  • Strike Force (1): Complete 50 Strike Missions
  • Omnissiah’s Hand: 50 Repair Missions to accomplish
  • First Assignment: Finish 100 missions. The prize is a cosmetic item.
  • Auspex Drill (1): Scan 10 targets using Auspex
  • Interrogator (1): Complete ten data-interrogations
  • Adapt to the Environment (1): Perform one Special Condition Mission.
  • Stand by for Action (1): Finish one Flash mission.
  • Rapid Response: Fulfill 1 Flash Mission on Damnation difficulty.
  • Flawless Interrogator: Data interrogation that is finished without a wrong auspex entry
  • Inquisitorial Recruit: Finish every mission with a Seditation Threat rating or higher. The reward is a cosmetic item.
  • Mission Improbable: Complete the following missions. A trinket serves as the prize.
    • Raiding Party (2)
    • Seek, Locate, Destroy (2)
    • No Stone Unturned (2)
    • Disruptive Behaviour (2)
    • Master of Intrigue (2)
    • Strike Force (2)
    • Omnissiah’s Hand (2)
Mission Penances.
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Mission Penances.


These penances focus on the offensive play style of the game. Therefore, you must rush into enemies full force to accomplish these missions. They are only seven in number.

  • Time to Die (1): Kill a Monstrosity in no more than 60 seconds.
  • Dodge This (1): In ten seconds, headshot three adversaries.
  • Purge the Heretic (1): Kill 1000 enemies.
  • Serial Killer: 20 enemies must be killed in a row with headshots.
  • Frenzied Killer (1): Kill sixty foes in thirty seconds.
  • Flyswatter: Kill 50 enemies who are climbing.
  • Attack, Attack, Attack!: Complete the following penances. You will get a trinket as a reward.
    • Time to Die (2)
    • Dodge This (2)
    • Purge the Heretic (2)
    • Serial Killer (2)
    • Frenzied Killer (2)
    • Flyswatter (2)
Offensive Penances
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Offensive Penances


Contrary to harsh penances, defensive penances focus on the defensive play style of the game. Thus, you will have to stay on guard, resist the enemy forces as much as possible, and play the game calmly. There are eight defensive penances.

  • The Emperor Protects (1): Withstand 400 damage for ten seconds
  • Preternatural Dodge (1): 7 assaults may be avoided without being damaged.
  • Flawless Execution (1): Complete 5 consecutive missions on the Malice difficulty or higher without being defeated.
  • Zigging and Zagging: Sprint to avoid 99 bullets in all.
  • Figure Four: Avoid an enemy onslaught by sliding
  • Violent Tendencies: Restore 40000 toughness via melee kills.
  • Untouchable: Obtain a Mission’s goal without suffering any Health damage.
  • Case for the Defence: Complete the following penances. The reward is a trinket.
    • The Emperor Protects (2)
    • Preternatural Dodge (2)
    • Flawless Execution (1)
    • Zigging and Zagging
    • Figure Four
    • Violent Tendencies
    • Untouchable
Defensive Penances
Defensive Penances; Warhammer 40,000 Darktide


There are seven team penances. They require extreme teamwork, coordination, and support from your teammates.

  • Buddy up: Restore 2000 Coherency’s Toughness
  • War’s not Over (1): Save 10 Operatives in total need of rescue. As a reward, you’ll receive a cosmetic item.
  • Up and at ‘Em! (1): Help ten downed soldiers get back up.
  • Dream Team: 100 missions must be completed without a single casualty. You’ll be given a cosmetic item as compensation.
  • Leave no one behind: Complete a Mission at least once, having resurrected three different Operatives.
  • Discipline & Teamwork (1): Give 25 health or ammunition packs.
  • Good Samaritan: Complete the following penances. You’ll receive a trinket as a reward.
    • Buddy up
    • War’s not Over (3)
    • Up and at ‘Em! (3)
    • Dream Team
    • Leave no one behind
    • Discipline & Teamwork (3)
Team Penances
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Team Penances

Class-Type Penances Guide

The class-type penances are dependent on the character you are playing. Hence, there are four class penances, each referring to the operator you need to use. Almost all the penances in this category reward a cosmetic item. These penances are a little more complex than the other ones because of the restriction of a specific character. Therefore, we will list them and look at the tips and complete guide on completing these penances in Warhammer 40k: Darktide.


The Ogryn Skullbreaker is the support class type, featuring the strength required to sustain damage and, in return, deal massive damage to enemies. It also has access to some unique, powerful weapons that are not available for other classes. It can be called the tank class, considering the nature of support it can provide to the team. Skullbreaker class consists of ten penances. We will dive into the detail of the arduous penances in the list below to give a better overview of the situation in this Warhammer 40k: Darktide guide.

Got a Bone to Pick (1)

This is quite simple, requiring the player to reach Trust Level 5. You will unlock one trinket and upper body armor as well.

Built Like a Tank (1)

You are required to finish 25 missions as Skullbreaker. You get a trinket after completing this one.

Beat ’em Up

Complete at least one mission of each type while playing as Skullbreaker. The reward for this penance is a character frame.

Im in Charge

You are required to interrupt a Plague Ogryn’s Charge using Bull Rush. You will need to charge at the exact moment when the enemy charges at you to interrupt its charge. The reward is a Brute’s Big Armor (XXXXL, lower body).

Something In Your Eye

The task is to hit a Corruptor in the eye with a Grenade Box. You can find a corrupter in Relay Stations, Smelters, and Silo missions and quickly kill it with one shot in the eye. You will receive Brute’s Big Armor (Noxfight Camo, XXXXL, upper body).

Friends Will Be Friends.

This might be a little tough as it requires a lot of teamwork. You need to be in Coherency with a living teammate during a mission. Get the Towering Presence feat to increase the coherency radius by 50% for maximum effect. Play on a low-intensity mission with open areas. The mission must be done with Malice or more incredible difficulty—this penance awards a Brute’s Biggest and Bestest Armor (XXXXL, lower body)

Gone Bowling

Using a single Bull Rush, you must take down 70 enemies. This should be done with Malice or more incredible difficulty, and it rewards Brute’s Biggest and Bestest Armor (XXXXL, upper body). You can complete this using a shield and a level 30 feat, unstoppable. Find a hoard of enemies and bait them to a small area. Then you can charge with Bull Rush easily to get the objective done.

Don’t Stop me Now!

On Heresy or higher Threat, displace 70 meters using Bull Rush in 25 seconds. Teamwork and a particular build are necessary for this penance. Get yourself equipped with Unstoppable and Bull Fighter feats. Having Psykers as teammates will help reduce the cooldown of the ability. Damage the enemies with a grenade and then charge at them to get the kills. Do this a couple of times, and you will get the prize, Brute’s Bootiful Armor (XXXXL, lower body).

Heavyweight Champion

You must knock down six Ogryns from the enemies (namely, Bulwarks, Crushers, Plague Ogryns, and/or Reapers) while playing on Heresay difficulty. You will unlock Brute’s Bootiful Armor (XXXXL, upper body). This one requires a little teamwork along with the shield and unstoppable feat. The teammate will bait the enemies towards you, and when you notice the six ogryns, you can charge and knock them down.

Bone ‘Ead (1)

As a Skullbreaker, do the following penances. You will get a trinket and a Krourk Mk IIIa Brutehelm (head).

  • Got a Bone to Pick (4)
  • Built Like a Tank (1)
  • Beat ’em Up
  • I’m in Charge
  • Something in the Eye
Skullbreaker Penances
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Skullbreaker Penances


The Zealot Preacher may seem weak at first glance due to its arsenal mainly consisting of melee weapons only, yet it can still give a hard time to its opponents. The melee weapons are not the best if you consider completing the penances efficiently, but other weapons can also perform better. There are a total of ten penances in this class. Follow this guide to learn the best strategy for completing the Preacher penances in Warhammer 40k: Darktide.

Maniacal Laughter (1)

It is needed for the player to attain Trust Level 5, and it gives a trinket and an upper-body cosmetic as the prize.

Doomseeker (1)

As Preacher, you must complete 25 tasks. Afterward, you will get a trinket.

Praise the God Emperor!

While playing as Preacher, complete at least one task of each category. You will be given a character frame after this penance is completed.

Buying Time

Hit an enemy sniper with a Stun Grenade. The sniper must be at least 40 meters away. To make it easy, you can ping an enemy sniper, and his distance will become visible. Afterward, you can move to the required distance and throw the stun while aiming a little higher on the position, so the stun blows up on the enemy’s head instead of blowing up in the middle of the throw. Completing this penance will give you Anointed Mendicant’s Vestments (lower body).

Thunder Hammer in Warhammer 40K: Darktide
Thunder Hammer

Abhor the Mutant

Kill a Mutant with a Melee Attack while dashing. You can use the Chastise the Wicked weapon to do this task. However, I recommend using the Thunder Hammer because you can quickly charge and kill an enemy in one shot and then retract to a defensive position. It rewards Anointed Mendicant’s Vestments (upper body).

Shocking Stuff

Stun 40 enemies using stun grenades and kill them within 10 seconds while playing on Malice Threat or higher. Select a map with a lot of choke points. It would be best if you had a flammer. The trick is to get to a choke point with many enemies in front of you. Once you get there, stun them and then burn them using the Flammer. The reward is a Pious Mendicant’s Vestments (lower body)

Flamming the Stunned Enemies
Flamming the Stunned Enemies

Up Close and Personal

Complete a mission without firing a single shot on Malive or higher Threat. For this penance, you will need to use only melee weapons. This penance does not require teamwork. This penance gives Pious Mendicant’s Vestments (upper body) cosmetics as the reward.

There is nothing but the Abyss

Using the life gained from Holy Revenant Feat, heal 75% of health while playing on Heresay Threat or higher. The build for this penance requires having Boltgun and Thunder Hammer for the best results. Get yourself in a hoard of enemies and get minor damage from them, then start firing rapidly. You will receive Saintly Mendicant’s Vestments (Lower Body).

Just a Flesh Wound

Complete a mission with a Wound’s worth of health remaining for 75% of the time in less than 20 minutes. This should be done on Heresy or higher Threat. This penance requires teamwork because you can get severely injured if you try to do this alone.

You can also make a specific character build to complete this penance. Aim for a build with higher Toughness and Max Health attributes and a highdamage weapon. Mission selection is also a critical aspect of this penance. You should go for a low-intensity mission to complete the tasks efficiently.

It rewards Saintly Mendicant’s Vestments (Upper Body).

Sainted Path (1)

Complete the following penances as a Preacher. Upon completing this penance, you will get a trinket and Cowl of Avenger (Head).

  • Maniacal Laughter (4)
  • Doomseeker (1)
  • Praise the God Emperor
  • Buying Time
  • Abhor the Mutant
Preacher Penances
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Preacher Penances


Psyker Psykinetic excels at ranged attacks using magical powers. This character depends on its ability to deal heavy damage to enemies and dodge their attacks. The ample recharge time of the commands is the only disadvantage of using this character. This class requires you to complete ten penances. We will give helpful tips on how to complete the Psykinetic penances in the Warhammer 40k: Darktide guide. Take a look at this Psyker Build to complete these penances efficiently.

Mind over Matter (1)

It rewards a trinket and an upper-body cosmetic, and the player must reach Trust Level 5.

Life leech (1)

You have 25 missions to complete to acquire this penance, which will reward you with a trinket.

Mind over Matter

Complete at least one mission of each category as a Psykinetic and get a character frame.

Not even Close

To complete this penance, you must kill a Pouncing Pox Hound with a Brain Bust. You can use the hunting grounds condition to make more hounds spawn. This penance does not require some unique build. Just keep trying, and you will eventually get the kill. After that, you will be awarded a Storm Witch’s Penance Raiment (lower body).


Eliminate 20 enemies by knocking them off the ledge in less than 2 seconds. It may sound complicated, but all you have to do is wait near a ridge and for the enemies to rush. Once they are close enough, any attack with a wide range will be sufficient to knock them off. Remember, enemies can also fall from bumping into one another, which will not complete the penance. Your attack must hit 20 enemies.

Try doing this one on The Torrent, Espionage mission with high-intensity and high difficulty because you will find a bridge where loads of enemies will rush you. There, you can easily knock them off the bridge. Your reward will be a Storm Witch’s Duty Raiment (upper body).

Bridge on "The Torrent" Mission
Bridge on “The Torrent” Mission

Warp Battery

Maintain wrap charges for 300 seconds in a single mission on Malice or more incredible difficulty. Do not use your ultimate ability as it will refresh your warp charges. Playing on high-intensity and high-difficulty missions will provide an easy way to complete this penance. The prize is Storm Witch’s Duty Raiment (lower body).

Going out with a Bang

You must take down three enemies using a single Perils of Warp Explosion. It is suggested to do it with weak elite enemies so that you are sure the explosion will blow them up. You can equip yourself with Bio Optic Vet, a Staff, and Wound Curios for a bit of help. Damage the enemies first and then the explosion will end them. Maps with high intensity and closed locations is recommended to give some extra benefits. You will receive Storm Witch’s Duty Raiment (upper body).

Bio Optics Marking Elite Enemies
Bio Optics Marking Elite Enemies

Pick n’ Mix

Eliminate five specialist or elite enemies within 10 seconds on Heresay or higher difficulty to complete this penance. Consider using a heavy weapon with Bio Optic and Kinetic Barage feat (recharges Brain Burst 25% faster and consumes 50% less peril) to take them all at once, and you will get Storm Witch’s Redemption Raiment (lower body). Maps with large open spaces and high grounds are recommended to keep a safe distance from enemies.

Malleus Monstronum

This can be graded as the toughest penance of all. You need to kill a monster using the “Brain Brust” ability only, and you will need to have a lot of teamwork. Team up with a squadmate having a shield and damage the enemy from a distance. After giving a significant amount of damage, use Brain Burst to finish him off. However, remember that if an ally damages the enemy, you will not get the reward that is Storm Witch’s Redemption Raiment (upper body).

Kinetic Killer (1)

Complete the following penances as a Psykinetic. Afterward, you will get a trinket and a Obscurus Mk IIIe Pskyana Hood (head).

  • Mind over Matter (4)
  • Life leech (1)
  • Mind over Matter
  • Not even Close
  • Cliffhanger
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Psykinetic Penances
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Psykinetic Penances


Veteran Sharpshooters stand out in dealing high damage using ranged weapons. However, you will need a perfect aim to take out the enemies. As you progress in the game, you will unlock Sharpshooter’s various unique weapons, which are fun to play with. They will help you in completing challenges, especially the sharpshooter penances. The sharpshooter penances include ten missions in total. Look at the instructions for acquiring the sharpshooter penances in the following Warhammer 40k: Darktide guide.

I love the Millitranum! (1)

Reach Trust level 5 using Sharpshooter. You will receive a trinket and upper body cosmetics as prizes upon completion.

Through the Mud (1)

This penance requires the player to complete 25 missions while playing as a sharpshooter and rewards one trinket.

Vantage Point

Accomplishing one mission of each type will complete this penance and reward a character frame.

Marked for Death

To complete this penance, you must hit the enemy’s weak point 4 times consecutively using the weapon’s secondary action. This should be done during a single activation of the Volley Fire ability. The best firearm for this case can be a ranged weapon with reasonable accuracy, so you make the chances of missing the shot most minor. The best weak point to aim for is the head. You will be rewarded a Pistolero’s Duty Uniform (Lower Body).

Long Bomb

It may seem pretty easy to kill three enemies with a frag grenade. But this must be done without a single bounce while throwing the grenade. The ideal way to complete this penance is to stand 45 meters away from the targets and throw the grenade above their heads. In this way, the grenade will blow above them without experiencing any bounces and kill the enemies. Once completed, you will get Pistolero’s Duty Uniform (Upper Body).

One in the Chamber

In a single mission, take down five enemies using the last bullet in your gun’s magazine. The task should be played on Malice or more incredible difficulty. Go for a singleshot rifle, so your chances of killing the enemies are sure while taking the last shot. Try to do this in a crowded place, and you will hit the required number of enemies. You can choose Revolver, Plasma Gun, or Boltgun for this, but keep in mind the effective range of each weapon. The reward for this penance is a Dead-Eye’s Duty Uniform (lower body).

On Overwatch

You must complete a mission on Malice or a higher Threat without taking any melee damage. This mission is all about teamwork. As a sharpshooter, you must stay in a safe position and provide ranged support to your teammates while they complete the game’s objectives. To stay safe from the enemies flanking you, you should communicate well with your team. The suggested weapons for this mission include a lightweight melee in case you need to run away from a place during an ambush. You will receive Dead-Eye’s Duty Uniform (Upper Body).


This penance requires you to eliminate five highlighted enemies by shooting them at weak spots while using the Volley Fire ability. This mission must be done at Heresay or a higher difficulty level. The best strategy for this penance is to select the feats that significantly increase your weapon’s damage, so your one-shots can be as effective as possible. I suggest going for the Counterfire ability because it increases the Weak Spot Damage by 25%. Afterward, you will get a Killshot’s Duty Uniform (lower body).

Sharpshooter Abilites
Sharpshooter Abilites

Make every Shot Count.

This penance requires accomplishing a mission with no ammunition left. Another catch is that your accuracy must be 100%, which means no shots are missed, and this mission must be played on Heresay difficulty or higher. This penance requires a lot of patience, as any missed attempt will cost you the whole task. It all depends on taking the shots calmly and conserving your ammo. The reward for this penance is Killshot’s Duty Uniform (upper body).

On Target (1)

Complete the following penances as a Sharpshooter and receive a trinket and a Graia Mk IVe Carapace Warden Helm (head).

  • I love the Millitranum! (4)
  • Through the Mud (1)
  • Vantage Point
  • Marked for Death
  • Long Bomb
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Sharpshooter Penances
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Sharpshooter Penances

Penances Rewards

Completing the penances gives two significant types of rewards, one being the cosmetic items and another one being the penance points. These rewards do not provide any advantage in the game, but they are just a way of showing your skill and expertise to other players. Below, we have mentioned the details of both rewards for completing the Warhammer 40k: Darktide penances in this guide.

Warhammer 40k Darktide: Maniacal Laughter Rewards
Warhammer 40k Darktide: Maniacal Laughter Rewards

Penance Points

Penance points are in-game experience points earned by completing penances. These points do not serve any particular purpose till now other than showcasing your skills in front of other players. A higher number of penance points indicate that the player has completed many penances. We might also see some use for these penance points in the upcoming updates.

Cosmetics & Trinkets

Cosmetics and Trinkets include the clothing, armor, or other ornaments your character wears during the gameplay. Like the penance points, these do not fulfill a specific objective in the game either. They are just for visual appeals and motivate players to complete certain penances.

Final Thoughts

In this Warhammer 40k: Darktide guide, we listed all the penances available in the game and the most reliable approach to complete them to achieve the final rewards. A player can ignore these penances and enjoy the game, but meeting them makes it a lot more challenging and fun, as most require extensive skills and teamwork. Furthermore, you can show off your expertise to other players or friends through the cosmetics or costumes and the penance points you receive for completing those penances.

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