Warhammer 40K Darktide Scriptures Locations

This article covers all locations of scriptures in Warhammer 40k darktide. It gives you detailed information about all possible locations.

Scriptures Locations in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
Scriptures Locations

Tomes have returned in Warhammer 40k Darktide and are named as scriptures. And we’ll be covering all the scriptures locations in this guide.

Key Highlights

  • Tomes are now scriptures in Dark tide, and their finding has become difficult.
  • We have covered each location in detail so you can easily track it over the map and find the desired scripture.
  • The difference and effect of both scripture and grimoire will also be discussed in this guide.

Scriptures In Darktide

The grimoires and scriptures are the sources of money in Warhammer 40K Darktide. All you have to do is keep them until you complete the mission, and in the end, you will get the bonus rewards.


Scripture Appearance
Appearance (Image Credits: Sven Martin)

They look exactly the same in appearance, but one difference is that the grimoire seems glowy. They get placed in your inventory as you pick them, but you can only have one. Here comes the difficulty in keeping them in inventory.

Both occupy the third place, while this placement is the same for Ammo and health. So, to keep the later items, you will have to drop the scripture or grimoire.

Placement In Inventory

The other significant dissimilarity is that scriptures do not result in corruption, while the grimoire does. If you carry the grimoire, there will be a decline in your health which is quite difficult to do, and it doesn’t only impact you but also your team members, bringing down their health by 25%.

And if you drop, then it will disappear in no time. Carrying a grimoire is risky, but the medicae station is here to heal you. The reduction in health increases if you carry more grimoires. Only have them when you know how to manage your health.

On the other hand, the Scriptures are not the means of corruption, and there will be no downfall in your health. Also, you can remove them without worrying about their disappearance. Drop the scripture to carry ammo and medkit, and you can get it back later.

Find Scriptures In Darktide

Grimoires and scriptures aren’t available on every map. Getting them will be a bit hard for you now. But there is one hint which can make the finding easy. When you go to the menu for the mission selection, you get to see an icon of a diamond on some maps.

This icon indicates the presence of a grimoire or scripture on the map. The only way to find out is to begin the mission. Another helpful clue is that when you have a mission with a secondary objective, it asks you to look for these items to get bonus rewards.

This means you will get any of them in this mission. About their appearance, they both seem like a book but differ in some way. The scriptures are like a regular book, while grimoires are glowing.


The scriptures in Darkside are placed randomly, unlike the tomes. You can’t know where they will be spawned next time, and there is no fixed location. There is no easy peasy shortcut to find them, but there are many locations where you can look for them.

  • Look next to the boxes.
  • Elevators’ corners
  • Search out the right and left areas of doorways
  • Inside the enormous size open containers
  • Corners of the room or an area
  • Specifically, look in darker places or corners

Look In Dark Places

Search in darker parts
Look In Dark Places

Roam around the areas that look darker or dim as there is a high possibility of scripture or grim to be there. In each section, there is only one of them, so if you get grim or scripture from one section, then move to the next without wasting time on the same one.

Missing a scripture is the worst thing so far as once to miss it; there is no way to look for it again. Well, the notification feature is quite helpful in this case, as you get notified when going near to item. It alerts you that what you are searching for is in the close or nearby range.

Teammates’ Assistance

Team Assistance
Teammates’ Assistance

You should have teammates that focus on the search for scriptures. With the team’s assistance, the Search becomes easier. Make sure they are interested in doing the task; otherwise, get new mates. Over time, you may know about the fixed locations where they both tend to spawn,

but for now, you have to be vigilant and active to spot the scriptures instantly.

Closing Remarks

The guide on Scripture’s location completes here. Finding them can be hard sometimes, but searching in the locations mentioned here will help you. Don’t forget the usage and impact of scripture and grimoire so you can better decide which one to keep.

Have a wonderful experience with Warhammer 40k dark tide, and we will be back with new articles.

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