Warhammer 40K Darktide Specialists [Explained]

This thorough Darktide guide explains the specialists enemies and you will also learn the counters against them for best survival.

Specials In Darktide
Darktide Specials

In Warhammer 40K Darktide, we see various categories of enemies. This guide is all about the Specialists and to what extent they are dangerous, and how you can play against them.

Key Highlights

  • Enemies are divided under different threat levels, the specialists are among the demolition experts who perform the tasks related to explosives.
  • Under this category, we got Poxhound, Scab Trapper, Greg Tox Flamer, Mutant Charger, Pox Buster, Scab Bomber, Scab Sniper, Scab Gunner, and more.
  • Counter of each enemy is discussed in detail so that you stay prepared once you meet either one of them.

Specialists In Darktide

There are enemies in Darktide that are specialized in doing certain tasks such as bombing, explosion, killing with snipers, and many more. They have clear and specified aims to achieve and are called special or specialists in this game. We have discussed each of them in detail.


Poxhound Special Enemy
Poxhound (Image Credits: ArgusDT)

This unarmoured ugly looking enemy is known for its swift mobility speed. Another scary fact is that it can attack you out of nowhere and is completely unpredictable. So, you must stay alert to fight it off as soon as you spot it.

It can attack its prey from any side and angle. After pouncing on you, it pins you to the ground and starts eating you grossly. It continues to do so until your teammates come up to knock him off. You cannot get rid of it on your own and keep getting the damage constantly.

Fortunately, its warning sign includes howling quite loudly, so you can quickly get defensive upon hearing it. Avoid letting it come closer to you or your teammates by eliminating it when it comes in range.

You can stun it for some time and make it tumble by charging the enemy or blocking the pounce.

Scab Trapper

Scab Trapper in Darktide
Scab Trapper

Trapper is the armed specialist enemy but lacks the helmet. This specialized enemy has the same goal as Poxhound: to trap the target in the net. It is choosey in its nature and picks up only one enemy to chase down while ignoring the rest of the team players.

Hope you may not be that unlucky member. The weapon used by the trapper is a net launcher gun, which fires at the target after coming in the range. The net prevents you from moving properly and causes less damage, but if one doesn’t get rid of it quickly, other enemies can attack.

However, dodging is the best way not to get trapped in the net. You may not hear this enemy coming as it doesn’t make much sound and is more likely to appear sneakily. It waits for the right moment to make an attempt and, on failing, runs to hide and wait for the next attempt.

You can deal with trappers alone, so you don’t need to be afraid when you are away from your teammates.

Scab/Dreg Tox Flamer

Dreg Tox Flamer
Dreg Tox Flamer

The Flamethrower it carries is the most noticeable thing which produces the fire. It is unarmed, but the fire is enough to cause great damage. This enemy rants about setting everything on fire, so don’t take it lightly.

If you and your mates catch fire or get burned by flames, you will receive constant AOE damage. The burning effects take your toughness away, which results in more health damage. The fire caused by the Dreg one stays for a prolonged period.

It prevents you and other teammates from entering the area for so long. It is preferred to combat with this enemy at a range and have melee combat only when the path is clear and the area is not narrow to make you stuck.

Mutant Charger

Mutant Charger

Be ready if you see an enemy rapidly charging toward you or any player in your team. It will surely be the mutant Charger, another specialists who charges at one person only, and if it gets a chance to grab that player, things become difficult afterward.

After grabbing it bangs the player on the ground and throw it away after slamming for more than once. Another hint is that the mutant yells while charging. It can damage you a lot, and getting thrown in bad condition makes it hard for you to survive.

As there can be other enemies who are already looking forward to attacking. Mutant has a high Hp and is hard to defeat, but the group work can cause great damage and make room for victory. Dodging the mutant’s charges is the best combating method for melee players.

You can also bring down its health through charging and stunning. Make sure to stay in cover while having a ranged fight with it.


Poxbuster Darktide

You can spot it by the ticking sound, and the main aim is to blow itself up when it reaches near and interact with you or anyone else in your group. It carries explosives intending to blow up. Poxbuster Specialists head towards the player and explodes after coming in contact with them or the ground.

This does major AoE damage, so you better not let it come near. Dealing with it from the range can be helpful; otherwise, you can do teamwork and split up to prevent or reduce harm. Encountering the Poxbuster specialist requires the right strategy and quick movements to take it down easily.

Scab Bomber

Scab Bomber Specialists
Scab Bomber

Well, another specialist with an explosive weapon. But it is somehow different as these explosives are designed to cause a fire in an explosion. The bomber throws them at you and your mates while staying some distance.

Before the blast, you can hear the sound of the timer ticking. It generally throws the bomb without aiming at one specific player. The explosion leads to the fire and makes it arduous for everyone to move around conveniently.

It also causes AoE damage, but you can knock it down in close combat, as it’s hard for him to defend in close range.

Scab Sniper

Scab Sniper
Scab Sniper

Let’s talk about another vicious specialist enemy, the Scab sniper, armed with a sniper rifle that causes deadly damage. It attacks from long range through its sniper, so if you notice a red spot following you, run and get into the cover.

The scab’s sniper is powerful enough to bring down the players in one or two shots.  Before it may make a move, you should turn it down with your sniper. Keeping yourself in the cover and fighting with the sniper weapon is the most appropriate method; otherwise up can try other ways too.

Scab/Dreg Shotgunner

Dreg Shotgunner Specialists
Dreg Shotgunner (Image Credits: TacticalTortoise)

The name of this specialist enemy depicts the weapon it carries, which is a powerful and deadly shotgun. This enemy can also spawn as either: Scab or Dreg. It can deal you enormous damage in short range, and Scope flash is its warning sign.

Scab Shotgunner Darktide Specialists
Scab Shotgunner

Having this scab specialists around you can be menacing so once you see it coming, keep it away from reaching closer to you, as getting hit with shotgun results in some major health bars deterioration. Talking about the appearance,

The shotgunner has three spears on the back with skulls pierced into them. There are certain ways to beat these enemies down. You can do the melee combating from a distance or close range, leaving no chance for them to attack you with a shotgun.

Or you can use grenades when they spawn in groups.

Scab/Dreg Gunner

Scab Gunner
Scab Gunner (Image Credits: TacticalTortoise)

The Scab Gunner holds the auto rifle, a heavy machine gun. It can spawn as the Dregs or Scabs. The Dregs are more dangerous than the latter ones. Scab gunners got the Flak armour, but the scope flash and red laser sight are their warning signs.

Dreg Gunner Darktide
Dreg Gunner

The automatic gun enables it to deal extensive damage with rapid-fire shots while being farther away. If you are at medium range with this enemy, it can be really threatening for you. The major goal is to compel players to take cover by firing at them continuously.

You can use snipers to take these gunners down, or another way is to defeat them in a melee fight, as they don’t have any melee weapon. If players tend to have range combat, they should do it while having the cover.

In another scenario, if you find it busy with other players, then attack from the side to avoid getting noticed.

Ending Remarks

Now we Conclude our guide regarding the specialists in Warhammer 40K Darktide. They can be quite difficult to tackle, but we expect that after reading this guide, you will be able to handle and defeat them perfectly. We will bring more Warhammer guides for you; till then, SEE YA!

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