Warhammer 40k Darktide: All Staff Types Guide

Best guide on all Warhammer 40k Darktide staff types and there usage.

All types of Warhammer 40k Darktide staff explained to choose the best staff for battlefield.

So, you have recently bought the Warhammer 40k Darktide game. But you are wondering what the Warhammer 40k Darktide staff types are and how these magical weapons help you win the battle. This guide will resolve all of your queries.

Staff is an excellent weapon in Warhammer 40k Darktide compared to other weapons like guns and knives. But which Darktide staff type is best for use and which is not good on the battlefield?

Do not worry. This guide will tell every detail about the force staff in Darktide. We will also notify you how to use each staff and at what level you can get these staff. So let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Surge force staff is the best staff among all the other Warhammer 40k Darktide staff types. The beauty of this staff is you damage your foe even if you are off-centered.

  • Using each force staff’s secondary action, you can damage your opponent significantly. But every force staff secondary action damage rate is different.

  • Fully charge your staff to increase the attack impact on the foes. You can knock down more enemies with fully charged staff.

Warhammer 40k Darktide Staff Types Illustrated

So, if you want to kill your enemy from a range without using your guns or any other weapon, then Force staff is the best option for you to do this work properly. We will demonstrate to you all Warhammer 40k Darktide staff types.

There is a collection of four primary staff types. You can get each staff by leveling up in the game, as every force staff has an unlocked level. You can get your first force staff at level 5 or 6.

Keep in mind that if your level is above 20 or up to level 30, you can use all force staff to their full potential. Let’s go through each staff and help you to find the best staff that will suit you best on the battlefield.

Staff Type 1: Surge Force Staff

We are starting with this staff, considered the best force staff in the Darktide. You can get this staff when you reach at the level of 10.

Best staff in the game.
Surge force staff

The surge force staff fires bolts of Psychic energy, which is its primary action, but its secondary action is chain lightning that will electrify each opponent its strikes. This secondary action is beneficial when you are getting swarmed.

Its particular action is the usual staff strike which is optional as this action is not difficult to use. So, how will you use this staff? Do not worry; we have got your back! We will show you how to use this staff properly.

As we discussed earlier, its primary attack is a psychic bolt that kills your opponents instantly. You will need to attack a psychic bolt at your enemy’s head, and they will die quickly.

Now let us talk about your secondary attack. If you charge this action, you can become a sith lord that unchains lightening upon its foes. When you attack the lightning at your enemies, they stand still until the lightning effect is complete. 

This secondary attack gives your team extra time to recover or do other important things to win the battle. So, the surge force staff is the best among all the four force staff in Darktide.

Staff Type 2: Voidstrike Force Staff

This force staff is the second best on our list. When you reach the level of seventeen in Darktide, you can get this staff. This staff also has three action options primary, secondary, and a special attack. We will explain what Viodstrike force staff action offers to the players and how to use those actions.

This is the second best staff in the game.
Voidstrike force staff

So its primary action is the standard Psychic bolt. We have explained this action in our previous surge force staff. This action can help kill the foes instantly. 

As discussed earlier, you must use your headshot ability while performing this attack. In this way, you can quickly kill your opponents and make significant progress in your game.

The following attack action is the secondary one. Voidstrike force staff allows you to strike a charged bolt on your foes. This attack is good, especially when your enemies surround you.

It’s a penetrating bolt that also explodes when it strikes the target. So, it is good to use it on only one enemy as it kills the foe instantly. But to get a significant impact of charged bolt on your opponents, try to hit it on the ground. 

Its special action is also the usual staff strike which is optional as this action is not difficult to use. But if you use this staff’s secondary action, you can have a devastating effect on your opponents.

Staff Type 3: Purgatus Force Staff

This staff is the third staff in our list. Usually, you can get this staff when you reach at the level of 18. This staff uses flames to burn your opponent down. Like the other four staff, this also has three actions primary, secondary, and special attack.

One of the Warhammer 40k Darktide staff types. This is also the best short ranged force staff in the game.
Purgatus force staff

So, taking the primary attack into account, this action has a short-range flame burst effect on the enemies. It has not the bolt effect like other Viodstrike and Surge force staff. While using this action, try to use it on close-range foes because it has minimal impact on large-range enemies.

One way to use this primary action is by using it multiple times to kill more enemies. Purgatus force staff secondary action is a charged flame. This attack can kill numerous foes if you do not want to use primary action at various times.

Firstly you need to charge your staff if you want to use the secondary attack, then strike at the short-range opponents to burn them down. However, like other staff, its special action is the staff strike, which is helpful if your enemy is closer to you.

Hence, this staff is excellent for short-range enemies but has a range problem. If your opponents are gunners, then using this staff is not a good idea because most gunners are at a significant range, and this staff has minimal effect on the giant range foes.

If you compare this staff with the surge staff, you will notice that the surge force staff has a massive range of attacks compared to the other. In Darktide, you need to have a staff with a more extensive range of attack, which makes surge force staff more valuable than the Purgatus force staff.

Staff Type 4: Trauma Force Staff

So, the last staff on our list is Trauma Force Staff which you usually get first in the game. You can get this staff at level 5. As standard, this staff also has three action moves primary, secondary, and special attack action.

Another one of the Warhammer 40k Darktide staff types. This is good for short ranged targets.
Trauma force staff

Let us start with the primary action, which is the same as Surge and Voidstrike force staff. This staff also allows you to strike Psychic bolts on your opponents. Remember that you need to perform headshots to kill your foes instantly while using this action.

If we talk about the secondary attack of the Trauma Force Staff, we will observe that this is an AOE (area of effect) Pyroblast in a circle. So in this attack, you need to charge your staff up to give maximum damage to your opponent. Try to charge your staff circle under the group of foes. In this way, you can destroy your enemy with ease.

Last is strike staff action, the special attack of Trauma force staff. This attack is like a melee attack. Use this when your foes are significantly closer to you. This action is standard among all the staff, which we discussed earlier.

Although the Trauma force staff has devastating attacks, the efficiency of this staff is not good enough. The circle generated during the secondary attack is small, making this staff challenging. You can use this staff to knock down the larger foes giving your team valuable time to take opponents out.

Should You Fully Charge Staff For Attacks In Warhammer 40k Darktide?

Does charging your force staff help you in defeating your opponents or not? This question arises when you play Darktide and want to damage your foes significantly. So, we will explain how charging up each force staff is exemplary on the battlefield.

Voidstrike Force Staff

Let us start with Voidstrike force staff. If you charge this staff up to half its potential, you can get a better damage impact on your enemies. But if you fully charge this staff, you can also damage long-range foes.

Surge Force Staff

The following staff on our list is Surge force staff. If you half charge this staff, you can simultaneously damage up to 5 to 6 foes. However, on a full charge, the number of opponents damaged remains at six, but the damaging impact increases.

Remember that while striking the charge attack on your opponents, not all enemies take total damage. Only the target enemy take full damage, while other take twenty-five to fifty percent damage.

Progatus Force Staff

Our following staff is Progatus force staff. Charging up this staff affects the duration of the flam through effect. More charge means you can go through the flame for extended periods. Does more charge affect the damage rate? The answer to this question is yes.

So, if you half charge this staff, you do not get more damage on your opponents because you do not strike the flame on your foe for a more extended period. But if you fully charge this staff, you can extend the flame time, and as a result, everything goes burn to death at a much grander scale.

Trauma Force Staff

Now our last staff is Trauma force staff. If you increase the charging of this staff, you get more significant damage and a larger AOE (area of effect). But it does not affect the knocking out of the enemies, as even a half-charged attack can knock down your opponent.

Moreover, if the enemy is away from the AOE, that foe will take minimal damage compared to the opponents present within the range of the AOE. If you want to give your opponent total damage, the opponent’s feet must be within the circle of AOE.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the four Warhammer 40k Darktide staff types that this game has to offer you. But remember, there are only two viable staff: Surge and Voidstrike force staff. In contrast, Trauma and Protegus force staff are too short-ranged and too limited in their range to be effective.

However, get the surge staff as soon as possible because you do not need to target the opponent. The beauty of this staff is you damage your foe even if you are off-centered. Hence, the surge staff is worth taking.

Also, if you want to damage your foes more significantly, try attacks with fully charged staff. That’s all from this guide. If you want to know more on games like Warhammer 40k Darktide, then have a look at the guides given below.

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