Warhammer 40k Darktide: Veteran Weapons

This article encloses detailed information and explanation regarding all melee and ranged veteran weapons in Warhammer 40k Darktide.

veteran weapon warhammer 40k Darktide
Veteran Weapon

The veteran weapons are meant for those who like to play on the frontline and want to go all in. This weapon class allows you to create the most impact in the game, and today, I will cover all the available weapons in the veteran class.

Key Takeaways

  • Players can select from the variety of weapons available in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
  • This guide covers all the Veteran weapons available in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
  • Veteran Weapons are divided into two categories, Ranged and Melee, and both have their own perks and bonuses that you can utilize.
  •  Weapons are used for direct impact or crowd control, and each weapon has bonus perks depending on which purpose you want to use it for.

Here is a summary table for the Best Veteran Weapons in Warhammer 40k Darktide:

No.Ranged Veteran WeaponsMelee Veteran Weapons
1Kantrael MG L Infantry LasgunStandard-Issue Munitorium Sapper Shovel
2Kantrael MG IV Infantry LasgunCatachan MK 1 Devil Claw Sword
3Kantrael MG XII Infantry LasgunCatachan MK III Combat Blade
4Accatran MG MK II Heavy LaspistolRashad MK II Combat Axe
5Lus MK III Shredder Auto PistolAntax MK V Combat Axe
6Gaia MK VIII Infantry AutogunCatachan MK IV Devil Claw
7Columnus MK II Braced AutogunCadia MK IV Assault Chainsword
8Lawbringer Mark VI Combat ShotgunMunitorum MK III Power Sword
9Varks MK VII Headhunter AutogunOrestes MK IV Assault Chainaxe
10Accatran MK II Recon Lasgun
11Locke MK IIb Spearhead Boltgun
12M35 Magnacore MK II Plasma Gun
13Lucious Helbore MK II Lasgun

Veteran Weapons

Veteran weapons are meant to produce the most impact in Warhammer 40k Darktide, and their most use is to either crowd control or to push into the enemies.

Warhammer 40k
Warhammer 40K

Ranged Veteran Weapons

This list contains all the weapons that are meant to be used from mid to distant-ranged combats and output most damage on the longer range. They are good if you don’t plan on getting close to your enemies and want to keep yourself out of messy situations.

Weapon Description
Kantrael MG L Infantry Lasgun A versatile semi-auto veteran weapon that has fair range and damage. This high-capacity weapon is the first one you get to try.
Kantrael MG IV Infantry Lasgun It is another semi-automatic lasgun that offers you good aim and great damage. Its special feature of the torch becomes handy in gloomy areas.
Besides this, the aim down sights allows you to target your enemies more precisely. This lasgun got an extensive magazine so that you won’t run out of ammo so soon.
However, the hip fire isn’t that satisfactory.
Kantrael MG XII Infantry Lasgun The top-level gun among all lasguns. It is the most powerful lasgun veteran weapon, offering accurate aiming with great damage to enemies.
Best to use against specials and troopers.
This one also has a flashlight to help you combat darker areas.
The fire rate is quite slow, but overall, it is worth equipping.
Accatran MG MK II Heavy Laspistol A lightweight, small pistol that you can handle conveniently. It’s best for short-range fights, as the ranged performance isn’t great.
Lus MK III Shredder Auto Pistol The versatile veteran weapon with accuracy improvements. You can take down hordes of enemies with it. Furthermore, this pistol has excellent hip fire.
On hip fire, it offers a higher spread when you aim.
Gaia MK VIII Infantry Autogun This Autogun is known for its incredibly high rate of firing. A veteran ranged weapon that allows you to aim precisely while making ammo-efficient fire shots.
It gives you a satisfying playing experience, and one can clear out the enemies well.
Columnus MK II Braced Autogun It is another veteran ranged weapon holding a high magazine capacity. The Columnus MK II lacks iron sights, so it’s suitable for clearing the wave of enemies.
Offers acceptable penetration and stability.
Lawbringer Mark VI Combat Shotgun It is regarded as the deadly damage-causing shotgun. Its ammo retention isn’t great, but the special shell allows you to have the horizontal spread on the next shot.
It is perfect for taking down the front-line hordes. You get a good stagger and aim down sights to target enemies more properly.
Varks MK VII Headhunter Autogun This one is an automatic veteran weapon, but only partially. It comes with the highest and most immense damage-dealing power so far. Varks Mk III is semi-auto, and one burst is enough to take down the snipers.
But due to constant bursts, it becomes a bit difficult to manage the recoil. You can target the range of enemies as it offers fine precision over long distances.
Accatran MK II Recon Lasgun The gun has a fascinating firing rate and almost no recoil at all. So it’s super stable and is capable of damaging the armor. An auto gun with an enormous size magazine and utilizes only one ammo per shot.
Locke MK IIb Spearhead Boltgun You can fully rely on this bolt gun to damage enemies powerfully. The penetrating bolts stagger and pierce the enemies, causing them a sufficient amount of damage.
It has high recoil, so it can become hard to handle this gun. Furthermore, the magazine size is small and takes more time to reload.
M35 Magnacore MK II Plasma Gun Another veteran weapon is marvelous in its use and characteristics. This a reliable, powerful weapon to turn down the bosses in Warhammer 40k Darktide.
It is best to use against concentrated and armored enemies. Prevent the overheating or plasma gun can become extremely lethal.
Lucious Helbore MK II Lasgun This Lasgun is also suitable for dealing with bosses. It offers rapid fire and charging rates. The ammo consumption is low, but the damage is not significant.
Range Weapons

Melee Veteran Weapons

Now things get heated here with melee weapons as they are meant for face-to-face or, you can say, close-range combats.

These weapons are capable of outputting massive damage if you are willing to take the risk.

Weapon Description
Standard-Issue Munitorium Sapper Shovel You can tackle most enemies with it due to its versatility. And can be of great help in controlling the crowd.
Catachan MK 1 Devil Claw Sword This is a sword-like weapon that allows you to slash enemies. You can smoothly clear the hordes out of your way. Moreover, the special Parry attack enables you to ward off the enemy’s incoming strikes while giving you a chance to make a counterattack.
Catachan MK III Combat Blade It acts like a dagger and can take down one enemy simultaneously with swift attacks. You can equip it while playing with teammates; also, it offers quick switching of weapons. The special action includes a punch and enables you to make combo attacks.
Rashad MK II Combat Axe This veteran weapon is available from the beginning. Its primary and secondary actions let you make a powerful strike at one enemy. Speaking of its special attack, you deal with armored opponents through it.
Antax MK V Combat Axe An Axe-type weapon that has rapid light attacks. The heavy and special attacks are dangerous and cause intense damage to enemies.
Catachan MK IV Devil Claw It is distinct from the other guns and is more like the first claw sword’s upgraded version. Effective against the crowd and offers satisfying damage and the ability to parry enemy strikes.
Cadia MK IV Assault Chainsword The chainsword veteran weapon is implacable. Anyone who comes in its way gets killed instantly. Through its secondary action, you can damage multiple enemies at a time. Furthermore, the special action gives a perfect boost to its power and strengthens your attacks.
Munitorum MK III Power Sword In Warhammer 40K Darktide, this Sword is famous for its capability of clearing the wave of enemies. You can activate the special action to enhance the damage extensively.
Orestes MK IV Assault Chainaxe We see the combination of chain and axe in this veteran weapon. This makes it more impactful against armored enemies. And it is enough to tackle a large number of enemies as well. The special attack activation gives a perfect boost.
Melee Weapons

Ending Remarks

This guide about veteran weapons ends here. I hope it will help you learn about all these weapons in detail. Stay tuned for more interesting and helpful guides.

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