Warzone 2: BEST Audio Settings [2024 Update]

After investing years of playing Call of Duty games, AND 200+ hours in Warzone 2, I have found the best audio settings that YOU should also use in Warzone 2!

Warzone 2: Best Audio Settings [Explained]
Warzone 2: Best Audio Settings [Explained]

Warzone 2 offers new contracts, exploration areas, and, most importantly, loadouts. However, even with the best equipment, you can still lose if you cannot figure out when and where the enemy is coming from. Hence, I provide this guide on the Best Audio Settings for Warzone 2 so that you can prepare for the chaos.

About The Author

Yahya Jamshed has played 200+ hours of Call of Duty games, and on top of that, he’s a fan! He has played every COD game extensively, so you can easily trust his hands-on experience and the information he provides related to Call of Duty Warzone 2!

Key Takeaways

  • Even though Warzone 2 has massively improved its audio quality, the default settings are still not the best.
  • There are various mixes for the audio settings that you can go for, each with its strengths and drawbacks.
  • This guide lists a complete overview of the best among all that allows for better decision-making and fighting capabilities.

Why are good Audio Settings necessary?

Warzone 2.0 Gameplay
Warzone 2.0 Gameplay

Enhancing your game’s audio settings significantly impacts your gameplay by improving the ability to hear surrounding threats’ footfalls. Modern Warfare 2 and Battle Royale, sharing an engine, allow players to identify each other’s footsteps. Without adjustments, opponent sounds can be lost amid other noises, risking capture to the gulag.

Warzone 2.0 offers various audio mixes recorded from real-world sources like guns, cannon fires, and helicopters, creating immersive gameplay. The game introduces a new sound occlusion engine, improved 3D directionality for pinpointing enemies, and a reverb engine for enhanced spatial perception, leading to a more captivating gaming experience.

Despite the updates in Warzone 2, the importance of listening for enemy footsteps in Call of Duty gameplay remains unchanged. Clear audio enables you to detect flanking attempts or sneaking enemies. A quality audio setup, proper drivers, and familiarity with recognizing enemy footsteps are essential.

Best Warzone 2 Audio Settings 

Unfortunately, Warzone 2’s default audio settings are not the best, even though it has better and enhanced audio than Legacy Warzone. To adjust the following audio settings, go to Settings by clicking the gear symbol in the top-right corner of your screen.


Setting Options
Audio Mix Headphones / Home theatre
Music Volume 0
Master Volume 60
Dialogue Volume 50
Hit Marker Volume 50
Effects Volume 100
Game sound device Default
Mono Audio Off

For varied audio configurations, the game offers six unique audio mix presets. Here is a list:

Warzone 2 Audio Settings
Warzone 2.0 In-game audio settings


The tightest dynamic range and EQ are available for usage with PC speakers.


EQ and dynamic range are tightened for use with headphones.


Better EQ and dynamic range for use with soundbars.

Home theater:

Home theatre systems should use the high dynamic range preset.


For usage with cinema theatre systems, the highest dynamic range level is called cinema.

Headphone Bass Boost:

Improved low-end frequencies, a tighter dynamic range, and EQ for usage with headphones.

While adding a headphone bass boost may seem like the obvious way to make low frequencies more noticeable and, consequently, louder, it could unintentionally make your audio mix even murkier.

Call of Duty’s incompatibility with several low-frequency sounds, like nearby explosions or streaks, may result in missing crucial audio cues until opponents are right before you. Opting for a home theater setup reduces background noise while highlighting footsteps. However, gunfire might occasionally sound overly sharp due to high-frequency emphasis.

Minimize unnecessary sounds such as music, speech, and hit indicators, adjusting the master volume to ensure clear audibility without causing discomfort.

Disable mono audio to balance sound between left and right headphones. While beneficial for hearing-impaired individuals, it’s advisable to turn it off to distinctly identify the direction of sounds, whether from opponents or other activities.


Setting Options
Subtitles Functionality Default
Multiplayer Off
Campaign On
Coop Off

As your focus will be primarily on the gameplay in Warzone 2.0, there is essentially no reason for you to have subtitles on. If you have them on for some reason, I advise turning them off. Regardless, only the Modern Warfare 2 single-player campaign will have subtitles enabled by default, which is good because at least that aspect of the game contains true narrative. Additionally, using subtitles in any other Warzone multiplayer mode, such as DMZ, will frustrate you more than help you play the game better.

Voice chat

Warzone 2 Voice Chat Settings
Game Voice Channel – Warzone 2 Settings
Setting Options
Voice Chat On
Voice Chat Device Default System Device
Game Voice Channel All
Voice Chat Recording mode Push to Talk
Microphone Device Default System Device
Voice Chat Volume 40
Microphone Test Off

While using apps to communicate and play in a squad with your friends is unquestionably preferable to using voice chat, I advise leaving it on unless you find it uncomfortable. You might come across a teammate who is haphazardly using communications to engage opponents, giving you more information about the opponent and the situation.

I kept the voice chat volume of your squad mates below half at 40 to avoid any scenarios where you might be playing with random players and their mic is loud. This value can be changed if necessary. You can also adjust your microphone’s volume if it is either too high or too low.


Setting Options
Auto-Connect at Match Start Off
Mute Yourself When Connecting On

The final option is whether to mute yourself when you first join your team. You can also select which voice channel, the lobby as a whole, or your squad will join by default.

Advanced Setting

Setting Options
Juggernaut Music Off
Mute Game When Minimized On
Reduce Tinnitus Sound On
Hit Marker Sound Effects Classic

You can focus on other multitasking tasks in peace by muting the Warzone 2.0 application while running in the background on a PC. In addition, I advise switching the hit marker sound effects to Classic because, in my opinion, doing so will result in a hit detection sound that is much clearer and crisper when engaging the enemy.

In addition to reducing tinnitus noise, other loud noises like explosions and grenade flashes will also be muted. It is recommended that you enable this setting because some players may find these sounds highly bothersome, and they may occasionally distract you.


This concludes my Best Audio Settings for Warzone 2 guide. Even though they have been tried and tested, try different mixes that suit you. Your preferences will significantly impact how you modify the volume figures. The one parameter, however, that you must make sure is at its highest setting is Effects Volume. The level of footfall, along with other noises like gunfire, is closely correlated with this setting.

Other than that, switch things to whatever feels the best for you. It will allow you to react better and win out more fights eventually. If you want ways to win, check out our Warzone 2 Best SMGs guide.

With that, I conclude my Best Audio Settings for Warzone 2 guide. Let us know down below how you like the game so far.

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