Warzone 2: Best Lachmann-556 Loadout, Secondary & Class

After investing years of playing Call of Duty, here are the best Loadout for Lachmann-556 in Warzone 2 that include attachments, equipment, and perk packages.

Lachmann-556 Warzone 2 Loadout
Best Lachmann-556 Loadout

The Lachmann-556 happens to appear in Call of Duty Warzone 2 as well. Players know it as a meta weapon from the other COD game, Modern Warfare 2. Since the game is out, players try various Loadouts to find the best Lachmann-556 Loadout.

Lachmann-556 Loadout
Lachmann-556 Loadout (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

Key Takeaways

  • Lachmann-556 Loadout includes the best attachments and perks you can use to get the full potential out of this weapon.
  • The Struggle to get the best loadout for the weapons comes along the game. This guide will provide you with the best Lachmann-556 Loadout.
  • To make the Lachmann-556 weapon utterly dominating, you must opt for the amazingly functional attachments, equipment, and perk packages. After reading this article, you will learn about the most demanding items regarding this weapon.
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Here is a summary table for the Lachman-556 Best Attachments:

1Lachmann TCG-10Rear GripGet the Lachmann-762 to Level 11Lachmann-762
2Corio RE-X ProOpticRaise the .50 GS to Level 4-
3FT Mobile stockStockGet the RAPP H to Level 10RAPP H
4VX PineappleUnderbarrelGet the 556 Icarus to Level 14556 Icarus

Lachmann-556 Best Attachments

Best Beginner Friendly Low Recoil Loadout.

Why did I choose Lachmann-556?

The Lachmann-556 becomes a considerable choice for new players thanks to its controllable recoil pattern and easy handling even at long ranges.

Lachmann-556 Best Attachments
Lachmann-556 Best Attachments (Image Credits: Captured By VeryAliGaming)

The strength and performance of the weapon are determined by the attachments used in it. However, the way one handles it also plays a significant role. Practice is required if you want to get expert in using certain weapons.

But the good part lies in the fact that through the attachments, you can enhance its usage and holding. I have written this guide to ensure what attachments can be most outstanding. Now, scroll down to learn about the best items to attach for this gun to experience its fullest potential.

  • Rear Grip: Lachmann TCG-10
  • Optic: Corio RE-X Pro
  • Stock: FT Mobile stock
  • Underbarrel: VX Pineapple

Lachmann TCG-10

An excellent attachment, the Lachmann TCG-10 is a rear grip that provides good stability to the weapon. Still, it’s mainly focused on improving and increasing the recoil control, eventually stabilizing it.

Besides this, mobility and speed are concerns of this grip’s design. You can make precise and quick shots with better recoil and take down the enemy quickly.

Corio RE-X Pro

I recommend the Corio RE-X Pro as an optic Attachment as the right one for the best Lachmann-556 loadout. It includes a substantial lens that gives you a clearer and bigger view of the opponents.

There is a blue-colored dot that allows you to make precise shots. This optic equipment also assists you in mid-range fights as you can aim at the enemies more clearly and accurately.

FT Mobile stock

The FT Mobile stock has tons of pros, so no wonder I considered it one of the top picks in the attachments. It results in quick aiming due to its limited load. It boosts the sprint speed, which helps you catch up on the enemies faster.

The speed for crouch movement and aim walking also increase to a satisfying level. In the last, it also raises the Aim down sight pace.

VX Pineapple

Are you thinking of the most appropriate underbarrel for Lachmann-556? Then VX Pineapple is the finest choice so far. Without any difficulty, it enables you to handle the weapon to take accurate aim at the adversary.

It gives a considerable amount of recoil management while combating at a long range. Enhances the hip fire accuracy and recoil control. The gun kick control also increases along to walk steadiness. It offers enough accuracy to the weapon to overpower your opponents.

Lachmann-556 Best Class Setup

Lachmann-556 Best Class Setup
Lachmann-556 Best Class Setup

The role of equipment is no less than that of attachments, and the proper equipment can lead you to conquer the game.

  • Tactical: Stim
  • Lethal: Drill Charge


Stim is placed above all the other tactical equipment. Its major role is to provide healing, and nothing can be more useful than such equipment during intense combats when you sometimes run out of healing.

It expands your survival rate by providing extra health. Apart from this, it revitalizes your tactical sprint, and it can be handy when you are in some threatening situation or location and want to reposition yourself.


For the lethal equipment, I have selected the drill charge. Not only by me but it is well-liked equipment by most of the players as it proffers incredible abilities. It is highly potent against adversaries hiding behind the walls, and you can easily clear the building or wall-surrounded area.  

Having drill-charge equipment is advantageous while encountering defensive opponents. Moreover, you can stamp out the enemies inside the vehicles. One thing to be noted is that you can hit the enemies vertically only, so ensure that your position is correct to hit the enemy vertically.

Best Perk Packages

The last task is to select the best perk packages for the Lachmann-556. Although there are many, only a few fit nicely with this weapon. In this guide, I have included some perk packages worth selecting. Read below to find out.


The Vanguard perk package has Double Time and Bomb Squad as the base perks. Double time works wonderfully in fast matches by doubling the duration of the tactical sprint, and the crouch movement speed also goes up by 30%.

Bomb Squad perk is also essential; with it, you can avoid the explosives planted by your opponents. It also lowers the damage given by the non-killstreak explosives. In Bonus Perk, I’ve included Resupply Perk.

The equipment recharges in 25 seconds through this perk, and the player spawns with an additional lethal. The final perk is the Ultimate perk, which is the High Alert perk. Through this perk, your vision pulses when an enemy outside your view spots you, and it alerts you right on time.

Weapon Specialist

The best and most sought-after Perk Package is the Weapon Specialist. It has the finest Perks, such as Overkill, which enables you to carry two primary weapons. For close-range fights, you can either carry a shotgun or an SMG.

Additionally, it has a Strong Arm that can launch equipment or lethal weapons farther while still enabling you to view the trajectory. The bonus perk this package includes is Spotter, allowing you to view Field Upgrade, equipment, and killstreaks through the walls.

You can highlight the enemy to your teammates by aiming down the sight at it. This perk is a great use when you want to attack the enemy sneakily. The ultimate Perk is Survivor, which allows your friends to revive faster and pings the opponents who turn you down.

Secondary Firearm

I recommend that you select the secondary weapon based on your most familiar preferences. The overkill perk allows you to equip a wide range of secondary weapons. However, it’s all up to you which one you want to equip.

How To Unlock Lachmann-556

Lachmann-556 Menu
Lachmann-556 Menu (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

The method of unlocking the Lachmann-556 in Warzone 2 is similar to that of Modern Warfare 2. First, you have to level up the operator to level 18. Then, you will get access to Lachmann-762 and play while using It until you reach level 16.

Once the rank is up to the 16th level, the Lachmann-556 will be unlocked. Then, the last thing you need to do is to increase its rank to level 12, and then you will be able to equip and use it in the matches.

  • Low Recoil.
  • Long Range Accuracy.
  • Excellent Handling.
  • Decent Mobility.
  • Slowed ADS speed.
  • Damage range is a bit reduced.
  • Slower TTK.

My Thoughts On Lachmann-556 

The Lachmann-556 favors newbies the most with its user-friendly stats and handling capability. It works well at long ranges, making it easy to pick targets effectively. The major downsides include slow TTK, ADS speed and bad response to rapid movements. 

My Today’s Warzone 2 guide ends here. This included the complete set of information concerning the best Lachmann-556 Loadout. I’ve also listed the top suggested attachments, perk packages, and equipment for this weapon.

Well, I hope you will find it informative and helpful. Stay in touch and share it with your COD teammates.

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