How to Get Warzone 2 Custom Loadout [3 Ways]

This article explains all three methods in detail to unlock custom loadout in warzone 2

How to get Warzone 2 Custom Loadout
Guide to unlock the custom loadout in warzone 2

The loadout system has changed after the launch of Warzone 2.0; instead of being able to purchase a full Custom loadout in 10 grands, now you have to buy each weapon individually from your loadouts.

If you wish to have a full loadout, you can follow a few methods to get equipped with a complete loadout early in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Warzone 2.0 allows you to create 10 custom loadouts as per you playstyle.
  • There are 3 methods that you can use to equip a custom loadout in the game, i.e. Buy Stations, Loadout Drops and Strong Holds.
  • You can purchase weapons to make a custom loadout as well during the match by spending $5000 per weapon.

Custom Loadouts

Custom Loadouts
Custom Loadouts (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Warzone 2.0 Allows Players to create 10 custom loadouts with a variety of weapon classes that suits their playstyle. Each loadout has it’s own benefits and depending on which part of map you dropped you have to equip a loadout accordingly.

How To Get Custom Loadouts

How To Get Your Custom Loadout
How To Get Your Custom Loadout (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

There are 3 different ways you can get a custom loadout in the new Warzone 2.0 as; unlike previous game where you can buy whole loadout, this time either you can spend $5000 for each weapon at the very start of the game, or you can try these 3 methods to equip your loadout.

Buy Stations

Buy Station
Buy Station (Captured By VeriAliGaming)

Everything that is easy comes with a price and the case is no different with Buy Stations, Buy stations allows you to quickly equip the weapons from your loadout at the very beginning of the game, but unlike Warzone 1 now you can’t have the whole loadout right away.

Each weapon from your Custom loadout costs $5000 and it is recommended to purchase one during the start of the game so you can get in the action fast and earn some more points to buy the remaining items from the station.

Performing side actives helps alot in gaining money for the Buy Stations and it’s the safest way to get equipped if you don’t want others to ruin your party by dropping in the zones and stealing everything before you even get a chance.

Tips For Buy Station

The money is limited, and the choices are limitless, so we need to be very specific about what we are looking for and what we need to keep moving forward in the game. The station allows you to make a choice between spending on gear or the weapons.

Buy Station's Gear and Weapon Menu
Buy Station’s Gear and Weapon Menu ( Captured By VeryAliGaming )

We recommend you to grab your primary weapon first, as that will make things super smooth for you, you know how it works, and you will be able to earn plenty more credits without relying upon any gear for the time being. Still, you will have some funds left to spend on perks and gear items.

Utilize them carefully or save them till you got enough to have your secondary as well, along with the remaining gear.

Loadout Drop

Loadout Drop
Loadout Drop (Credits JGOD)

Now this is where the fun begins, unlike the previous game where you get to feast on the loadout drop all by yourself, this time its open to loot by everyone.

If you have any previous experience with the game like Tom Clancy’s The Division, the concept is pretty similar. You get notified when a drop is inbound and your minimap gets updated with the highlighted area where the drop will be landing. Now all the players get notified about the drop.

The first team to reach the drop with all the ongoing action is the one that will be getting their hands on the loot, so proper team comms are required in this method of acquiring the loadout while your team holds your back against the enemies.

Loadout Drops allows you access to the loadout menu, where you can choose from your 10 custom loadouts and pick the right one suitable for the match and earn the victory.


Alright so Final method well this one is what we can say is more of a PVE content than the PVP part of the Warzone 2.0. In Strongholds three different parts of the map will get highlighted and you will have the option to attack either one and kill all the NPCs Defending it to claim rewards.

Stronghold Locations
Stronghold Locations

Strongholds come with different quests and rewards, and depending on how hard the quest is, the rewards just keep getting better, but you do need to be there on time in order to farm the Stronghold and earn the best possible loot it has to offer.

If you fail to do so and end up being late on sight then you can do additional activities like defusing the bomb in order to get a loadout for yourself; we will will explain below.

Additional Method For Strongholds

If someone from your team or nearby squads is performing the Stronghold, you will have a livewire Icon popping up on your screen along with a timer that, if you utilize it properly, you can help them defuse the bomb at the Bomb Location.

Bomb Location
Bomb Location

Once you reach the location, there is a massive chance that it will be guarded by a bunch of enemies protecting it from you. Clear out all the nearby enemies, mostly NPCs, to complete the quest and get near to the bomb to diffuse, that only takes a few seconds if you got any left.

Bomb Location Rewards
Bomb Location Rewards

On completion of that side quest you get reward with some gear items and weapons most common among them are,

  1. Gas Mask
  2. Armor Vest
  3. Black site Key

You can also access the chest now to get back to your loadout and equip it in a similar way as that of loadout drops and get back in the fights with your main gear.


So far, these are the best possible ways to get your best custom loadouts in the new Warzone 2.0, and we are pretty confident that this guide will make it easy and quick for you to equip them once you land on the field.

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Stay Frosty and we’ll see you in the next one!

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