Warzone 2 DMZ: The Definitive Guide

All the new stuff related to the DMZ mode featured in Warzone 2 is discussed here in detail to prepare you for the action.

Warzone 2: DMZ Mode Lobby
Warzone 2: DMZ Mode Lobby

Just like the plunder in Warzone 1, the next-generation game, Warzone 2, also features a distinct extraction mode called DMZ. As compared to plunder, this mode is a lot more challenging, as you only spawn once per game and have a selected loadout. At the same time, surviving there gives a lot more than just XP, which includes rare weapon blueprints, calling cards, etc. earned by completing the missions specific to this mode. In this Warzone 2: DMZ Complete Guide, the discussion includes the gameplay, missions, and rewards to provide you with the best knowledge possible before you engage in combat.

Key Takeaways

  • DMZ is an extraction-based mode that is playable with teams of a maximum of 3 players.
  • Enemies include other players in addition to AI bots.
  • Selected loadout is given, and you can extract new weapons found on the map or looted from other players.
  • Faction missions give unique rewards including weapon blueprints and more.
  • Regular loot and contracts are present on the map just like in battle royale.
  • Specific locations on the map feature special missions which can be completed to get extra bonuses.

Weapon Loadout System

In comparison to battle royale, the weapon system in DMZ mode is quite different. This is covered in detail in the Warzone 2 DMZ guide. You can equip two weapons, tactical and lethal equipment, as well as the other accessories from the previous game. There is an option to select the guns from either the insured or contraband slots. The major benefit is that you can get your hands on the weapons that other players have unlocked by killing them and then exfiltrating them along with their loadouts.

DMZ Mode Loadout Selection Menu
DMZ Mode Loadout Selection Menu

Insured Slots

Insured slots allow you to take one of your custom loadouts’ guns into the game. At first, only one insured spot is available, and unlocking two more involves completing the tier 3 and tier 5 tasks of either of the factions. Custom loadouts can be tailored to your liking based on the attachments and weapons you have obtained. If you are unable to successfully exfil, the selected insured slot will be subject to a cooldown period of 2 to 10 hours before you can pick it up again. Exfiltrating successfully converts all gained XP, reducing this time. Hence, extracting more XP decreases the cooldown time a lot more. Another way to reduce this time is to deposit your extra cash in specific trash cans found around the map.

Warzone 2: DMZ trash cans used for cash deposit reduce cooldown time for insured slots.
Trash cans in DMZ can be used as cash deposit sites to reduce insured slot cooldown time

Contraband Weapons

Contraband weapons are those that you pick up from random loot, dead AI bots’ bodies, and other players’ backpacks. Getting any firearm and extracting it will unlock it, along with its attachments. There are only a limited number of contraband weapon spots available for keeping looted weapons, which can be increased by leveling up. Keep in mind that being unable to extract from the game will result in the permanent loss of the weapon.

DMZ Mode: Weapon Selection Screen showing Insured and Contraband Guns.
DMZ Mode: Weapon Selection Screen showing Insured & Contraband Guns

Backpack And Other Equipment

  • Backpack: Backpacks that you can scavenge in the game are not lost and their usage is possible in the next game as well. Medium and large backpacks can store an extra gun as well which makes them a perfect choice to secure. You can buy these from the buy stations for $5000 and $7500, respectively.
  • Tactical and Lethal Gear: DMZ mode permits you to take any tactical and lethal gear with you from the ones you have already unlocked.
  • Field Upgrade: All field upgrade from the ones you have unlocked so far in the game is available.

Faction Missions

Faction missions are the hallmark of DMZ mode. They are divided into three categories. You can select a total of three missions from all of the factions. Any mission accomplished by one player is marked as complete for the whole squad. A few missions include the usual contracts found on the map, while others require proper teamwork. The tougher the mission, the better the reward. Some of these missions may become too difficult for a single person to complete, so we advise you to play with a squad that has similar assignments. The brief aspects of each faction are mentioned below in the Warzone 2 DMZ guide.

Active Missions List DMZ Mode.
DMZ Mode allows selecting three missions across all factions


These are the most basic faction missions in the DMZ, and they come pre-unlocked. So, in your first game, the main focus should be on finishing these missions to gain the rewards and XP.

Warzone 2: DMZ Legion Faction Tier 2 Missions
Legion Faction Tier 2 Missions

White Lotus

They are unlocked when you complete the first tier of the Legion faction. White Lotus include some better rewards and XP as compared to the Legion faction but they are a little difficult as well.

Warzone 2: DMZ White Lotus Tier 1 Mission List
White Lotus Tier 1 Mission List

Black Mous

Black Mous is the last faction, and to unlock it, you need to complete Tier 2 for the Legion and White Lotus factions. These missions comprise even tougher tasks that require more teamwork.

Warzone 2: DMZ Black Mous Tier 1 Mission List
Black Mous Tier 1 Mission List


Keys play a critical role in the DMZ mode. There are several special events/contracts in the game that require you to enter a specific building and complete some tasks or get particular loot. To enter these buildings, you will need to acquire special keys corresponding to each building. Obtaining these keys is not hard. Items dropped by AI bots, other players’ loot, random loot boxes, or buy stations are the best spots to get them.

Warzone 2: DMZ Rohan Oil North Guard Shack Key dropped by AI Bot when killed.
Key dropped as loot by AI Bot in DMZ

Basic Objectives

The DMZ mode offers a lot of fun missions and contracts, along with some challenging side missions as well. However, the primary goals of this game mode include obtaining new gun blueprints and leveling up the guns or your character. Just like in a battle royal, the primary task is to get yourself some good loot, invade buildings, or carry out a few missions. We will briefly talk about the main course of action for beginners in our Warzone 2 DMZ Mode Guide.


Exploring the map is one of the most salient tasks to do in Warzone 2, whether you are playing battle royale or the DMZ mode. At the start of the match, you will spawn at one of the edges of the map equipped with your selected loadout. So, your initial task would be to find some good loot, which you can either extract or use to get bigger loot by doing special contracts or defeating enemy players.

This mode provides the same map as the battle royal mode, so you can explore it while doing side tasks to gain a better understanding of it. The contracts and special missions here differ from the ones in the battle royale, even though this map is the same as Al-Mazarah.

Warzone 2: DMZ mode's Al-Marah Map
Al-Mazarah Map in the DMZ Mode


Unlike the battle royale, the loot in the DMZ is a lot more versatile. It includes a lot of stuff that you can sell at buy stations to get cash. These are present everywhere on the map, and their prices range from $10 to $10,000 depending on their rarity and type. Common items are cheap, while rare ones, like some acquired through special contracts or scavenged from specific spots, cost more. Hence, looting plays an important part in the DMZ, not just to get better equipment and guns but to be able to buy better equipment and even rare weapon blueprints as well.

On the other hand, you can obtain some excellent weapons from weapon cases or discover keys that open doors to special buildings with even better loot and rewards. Another important piece of loot that you can find is a piece of intel. AI enemies or other players may drop them when killed. These pieces of intel are extremely crucial for completing certain faction missions. The buy stations provide a decent amount of cash for them.

Buy Stations

  • Selling Valuables: In contrast to the original battle royale, the buy stations in DMZ feature more stuff and even an option to sell specific items. The valuables, collected during loot, are sold in buy stations, and the cash is used to buy required equipment.
Warzone 2: DMZ Buy Station Menu featuring option to buy Gear, Contraband Weapons or Sell Valuable.
DMZ Buy Station Menu featuring the option to buy gear, contraband weapons, or sell valuables
  • Buying Contraband Weapons: Additionally, you can even buy contraband weapons from buy stations in the new DMZ mode. This option features another way to unlock guns in warzone 2. Buying these weapons and extracting them will unlock them for you permanently and they will be added to your contraband slots. Nevertheless, not all weapons are present there to be sold. The guns which are available for buying depend entirely on your luck. The cost of these weapons is a little high, so be prepared to have some extra cash.
DMZ: Buying Contraband Weapons at a Buy Station


The final objective of this game mode is to escape from the map. There are three spots for exfil on the map, whose locations are set randomly during each match. These areas are denoted by blue exit symbols. A timer of 25 minutes starts when you join the game, and you need to exit before this time runs out. An important piece of advice is to safely exfiltrate as early as possible once you have accomplished your missions because as the game reaches the endgame, more players will be there to ambush you. To exfiltrate safely, the Warzone 2 DMZ guide presents the following steps:

  • Get to the exfil location and make sure it is clear of any human or AI bot enemies.
  • When you arrive at the green smoke at the exfil, a prompt will appear which will tell you to call the exfil helicopter. Press the action key on the keyboard/controller to launch a flare in the sky.
  • The exfil helicopter will reach the location in about 20-30 seconds.
  • Enter the helicopter once it has landed in the area, you will have 30 seconds to do this. After entering it, the helicopter will leave the site in 5 seconds.
  • If you can safely pull this off, you will get the XP and other rewards.
Exfil locations in DMZ Mode of Al-Mazarah map.
DMZ Exfil Locations in Al-Mazarah

Final Battle

This may seem easy, but exfiltrating is not child’s play. When you fire the flare, all human players in the area will notice and rush in to get your loot and exfil. The last 30 seconds are the most crucial, as you can die while boarding the helicopter. Additionally, you will die even after you have boarded the helicopter if you are not careful enough. So, the best advice is to keep in a prone stance once you are in the helicopter and be prepared for any encounter until the game ends.

The End Game

The gas circle begins to close down and occupy areas with exfil and other important locations as 5 minutes or less remain. In the late part of the game, there comes a time when all exfil locations are inside the gas zone and become impossible to reach. In this situation, a final exfil location emerges on the map area inside the safe zone. Whoever gets there and escapes safely wins. If you still got left behind, soon the final exfil will disappear and you will die from the gas.

Warzone 2: DMZ mode's extraction successful screen showing XP and other rewards earned during the game
Extraction successful screen showing XP and other rewards earned during the game

Penalty For Dying

In the DMZ mode guide, you get only one life. This means that once you die, you will not be able to respawn in the same game. There is also no gulag in this game mode, so you should remain conscious. However, once you get downed, your teammates can revive you, or you can use a self-revive kit. There is an option to buy your friends back from the buy station as well. Therefore, you can just watch and wait for your team to revive you if you get killed in action.

The major downside of dying in the DMZ is that you lose all of your contraband weapons permanently, and your insured slot goes on cooldown time until you can use it again. In addition to firearms, anything else that you have looted or earned during the game will be lost as well. The backpack and all its items, e.g., keys, armor plates, an armor satchel, etc., will not come back. Thus, you will need to grind again in the next match to get all that loot.

Advanced Objectives

If you get bored by killing the normal AI in the game and you want more fun, then these advanced objectives are the best place to look. All the details about the location, tasks, and rewards of these missions are mentioned in the Warzone 2 DMZ guide.


Strongholds are specific buildings marked on the map with a castle’s symbol. There are several distributed on the map. To enter a stronghold, you will need a stronghold key. You can either get this from AI bot loot drops, loot boxes, and enemy players or buy it at buy stations for $5000. These buildings have strong AI bots with heavy armor and riot shields, so killing them is not an easy task. Anyhow, if you survive this, you will get a lot of XP and cash as a reward, or you can even find some rare guns lying there in some weapon crates.

The Weapon Case Boss

Acquiring the weapon case is one of the most difficult tasks in the DMZ. It is marked by a yellow weapon case with a question mark on the map enclosed in a yellow circle. The location of the yellow case changes in each game. As soon as you enter the zone, you will need to fight a juggernaut boss who spawns in the circle. Be aware that this boss will be the one who carries the ultimate reward, the weapon case. Once you kill him, you can pick up the case and flee.

Additionally, you will be marked with a blue case once you pick up the briefcase, so other players will surely be coming after you. There is only one weapon case per map, so be cautious as there will also be other players looking for this. It is far easier to steal it from another player than it is to fight the juggernaut and all other AI enemies. Exfiltrating with the weapon’s case will unlock one of seven rewards, the first being the Caution Tape Blueprint for the RPK. The other rewards include calling cards, emblems, etc. Exfiltration of one teammate will unlock the RPK for the whole team if they exfil as well.

DMZ: Weapon Case mission location on the map
Weapon Case mission location on the map

The Chemist

To get the famous M13B blueprint, you will need to win the fight against the chemist. The location of the chemist is marked with a gas zone and a radioactive symbol on the map. This location changes randomly in each game. You must kill the enemy AI while wearing a hazmat suit; once killed, he will drop the M13B, which you can pick up and exfil. Finding the chemist is easy because he is the only distinct enemy there with the characteristic suit, although there will be other AI enemies to stop you. This is a first-come, first-served mission, as there is only one chemist in each DMZ game. This is the only way to get this blueprint.

DMZ Chemist location on the map.
DMZ Chemist location on the map

Special Contracts

In addition to these advanced missions, there are several side contracts and special missions in Al-Mazarah as well. The Warzone 2 DMZ guide provides a brief overview of each of them below.

Nuclear Fuel

These missions are present in two places on the map. The tasks include securing the nuclear material, which sells for $10,000 each at the buy stations. The two main tasks are:

  • Geiger Counter: The first task will be to secure a Geiger counter. When you start the mission, the location of the device is marked on the map. Upon reaching there, you can find it.
  • Nuclear Material: The next task is to find the nuclear material using the Geiger counter. The Geiger counter’s readings/beeps go up as you move closer to the source of radioactivity, i.e., the nuclear material. After securing this, you can sell it for easy money on the buy stations.

Ship Cargo

Ship cargo requires the player to reach a specific location on the map where a boat loaded with cargo is present. The main objective is to securely deliver the cargo to the specified location. To make things difficult, an attack helicopter will be chasing you throughout the journey to stop you from delivering the cargo. If you escape it and arrive at the destination alive, you will get a reward of $10,000.

Destroy Supplies

This mission provides you with a location where supplies are present. Your task will be to destroy the supplies by blowing them up. A ton of AI enemies will be on-site, and they will try to disarm the bomb. If you successfully defend the site, your reward will be $7500.

SAM Sites

SAM sites are present in specific locations on the map. They are marked with missile symbols. These sites are heavily guarded by AI enemies, which require a lot of effort to kill. After securing the site, you can activate the SAM turret. These turrets will take down supply planes automatically which will drop supply loadouts. You can rush to the loadout and check for exclusive loot including guns, killstreaks, cash, etc. present there. The SAM turret destroys several planes one by one, so there is no need to worry if you miss one or two supply drops.

Police Stations

Police stations are special buildings on the map. There is not a particular mark on the map for them, but locating them is easy by recognizing their characteristic building layout on the map. The police stations do not have a lot of things to loot, but there is a chance to find the blueprint for a basilisk pistol in one of the buildings.

Final Thoughts

In this Warzone 2 DMZ guide, we comprehensively discuss the key aspects of the DMZ mode in Warzone 2. The rules of the game differ a lot from the battle royale and the previous sandbox mode, plunder, but it is still fun to play. Here, you can conveniently unlock and upgrade most of the weapons that are used in the battle royale. This mode also features a ton of AI bots with decent difficulty, so you can practice your aim in real time on the same map of Al-Mazarah.

In the end, this mode is fun, but the AI enemies are not something that needs to be taken lightly. The cost of losing a game in the DMZ will be the loss of your loadout for the next few games, but you can practice and perform better in the succeeding game to gather the top rewards.

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