BEST Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Loadout & Guide

This guide presents the best Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Loadout. We will discuss the attachments and tuning along with the other perks as well.

Kastov-762 Loadout

Warzone 2 is out now, and the players are looking for the most reliable gun. Lucky enough for the AK-47 lovers, we have the Kastov-762 as a replacement. This gun features good mid-range fighting capability. Here we present the best Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Loadout, which goes well for beginners and pros alike. We will also include tuning instructions to help you turn it into a monster gun. Our primary focus will be optimizing this gun for maximum effective range and aim stability.

Key Takeaways

  • Kastov-762 is one of the most effective assault rifles for long-range.
  • It provides similar damage and recoil statistics as compared to the AK-47.
  • The heavy-hitting gun breaks shields in 3-5 bullets with the ability to wipe out entire squads in one magazine
  • It is paired with an SMG primarily for close-range fights. So, the Overkill perk is an ideal choice with this loadout.

Unlocking the Kastov-762

To unlock this gun, you will not need to grind much. The Kastov-762 is available to be used once you reach Level 23. A couple of games will be enough to get your hands on it. It is widely available in the DMZ mode where a lot of AI Bots use it.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Loadout Screen
Kastov 762 Loadout

Kastov-762 Attachments

  • Muzzle: POLARFIRE-S
  • Barrel: IG–K30 406mm
  • Laser: 1MW Laser Box
  • Optic: Coreo Re-X Pro / VLK 4.0 Optic
  • Underbarrel: Phase – 3 Grip

Increased bullet velocity, damage buff, and sound suppression are the key improvements you get from using the POLARFIRE-S Muzzle. The only trade-off is a little increase in recoil but this attachment is worth it.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Muzzle Attachment: POLARFIRE-S
Kastov-762 with POLARFIRE-S Muzzle gives better Bullet Velocity & Damage Range

Adding the IG-K30 406MM Barrel counters the gun’s increased recoil. The only con this attachment offers is reduced mobility. Still, its merits are worth the cost.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Barrel Attachment: IG-K30 406MM
The IG-K30 406mm Barrel on Kastov-762 enhances Recoil Control

Next is the Phase-3 Grip as the under-barrel attachment. This attachment, like most grips, improves aiming stability, in addition to smoothing the recoil pattern, making it much easier to control.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Underbarrel Attachment: Phase-3 Grip
Kastov-762 with Phase-3 Grip for aim stability

The 1MW Laser Box gives excellent hip-fire accuracy. The first reaction is to fire hip-fire shots during an unexpected encounter with some enemy. This reduces the bullet spread as well and comes with no disadvantages.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Laser Attachment: 1MW Laser Box
1mW Laser Box attachment increases Hip-Fire Accuracy

The last thing is the optic attachment which is the Corio Re-X Pro. This optic attachment features a blue-dot holographic sight that gives an edge in mid-range fights.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Optic Attachment: Corio Re-X Pro
Corio Re-X Pro improves close and mid-range accuracy

For long ranges, you can opt for the VLK 4.0 optic, as it gives a decent 4x zoom but decreases the chance to win close-quarter battles. Choose whatever fits your game style!

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Optic Attachment: VLK 4.0
VLK 4.0 with 4x Zoom for Long-Range Shots

Kastov-762 Loadout Tuning

Warzone 2.0 offers a new setting to tune weapons which makes them even more customizable according to your gameplay. This Best Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Loadout also offers the most optimized tuning for the attachments discussed above.

  • Muzzle: The muzzle is completely tuned for Aim Down Speed in the Weight portion. The Length portion is kept in the middle.
  • Under-barrel: The Phase-3 Grip’s weight is kept a little biased to the Aim Down Speed side in case you want to aim down for targets a little faster. The length of the grip is increased till the end towards Aiming Idle Stability to give an advantage in close-quarter combats.
  • Optics: The Corio Re-X Pro and VLK 4.0 are biased for Aim Down Speed, while the eye position is kept Far to provide good accuracy at medium range for the Corio Re-X Pro Sight and Near for the VLK 4.0.

Best Perks and Equipment

Secondary Weapon

For close-quarter combats, you will need a second gun that covers all the shortages of the Kastov. An SMG will give the most advantage in critical situations. Some recommended SMGs are:

  • PDSW 528: The default magazine capacity of 50 bullets makes this gun a fine choice without any need for an extra magazine attachment.
  • VEL-46: VEL-46 offers a decent fire rate favorable for short to mid-range encounters.  
  • Fennec – 45: This little beast gives the highest fire rate for any SMG in the warzone. Good for wiping out the last man standing if you need to reload your main weapon.
  • Lachman Sub: This SMG offers great mobility and damage. This gun makes a perfect combo with the Kastov for short ranges.


We recommend going for the Weapon Specialist Package. It offers:

  • Base Perks:
    • Overkill: Allows you to carry 2 primary weapons. It’s advantageous to keep an SMG with you.
    • Strong Arm: Increases the throwing range of equipment. It will help you blow up downed enemies behind cover at longer distances.
  • Bonus Perk – Spotter: It spots and highlights the enemy’s equipment, killstreaks, and field upgrades through walls. It even allows hacking enemy Mines, Claymore, etc.
  • Ultimate Perk – Survivor: The best perk for team play. Gives a reduced revive time and also marks the downed enemies.

Lethal and Tactical Equipment

  • Tactical EquipmentStim: It gives a mobility boost and quick health restoration favorable in many conditions.
  • Lethal Equipment: Semtex/Frag Grenades are recommended if you want to smoke your enemies or Throwing Knife if you prefer to one-shot your downed enemies.

Final Thoughts

This loadout will help take gunfights at almost all ranges without any fear. With the top-notch gear and perks at hand, it won’t be easy to lose a 1 vs. 1 fight or even against a full squad. This best Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Loadout aims for aggressive gameplay, so you can either rush enemies camping inside some house with the SMG, or you can watch over your teammate’s backs with all-rounder effective mid-range shots.

In the end, the most useful tip is to play smart. Avoid getting involved in long-range combats as they may not turn fruitful in your favor. Always keep yourself in positions with good escape windows. Keep practicing if you struggle with the recoil and you will get to be the last man standing in Warzone.

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