BEST Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Loadout & Guide

With much time invested in Warzone 2, here are my picks for Kastov-762 Loadout.

Kastov-762 Loadout

Kastov-762 is preferable among players because of its accuracy and promising long-range. To achieve the best performance, you can consider my best loadout for the weapon before dropping into Warzone 2. 

Key Takeaways

  • Kastov-762 is one of the most effective assault rifles for long-range.
  • It provides similar damage and recoil statistics as compared to the AK-47.
  • The heavy-hitting gun breaks shields in 3 to 5 bullets with the ability to wipe out entire squads in one magazine.
  • It is paired with an SMG primarily for close-range fights. So, the Overkill perk is an ideal choice with this loadout.
About The Author

With over 200+ hours in Call of Duty games, you can easily trust my hands-on experience and information related to Warzone 2.

Unlocking The Kastov-762

To unlock this gun, you will not need to grind much. The Kastov-762 is available to be used once you reach Level 23.

A couple of games will be enough to get your hands on it. It is widely available in the DMZ mode, which many AI Bots use.

What Makes Kastov-762 Standout?

It is early unlockable with some of the satisfying fire rate and accuracy that can be improved further with the right addition of perks and attatchments.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Loadout Screen
Kastov 762 Loadout


  • Muzzle: POLARFIRE-S
  • Barrel: IG–K30 406mm
  • Laser: 1MW Laser Box
  • Optic: Coreo Re-X Pro / VLK 4.0 Optic
  • Underbarrel: Phase – 3 Grip

Increased bullet velocity, damage buff, and sound suppression are the key improvements you get from using the POLARFIRE-S Muzzle. The only trade-off is a little increase in recoil, but this attachment is worth it.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Muzzle Attachment: POLARFIRE-S
Kastov-762 with POLARFIRE-S Muzzle gives better Bullet Velocity & Damage Range

Adding the IG-K30 406MM Barrel counters the gun’s increased recoil. The only con this attachment offers is reduced mobility. Still, in my opinion, its merits are worth the cost.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Barrel Attachment: IG-K30 406MM
The IG-K30 406mm Barrel on Kastov-762 enhances Recoil Control

Next is the Phase-3 Grip as the under-barrel attachment. Like most grips, this attachment improves aiming stability and smoothing the recoil pattern, making it much easier to control.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Underbarrel Attachment: Phase-3 Grip
Kastov-762 with Phase-3 Grip for aim stability

Next, I will add a 1MW Laser Box, which gives excellent hip-fire accuracy. The first reaction is to fire hip-fire shots during an unexpected encounter with some enemy. This reduces the bullet spread as well and comes with no disadvantages.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Laser Attachment: 1MW Laser Box
1mW Laser Box attachment increases Hip-Fire Accuracy

The last thing is the optic attachment, which is the Corio Re-X Pro. This optic attachment features a blue-dot holographic sight that gives an edge in mid-range fights.

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Optic Attachment: Corio Re-X Pro
Corio Re-X Pro improves close and mid-range accuracy

Alternate Option: You can opt for the VLK 4.0 optic for long ranges, as it gives a decent 4x zoom but decreases the chance to win close-quarter battles. Choose whatever fits your game style!

Warzone 2 Kastov-762 Optic Attachment: VLK 4.0
VLK 4.0 with 4x Zoom for Long-Range Shots

Kastov-762 Loadout Tuning

Warzone 2.0 offers a new setting to tune weapons, making them even more customizable according to your gameplay. My best Kastov-762 Loadout in Warzone 2 also offers the most optimized tuning for the abovementioned attachments.

  • Muzzle: The muzzle is completely tuned for Aim Down Speed in the Weight portion. The Length portion is kept in the middle.
  • Under-barrel: The Phase-3 Grip’s weight is kept slightly biased to the Aim Down Speed side if you want to aim down for targets a little faster. The grip length is increased until the end towards Aiming Idle Stability to give an advantage in close-quarter combats.
  • Optics: The Corio Re-X Pro and VLK 4.0 are biased for Aim Down Speed, while the eye position is kept Far to provide good accuracy at medium range for the Corio Re-X Pro Sight and Near for the VLK 4.0.

Best Perks & Equipment

Secondary Weapon

For close-quarter combats, you will need a second gun that covers all the shortages of the Kastov. I recommend going with an SMG to receive a fast response out of tight situations.

  • PDSW 528: The default magazine capacity of 50 bullets makes this gun a fine choice without needing an extra magazine attachment.
  • VEL-46: VEL-46 offers a decent fire rate favorable for short to mid-range encounters.  
  • Fennec – 45: This little beast gives the highest fire rate for any SMG in the warzone. Good for wiping out the last man standing if you need to reload your main weapon.
  • Lachman Sub: This SMG offers great mobility and damage. This gun makes a perfect combo with the Kastov for short ranges.


I recommend going for the Weapon Specialist Package. It offers:

  • Base Perks:
    • Overkill: Allows you to carry 2 primary weapons. It’s advantageous to keep an SMG with you.
    • Strong Arm: Increases the throwing range of equipment. It will help you blow up downed enemies behind cover at longer distances.
  • Bonus Perk – Spotter: It spots and highlights the enemy’s equipment, killstreaks, and field upgrades through walls. It even allows hacking enemy Mines, Claymore, etc.
  • Ultimate Perk – Survivor: The best perk for team play. It gives a reduced revive time and also marks the downed enemies.

Lethal & Tactical Equipment

  • Tactical EquipmentStim: It gives a mobility boost and quick health restoration favorable in many conditions.
  • Lethal Equipment: Semtex/Frag Grenades are recommended to smoke your enemies or Throwing Knife if you prefer to one-shot your downed enemies.

  • High Accuracy.
  • Enhanced Mobility.
  • Minimum Bullet spread.

  • Beginners may struggle.
  • Recoil Practice Demanding.

My Experience With Katstov-762 Loadout

It transformed my Warzone 2 experience, equipping me to handle gunfights at any range without hesitation. With this exceptional gear and these perks in my arsenal, losing a 1 vs. 1 encounter or even facing a full squad became a rare occurrence. With a focus on aggressive gameplay, I could either swiftly engage enemies holed up in buildings with the SMG or provide effective mid-range support for my teammates.

Ultimately, the key to success lies in playing strategically. I recommend steering clear of long-range battles, as they often didn’t work out in my favor. Instead, I positioned myself in spots with viable escape routes. If the recoil proved challenging, I dedicated time to practice, honing my skills to become the last man in Warzone 2.

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