Warzone 2: M4 Class Build [Setup + Tune]

This guide is all about warzone 2 M4 SMG Class Build, Perks & Tuned Settings as I have played Warzone 2 for more than 100+ hours!

Warzone 2 M4 Class Build
M4 class Build, perks and a lot more

M4 has always been a fan-favorite gun in the Call Of Duty franchise, and the story is no different in Warzone 2; today, I will be covering M4 class Build, and its tuning so you have a perfectly balanced gun to dominate the matches.

About The Author

Ehtishaam Tanveer has played 200+ hours of Call of Duty games. His love for COD is noticeable in his hours spent in the games. So, you can easily trust his hands-on experience and information related to Warzone 2.

So let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • M4 allows you to put four different attachments that carry various stats on them to improve your gameplay experience.
  • I’ll be looking into some of the best attachments that you can equip it to have an edge in close to mid-range combat situations.
  • I will tune the weapon in a way that all the stats will be perfectly balanced, and you won’t have to sacrifice one over the other to get a perfect setup.

M4 Class Build Setup

M4 Class Setup
M4 Class Setup (Captured By VeryAliGaming)

Now I will be discussing what attachments are a right fix for your M4 Class and how you can get the most out of it. Also in the end I will share some details about the tuning bench as well so you can fully customize the guns according to your style and needs.

So lets get started with the attachments that you will be using in this class.

Muzzle-Rf Crown 50

Rf Crown Muzzle Warzone 2
Attach RF Crown Muzzle (Imagecredits: PrimitiveAk)

If you are getting into the game, the Crown 50 would be a no-brainer for you, the muzzle is extremely balanced, and it provides you improved horizontal and vertical stability by improving your recoil pattern and spread.

It’s a great pick, especially if you are planning to ADS a lot in the game or taking on mid to long-range fights, as that’s where you can’t afford a shaky hand as it might cost you and your team the game.

High Tower 20” Barrel

High tower Barrel Warzone 2
High Tower Barrel

If you are planning to sacrifice a little bit of speed, either its movement or ADS, then Hightower 20 can be a great pick as M4 being a mid-range weapon, it can also be tuned well to deal a decent amount of damage at longer ranges.

The barrel improves the bullet velocity as well as the damage range, which means you will land more impactful shots even at longer ranges without worrying about any reduction in base damage it also offers improved recoil control which is nothing but a cherry on top at such distances.

Ammunition- 5.56 High Velocity

Warzone 2 Bullet Velocity Attachment
5.56 High Velocity

With 5.56 High Velocity, you get improved bullet velocity and projection but at the cost of reduced damage range, but it allows you to own your close combat fights as guns like M4 that have high rate of fire can benefit a lot from these rounds and can even wipe a whole squad if the situation allows.


M4 Magazine Attachment
60 round magazine M4 Class

Now when it comes to Magazine capacity, normally, I leave it to personal preference, as some might be happy with 45 bullets. Still, for the majority including us, I prefer to have more bullets at my disposal so I need to worry less about reloading more often in between fights.

Having a bigger magazine comes with its pros and cons, but they are not too drastic to change my mind and go for a lower bullet count, As more is always better in this case.

At the cost of some speed and movement, you can have additional ammo capacity, and if you are someone who ADS quite often, then you might not even notice it.

Optic- SZ SRO-7

SZ SRO-7 M4 Class
Optic- SZ SRO-7

My M4 Class Build is currently revolving around Mid-Range fights, so I need to add a scope that provides you with a clearer vision even at further distances. A 3x scope that allows you to precisely target your enemies.

It does have a minor impact over the Aim down-sight speed, but it’s worth it. Trust us on this one as the distance you can cover and how much it improves the visibility, it’s okay to slow down a bit and enjoy every kills you get from it.

Perk Packages

Warzone 2 M4 packages
Specter Package M4 Class Setup

I know some of you are legendary players, and you don’t even need packages to get started causing mayhem, but I need to take care of the newbies getting into the game, and for them, I have decided to go with Specter Package.

This package is easy to get started with and allows you to equip some of the most useful perks like Ghost, Scavenger, Spotter and many more

These perks allow you to get right into the fight and benefit from them; you can stay under the radar without being detected and not only will gain increased movement speed due to double time, which you’ll really need after the attachments I’ve planned on equipping in this class, and I got Tracker.

Tracker as the name suggest allows you to track your enemy footsteps and hunt them down so all in all you play like a ghost and destroy your foes before they could even plan a strategy against you.


Tacticals are a must-have as they assist you in getting out from the sticky situations or playing around and fooling the enemies, or blowing them all up altogether while they least expect you.

For tactical, you got plenty of options like regular frag grenades, Semtex, claymores, and all have their own perks depending on your playstyle and environment awareness.

Custom Tuning

Tuning is now easier than ever thanks to the Tuning bench option in the game, while I have suggested you the best possible options you should look into if you are either starting off with the game or don’t want to get too much into the technical stuff and enjoy the game.

You can fully customize the tuning, though, by picking up items that suit your gameplay; maybe you like to run and gun, then you should be investing into more movement speed than stability, or maybe you are someone with the craze of hip-fire then you can use Iron Sight instead of scope.

This way list goes on, and you can keep making changes over time to make these builds truly unique and yours to own.

There you have it, folks, a very detailed guide about customizing and tuning your M4 Class Build according to your needs. If you love these guides and want us to keep making more of them for you, then kindly do share our work with your loved ones.

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