Warzone 2: Quarry Operations Folder Location & Guide

This Quarry Operations Folder Warzone 2 guide will inform you about everything related to this mysterious folder and how to use it.

Quarry Operations Folder Warzone 2
Quarry Operations Folder Warzone 2

Warzone 2 is the latest hit game on the block. Following the footsteps of Warzone 1, the game has already established a strong fanbase in the gaming community. Moreover, it brings forth new loadouts and areas that are just waiting to be explored. Among them is the Quarry Operations Folder. Hence this Quarry Operations Folder Warzone 2 guide will help you find and utilize it.

Key Takeaways

    • Operations Folder in Warzone 2 is worth $1000 & is one of the most expensive items in Warzone 2.
    • You can locate Operations Folder, which contains details about Al-Qatala’s operations, shipments, & contracts at the Al Safwa Quarry. To access the Folder, you need to climb a set of stairs & reach the operations room at the northern end of the Quarry.
    • You can discover some of the top-notch weapons, such as SMGs, LMGs, & armor plates, inside the two blue warehouses located on the Quarry’s eastern side.
    • Vehicles such as ATVs can also be found in the Quarry, which is useful for transportation.
    • The Quarry also has a large warehouse that contains a heartbeat sensor & other useful equipment.
    • The folder may not have a significant impact on warzone 2. Other things at the Quarry should also be checked out.


    What is the Operations Folder?

    Warzone 2 Quarry Operations Folder
    Warzone 2 Quarry Operations Folder

    With the release of Warzone 2.0, the Call of Duty Warzone cycle has begun. An Easter egg from the first Modern Warfare 2 can be seen in early pictures of the Warzone 2 map. The size of Quarry was larger than games like Rust, but Warzone 2’s enormous map still dwarfs it in size. For the first time, players will have the chance to explore it properly.

    An odd object with no established history is the operations folder with a $1000 value that makes it one of the most expensive items you can find in the game. Regarding appearance, the operations folder looks like a keycard from the previous warzone. One of the primary adversaries in the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign is Al-Qatala.

    This folder in the game describes Al-Qatala’s various operations, shipments, contracts with customers, the government, etc. Additionally, the documentation also contains time stamps for shipments that were received unusually late at night. It also suggests that they were moved under cover of darkness. The operations folder is essential in the game as it contains much helpful information. It includes sensitive information about Al-Qatala’s military and leadership.


    Folder's Location in Waronze 2 Quarry
    Location of the Folder

    The northwest of Al Mazrah is home to three significant sites: Taraq Village, Rohan Oil Refinery, and Al-Safwa Quarry, as well as a large area of oasis and roadside remains. The Al Safwa Quarry is a significant industrial complex located deep within the western slopes of Al Mazrah. Only from the northern end of the Al-Safwa Quarry can you access the operations folder in Call of Duty Warzone 2.0.

    Reach the decrepit warehouse in the center of the quarry, then travel north along the muddy trails. You will eventually see a flight of stairs to your left that leads to an operations room with a sizable crane on top as you continue. If you enter the room, the operations folder sits in the corner.


    Even though this operation folder has a lot of applications, Warzone 2.0 essentially ignores it. Do not use it to get the weaponry inside or outside the quarry. At the time of writing, you can not redeem any money from this folder at a buy station. Therefore, you cannot buy a kill streak or equipment using this valuable but useless resource.

     Additionally, this folder cannot be used to access any remote regions of the game. The unique description notwithstanding, there doesn’t seem to be much value in this item overall.

    Items At the Quarry

    Finding the operations folder at the Al-Safwa Quarry is possible when you are lucky, but it’s far from functional. The Al Safwa Quarry is a significant industrial complex located deep within the western slopes of Al Mazrah. Thankfully, there are some valuable items you can find and use beneficially. A list of such things is given below and explained one by one.

    1. Weapons
    2. Vehicles
    3. Equipment


    Start by looking inside the two blue warehouses on the Al-Safwa Quarry’s eastern side in order to locate the weapon components. These two buildings contain most of the prize containers, which are 20 to 25. The best SMGs, LMGs, and numerous armor plates are all present in these loot crates. Climb the poly drums for additional supplies since there are a few loot chests perched atop them as well.


    Visit the Quarry to get ready for a long voyage. It often has one or two vehicles and is an ATV. These vehicles are much more essential in this situation, given how close the quarry is to the northwest region of the map. Because the secure zone is probably far away, having a rapid mode of transportation is quite beneficial.


    A heartbeat sensor is one of Warzone 2.0’s best gadgets. This may be found in the sizable warehouse that is close to the building that holds the operations folder in the quarry’s middle. There is also a ton of deadly equipment available right now. If your playstyle requires a specific equipment loadout, you should look closer at this warehouse.


    This is how you can get your hand on the mysterious Quarry Operations Folder Warzone 2. It might seem valuable, but honestly doesn’t have much of an impact on the game. Hence to make sure you don’t waste your time, make sure to check out the other things at the Quarry.

    With that, we conclude our Quarry Operations Folder Warzone 2 guide. Let us know down below your thoughts on the game so far.

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