Warzone 2: Best RPK Loadout, Perks & Attachments

The best Warzone 2 RPK Loadout is here with detailed overview of the attachments and their tunings.

Warzone 2 RPK Loadout
RPK Loadout

The large map of warzone 2 demands weapons with long-range capability but only a few guns fit this category. In the LMG category, the RPK offers a good time to kill even for long ranges with very less penalties in terms of recoil and mobility. In this article, we will discuss the best Warzone 2 RPK loadout there is to give you the upper hand in distant fights.

Key Takeaways

  • RPK has one of the lowest time-to-kill fire rates across all LMGs.
  • The large magazine of the gun allows players to spray bullets without the fear of reloading.
  • Another advantage is the drum magazine of the RPK which decreases the reload time.
  • To counter the mobility issue, an SMG or a dual-wielded pistol is preferred as a secondary weapon.

Here is a complete summary table for the Best RPK Loadout in Warzone 2:

No.WeaponTypeRequired LevelDescription
1Lachmann-762MuzzleRaise the Lachmann-762 to Level 5Extra length offers maximum range and bullet velocity at the expense of some stability.
2RPKRear GripRaise the RPK to Level 18A smooth and reliable pistol grip that helps control recoil.
3Kastov 762OpticRaise the Kastov 762 to Level 4 A 4x scope of Russian origin.
4556 IcarusUnderbarrelRaise the 556 Icarus to Level 14A heavy grip with grooves for better handling. Keeps weapon on target both when aiming and taking quick shots from the hip.

How To Unlock The RPK

Warzone 2 has a complicated weapon level system so unlocking the RPK isn’t very easy. Leveling up the Kastov-762 to level 4 unlocks the RPK. In this case, you will need to unlock the Kastov-762 first and play with it for some time to level it up. Moreover, you can unlock this gun through DMZ Mode. You will need to complete a Weapon Case Event in the game which requires you to go to the site where the weapon case has spawned and kill the AI-controlled Juggernaught. Afterward, you will need to safely exfill along with the weapon case to get a blueprint of RPK Caution Tape as one of the seven rewards.

RPK Caution Tape Blueprint - Weapon Case Event Reward
RPK Caution Tape Blueprint – Weapon Case Event Reward


  • Muzzle: POLARFIRE-S (Lachman-762 Level 5)
  • Rear Grip: Demo-X2 Grip (RPK Level 18)
  • Stock: Heavy Support Stock (RPK Level 12)
  • Optic: VLK 4.0 Optic (Kastov-762 Level 4)
  • Underbarrel: VX Pineapple (556 Iccarus Level 14)
RPK Attachments Picture
RPK Attachments


DescriptionExtra length offers maximum range and bullet velocity at the expense of some stability.
WeaponRequired Level
Lachmann-762Raise the Lachmann-762 to Level 5

The POLARFIRE-S Muzzle is one of the best choices to go for the RPK. The sound suppression doesn’t give away your location. Additionally, the increased bullet velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness make it easy to take down targets at a significant range. As for the disadvantages, this attachment affects the recoil a little. To gain this, you need to get Lachman-762 to Level 5.


DEMO-X2 Rear Grip

DescriptionA smooth and reliable pistol grip that helps control recoil.
TypeRear Grip
WeaponRequired Level
RPKRaise the RPK to Level 18

For the rear grip attachment, the DEMO-X2 grip gives you the most advantage by increasing the recoil control with a small penalty to aiming stability as well. Level 18 RPK gives you access to this attachment.

RPK Demo-X2 Grip Attachment
RPK Demo-X2 Grip Attachment

VLK 4.0 Optic Sight

DescriptionA 4x scope of Russian origin.
WeaponRequired Level
Kastov 762Raise the Kastov 762 to Level 4

When going for the long-range weapon, VLK 4.0 is surely the prime attachment. With the 4x Magnification, this attachment will give you an upper hand in most combats at a distance. Like most of the sights with magnification, this one as well comes with mobility reduction and a small sniper glint. Leveling up Kastov-762 to Level 4 unlocks this attachment. You can easily pick it up and get going.

RPK VLK 4.0 Attachment
RPK VLK 4.0 Optic Sight


Attachment TypeStock
ReleaseGame Launch
How to unlockGet the RPK to Level 12
Unlocked ViaRPK

Heavy Support Stock enhances your aim stability and recoil control comparatively but it reduces the walking speed remarkably. However, this doesn’t affect much because with this gun, most probably you would be mounting it on some surface. Leveling up the RPK to Level 12 will unlock this attachment.

RPK Heavy Support Stock Attachment
Heavy Support Stock Attachment on RPK

VX PINEAPPLE Underbarrel

DescriptionA heavy grip with grooves for better handling. Keeps weapon on target both when aiming and taking quick shots from the hip.
WeaponRequired Level
556 IcarusRaise the 556 Icarus to Level 14

To improve hip-fire accuracy and hip-fire recoil control, we have the VX Pineapple. For close-range combats, this attachment allows players to completely rely upon the hip fire. Getting the VX Pineapple might be difficult as it requires leveling up the 556 Iccarus to Level 14.

RPK with VX Pineapple Underbarrel Attachment

Loadout Tuning

Most of the attachments discussed above affect the ADS notably. Therefore, to keep the drawbacks minimum, we do the optimized tuning of our attachments in the best warzone 2 RPK loadout.

  • Muzzle: The muzzle is tuned for increased Aim Down Speed and Bullet Velocity to give the maximum effective range.
  • Under-barrel: It is optimized for Aim Down Speed as well to decrease its only con.
  • Optics: For the long-range combats, the VLK 4.0 is adjusted for Aim Down Speed and the eye position is kept at Far.
  • Stock: Heavy Stock is modified to suit the best Aim Down Speed and Aim Idle Stability.
  • Rear Grip: The rear grip is customized for the Aim Down Speed and Aim Idle Stability as well.

Perks and Equipment

Secondary Weapon

Being an LMG, the RPK has very low mobility. So it is not the best gun to have in your hands if you want to clear some buildings or to run away from an enemy perhaps. Accordingly, an ideal option would be to have a reliable SMG or Akimbo Pistols to get dominance in such situations.

  • SMG – VEL-46: In close-quarter scenarios, this SMG proves to be the best there is. Equipped with a fast fire rate, the time to kill enemies is greatly reduced especially. This gun allows players to do quick movements and still get a decent shot due to its hip-fire accuracy. However, you will need to have the Overkill perk if you want to use this weapon.
  • Pistol – X13 Auto Akimbo: In case you want to use some other perk package, the X13 Auto with the akimbo attachment is one of the best to go for. This semi-auto pistol when combined with the increased magazine of 33 bullets and other correct attachments will prove to be the most reliable in clearing buildings and close corners. The damage of this pistol is comparable to an SMG.

Perk Package

As for the perk package, you can either go for the Weapon Specialist or Vanguard.


  • This perk package is for players who want to quickly maneuver and rush into open areas.
  • Base Perks
    • Double Time: Increases the sprint time for the player. This perk is perfect for an LMG whose mobility is low.
    • Bomb Squad: It decreases the damage taken by the enemy’s explosive equipment and it resets the explosive’s fuse time once in hand to throw back.
  • Bonus Perk – Resupply: The players spawn with an additional piece of lethal equipment and it also resupplies the lethal equipment after every 25 seconds.
  • Ultimate Perk – Hight Alert: One of the most useful perks to staying aware of the flanks. If an enemy spots you, you will get a vision pulse as a warning.

Weapon Specialist

  • Weapon Specialist is made for players with an aggressive game style.
  • Base Perks
    • Overkill: Enables the player to carry 2 primary weapons. Choose this one if you want to have an SMG with you.
    • Strong Arm: Throw Equipment at longer distances.
  • Bonus Perk – Spotter: Players can spot and highlight all of the enemy’s equipment through walls.
  • Ultimate Perk – Survivor: Reduces the revive time for the player and marks the downed enemies for the teammates to push and wipe the entire squads.

Lethal and Tactical Equipment

Lethal EquipmentSemtex: Highly recommended to clear rooms in buildings or to clear small hiding spots in open areas.

Tactical Equipment: Stim allows players to do quick movements and restore their health swiftly. Moreover, you can use Stuns to rush into the enemy players.

Field Upgrade

  • An ammunition Box is a nice choice to consider if you want to get a long-lasting supply of ammo for you and your team.
  • Dead Silence hides your presence on the map/UAV, consequently, it is well-suited for solo players.

Final Thoughts

In the best Warzone 2 RPK loadout article, we have discussed the most effective loadout for RPK, which proves to be fruitful in almost any condition you may face in warzone 2. With this loadout, you can clean sweep the buildings, and most importantly with the RPK in hand, you can clear out open areas and take down enemies at long ranges. The other equipment mentioned here makes this loadout to be the ultimate all-rounder.

Although, we can say that some good practice with this loadout will enable you to work out in any scenario. By tweaking this loadout a little, you can make one that fits you the best.

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