BEST Warzone 2 Season 3 Meta Weapons

This article outlines the Top 11 Warzone 2 Season 3 Meta Weapons based on Recoil Control, Versatility and Overall Statistics.

Warzone 2 Season 3 Meta Weapons

Warzone 2 Season 3 had a lot of hype generated around it despite the lacklustre launch of Season 2. Infinity Ward promised several new maps, weapons, and small fixes and workarounds this time. Moreover, and most importantly, several weapon values were changed to refresh the Meta. In this article, we’ve experimented as much as possible and solidified a Warzone 2 Season 3 Meta Weapons list.

Head to Infinity Ward’s official blog post for the full list of patch notes and further details on what’s changed. Regarding changes to previous meta weapons, the TAQ 56 and ISO Hemlock received nerfs across the board. Aim Down Sight Speed ( ADSS ) was increased for several attachments, mainly AR Barrels. Finally, the introduction of the Cronen Squall strikes right through the Meta Weapons as a top contender.

Key Takeaways

  • The ISO Hemlock, despite being nerfed, is still the most powerful and versatile weapon to use in Warzone 2 Season 3.
  • The Cronen Squall is a new addition to Warzone, quickly rising the ranks to dethrone the Hemlock.
  • The Fennec is a powerful and deadly close-range SMG, albeit with an alarmingly fast fire rate.
  • The Vaznev is the most stable SMG, easily pairable with most LMGs, ARs and Snipers.
  • The RPK has a massive magazine and a stable recoil pattern, though it is heavy and must be paired with an SMG.
  • The Lachmann Sub combines the most useful features of the Vaznev and Fennec to dominate at close and medium ranges.
  • The TAQ 56 has stable recoil and quick movement and can be run effectively with or without an Optic.
  • Though the M4 has a fast fire rate that compliments its up close capabilities, it is underpowered at longer ranges.
  • The Kastov-74U is a high-damage AR most effectively used running and gunning at close and medium ranges.
  • The Victus XMR, when equipped with Explosive Ammunition, effectively takes out enemies with one shot to the head at all ranges.
  • Although the TAQ V has an unstable recoil pattern, it is unmatched at close and medium range, provided all shots hit the enemy.

Warzone 2 Weapons Comparison Table

No.WeaponDamageSTKTTKDPSFire RateReloadCapacityADS Time
1ISO Hemlock----600 rpm-30250 ms
2Fennec42-27-25-234-6-8-10160ms5071091 rpm2.13 s (Tac reload)
2.43 s (Empty Reload)
30200 ms
3RPK52-38-36-343-4-6-7198ms384600 rpm3.08s (Tac Reload)
4.3 s (Empty Reload)
75430 ms
4Lachmann Sub (MP5)
47-34-34-323-5-6-8146ms467824 rpm3.12s (Tac Reload)
3.3s (Empty Reload)
5Vaznev47-34-34-313-5-6-8149ms457806 rpm2.77s (Tac Reload)
3.38s (Empty Reload)
6Taq 5643-34-31-293-5-6-8185ms367647 rpm2.08s (Tac Reload)
2.57s (Empty Reload)
7M444-28-28-284-6-8-9218ms385824 rpm2.23s (Tac Reload)
2.3s (Empty Reload)
8Kastov-74U77-42-38-353-4-5-6178ms473675 rpm2.13s (Tac Reload)
2.52s (Empty Reload)
9Victus XMR275-199-107-991-1-2-20ms14945 rpm2.97s (Tac Reload)
4.15s (Empty Reload)
10TAQ V98-56-51-372-3-4-5143ms393421 (595*) rpm2.1s (Tac Reload)
2.6s (Empty Reload)
11Cronen Squall--------

Below we’ve arranged a raked list from top to bottom of the Meta weapons you should prioritize. We’ve outlined the strengths and weaknesses of every gun and what they pair best with. Furthermore, depending on the weapon, we’ve shared professional tuning values to fine-tune your weapons for Lower Recoil or ADSS.

ISO Hemlock

The ISO Hemlock is a hard hitter and low recoil mean machine. We had much fun with the Hemlock in Season 2, where it quickly became uncontested for medium to long-range gunfights. Unfortunately, the ISO Hemlock received several nerfs, with damage and range reduced for all of its attachments.

ISO Hemlock Warzone 2
ISO Hemlock
Attribute Value
BarrelFielder T-50 (+1.55 Vertical/-0.32 horizontal)
MuzzleHarbinger D20 (-0.45 Vertical/-0.32 horizontal)
OpticAim OP-V4 or any low-zoom optic
Magazine45-round mag or higher
Rear GripSakin Zx grip (-0.46 Vertical/+0.33 Horizontal)

The attachments above shape the ISO Hemlock into a medium to long-range hard-hitting beast. Moreover, this build has little Recoil and fast Aim-Down-SIght Speed. We’ve had much fun with this setup and believe it’s still the best weapon in Warzone 2.

We’ve tuned the Hemlock to prioritize Aiming Idle Stability and Aim Down Sight Speed effectively. In layman’s terms, our adjusted values will reduce the visual Recoil and weapon sway while maintaining ADS Speed.

The only area where the Hemlock falls short is in close-range combat, where it gets outgunned by other ARs. In our experience, the M4 and Kastov 74U are better at close-range combat. We recommend running the ISO Hemlock with a Meta SMG like the Fennec or Lachmann Sub.

Cronen Squall

The Cronen Squall is a newly introduced weapon in Season 3 and may soon take the number one meta spot in Warzone 2. The Squall is a quick, heavy hitting and low-recoil battle rifle that can be switched to fully automatic. The greatest advantage the Squall has is its high damage values because it is a battle rifle.

Cronen Squall Warzone 2
Cronen Squall
Attribute Value
MuzzleSakin Tread
OpticAim OP V4 or any Low Optic Zoom
Magazine50-round Drum
Rear Grip-
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56
The attachments above are geared towards significantly lower Recoil and slightly faster Aim-Down-Sight Speed. The Squall has ridiculously low Visual Recoil, making it easy to judge and calculate where bullets land. Moreover, the lower Visual Recoil allows better tracking at longer ranges, which may give the Squall an edge over the Hemlock.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t pinpoint exact tuning values for the Squall because it is a relatively new weapon. That said, our advice would be to follow this video on general tuning tips and tune the Squall for faster ADSS (Aim-Down-Sight-Speed).

The Cronen Squall suffers from the same slight flaw that the Hemlock does, where it is outgunned at closer ranges. Both the Squall and Hemlock have lower rates of fire which means they are not the ideal weapons to have at close range. As such, the Squall would pair most effectively with the Fennec or Lachmann Sub for close-range combat.


The Fennec has been a fan favourite ever since the launch of Warzone 2 and is rarely outgunned. In Season 3, the Fennec is an even more powerful weapon at close range because the Broadside is nerfed. Moreover, the Fennec boasts an incredibly fast fire rate and mostly Vertical Recoil, allowing quick strafing. These advantages make the Fennec a fierce addition.

Attribute Value
MuzzleBruen Pendulum(+0.30 Vertical/+11.50 Horizontal)
MagazineFennec Msg 45
Rear GripFenner Rubber Grip
UnderbarrelFTAC Tiger Grip (+0.40 Vertical/+0.22 Horizontal)
LazerVLK LZR 7MW (-0.20 Vertical/+11.50 Horizontal)

The attachments we’ve selected for the Fennec help control the Recoil at longer ranges. Additionally, doubling down on recoil control attachments for the Fennec will let players track enemies better. However, the Aim Down Sight Speed will be slightly reduced, so make sure to preaim corners beforehand.

We found the Fennec had a nasty first-shot recoil that would disorient players firing in full-auto. To mitigate this, we tuned most of the weapons for Aiming Idle Stability and Gun Kick Control. That said, we ensured not to neglect weapon mobility and selected values that maintained Speed and Accuracy.

The only significant drawback of using the Fennec is how quickly the ammunition in a magazine is burned. While the reload time of the Fennec is relatively short, it still may prove to be troublesome during combat. As such, we advise picking your fights carefully and making every shot count. Additionally, pairing the Fennec with the RPK makes for a deadly long and close-range combination.


The Vaznev, while initially unrecognized, has quickly amassed a cult following Season 2 of Warzone 2. If there’s one word we would use to describe the Vaznev, it would be reliable and versatile. Besides being stable, the Vaznev is also easily pairable with most weapons. 

Vaznev Warzone 2
Attribute Value
BarrelSA Response III (+0.25 Vertical/-0.25 horizontal)
MuzzleBreum Pendulum (+0.45 Vertical/+0.20 horizontal)
Magazine45-round mag
Rear Grip-
UnderbarrelFTAC Ripper 56 (+0.39 Vertical/+0.25 Horizontal)
LazerFSS OLE-V (-0.12 Vertical/+31.25 Horizontal)

An advantage to using the Vaznev is that it provides an easy line of sight, even with Iron Sights, which opens up an extra attachment slot. Additionally, the Vaznev is lethal at close and medium ranges due to its relatively stable recoil pattern. The above-selected attachments capitalize on Vaznev’s Recoil and Damage at longer ranges.

We’ve made sure not to sacrifice the Speed and versatility of the Vaznev via its tuning. We’ve spent several hours in-game and in the testing, range trying out several different tuned values. In conclusion, we’ve settled with tuning the Vaznev for Recoil Stabilization and ADS Speed. We’re confident the final product is a severely damaging submachine gun at close-medium and long range.

Another thing we love about the Vaznev is how accessible it is to be paired with most weapons. The Vaznev not only stands as a reliable support for ARs and LMGs but also for Snipers. We’ve had several high-kill games pairing the Vaznev with the RPK, Victus, and TAQ V. Rest assured, whatever you run the Vaznev with, will only benefit.


The RPK offers high damage, low Recoil and a giant magazine on top of that to demolish players with. Put simply, it’s the full package and is responsible for some of Warzone 2’s world records to date. While the RPK isn’t the beast it once was, it’s still significantly powerful and a top contender.

Attribute Value
MuzzleZLR Talon 5 (-0.60 Vertical/+0.40 horizontal)
OpticAim OP-V4
Ammunition 7.62 High Velocity (+0.40 Vertical/+3.50 Horizontal)
Rear Grip Demo-X2 Grip (+0.50 Vertical/+0.18 Horizontal)
Underbarrel FTAC Ripper 56 (+0.52 Vertical/+0.18 Horizontal)

The RPK’s performance significantly depends on the attachments players select for it. In our build above, we’ve chosen attachments that further improve the RPK’s Recoil Control and Stability. Additionally, High-Velocity ammunition ensures that bullet drop-off is mitigated and enemy tracking is made easier.

The tuned values above mix Aiming Idle Stability and overall weapon versatility. Moreover, we’ve tuned some attachments to favour Damage Range and Bullet Velocity. These tuned values alongside the attachments combine to make the RPK fatal at all ranges.

One drawback of the RPK is its weight and consequential slow ADS time and movement speed. Players will have difficulty winning gunfights at close range or running across the map with the RPK. As such, we recommend pairing the RPK with SMGs such as the Fennec or Lachmann Sub. Moreover, running dual pistols is also viable to close the distance in gunfights.

Lachmann Sub

The Lachmann Sub is quickly rising the ranks to overpower the Fennec and the Vaznev. While the Lachmann Sub doesn’t have a singular strong quality, it performs excellently in all aspects. Put simply; the Lachmann Sub has the Fennec’s close-range power and the Vaznev’s long-range capabilities, provided it’s equipped suitably.

Lachmann Sub Warzone 2
Lachmann Sub
Attribute Value
BarrelSA Response III (+0.25 Vertical/-0.25 horizontal)
MuzzleBruen Pendulum (+0.35 Vertical/+0.20 Horizontal)
Magazine40-round mag
Rear Grip Lachman TCG-10 (-0.20 Vertical/+0.25 Horizontal)
Underbarrel FSS Sharkfin 90 (+0.25 Vertical/+0.15 Horizontal)
LazerVLK LZR 7MW (-0.25 Vertical/+36.20 Horizontal)

Since Speed is the Lachmann Sub’s primary strength, we’ve ensured not to mess with ADS Time and overall mobility. The attachments above improve the recoil pattern whilst maintaining and subtly enhancing the versatility of the Lachmann Subb. With the build above, we’ve racked up several multi-kills up close and even at medium range.

The Lachmann Sub is easy to tune and reacts nicely to any value the attachments are set for. The final tuning values for the Lachmann Sub’s attachments combine to improve Recoil Stabilization and ADS Speed.

As an SMG, the Lachmann Sub will pair well with ARs, LMGs and Snipers. Our recommendations from each weapon category are the Hemlock, RPK and Signal 50.

Taq 56

The TAQ 56 is our favourite weapon on this list because it performs great with almost any attachments. Before the Hemlock, Squall and RPK, the TAQ 56 was the goat of recoil pattern and long-range gunfights. In Warzone 2 Season 3, the TAQ 56 is just as deathly, albeit a little outmatched by the Hemlock and Squall.

TAQ 56 Warzone 2
TAQ 56
Attribute Value
Barrel17.5 Tundra Pro Barrel (+0.13 Vertical/+0.17 Horizontal)Vertical/-0.25 horizontal)
MuzzleSakin Tread-40 (+0.28 Vertical/+0.14 Horizontal)
OpticAIM OP-V4
Magazine40-round mag
Rear GripFSS Combat Grip (+0.42 Vertical/+0.26 Horizontal)

The attachments above enhance the Recoil Control and Aiming Idle Stability of the TAQ 56. Holding the recoil stable is relatively effortless at longer ranges than other ARs, such as the M4. We recommend alternating between the AIM OP-V4 and Iron Sights, as the line of sight is still open. Removing the Optic and adding a Lazer helps improve the mobility of the TAQ 56.

The TAQ 56 is still relatively versatile when completely tuned for Recoil Stability. Hence, most attachments have been tuned for Gun Kick and Recoil Control. While the TAQ 56 may lose gunfights at longer ranges against the Hemlock and Squall, it’s deadlier up close.

Like the Vaznev, the TAQ 56 is pairable with most weapons apart from LMGS due to its heavy weight. When equipped with an Optic, we love pairing the TAQ 56 with an SMG like the Fennec or Vaznev. Alternatively, without an optic, the TAQ 56 is a reliable finisher when paired with Snipers such as the Victus.


The M4 was a fan favourite in the original Warzone and cemented itself as a core Meta weapon throughout its runtime. In Warzone 2 Season 3, the M4 is a relatively adequate weapon that holds its ground against other ARs. That said, it’s easily outmatched at longer-range gunfights against other Meta Weapons.

M4 Warzone 2
Attribute Value
Barrel Hightower 20 (+0.20 Vertical/+0.18 Horizontal)S
MuzzleSakin Tread-40 (+0.35 Vertical/+0.20 Horizontal)
OpticSchlager 3.4X
Magazine45-round mag
Rear GripSakin ZX Grip (+0.45 Vertical/+0.18 Horizontal)

We’ve equipped the M4 with attachments that complement its recoil pattern and compensate for its lack of range. The most notable attachments are the Sakin Tread-40 which significantly improves Recoil Control and the Schlager 3.4X. The Optic can also be alternated for Iron Sights to improve close-range combat.

We’ve fully tuned the M4 for Recoil Stability and Aiming for Idle Stability as those are its weakest points. When fully tuned, the M4 becomes superior to most other weapons in Warzone 2 apart from the RPK, Hemlock and Squall. Additionally, the M4 is one of the quickest ARs in Warzone 2, which makes it better at close-range combat.

In our testing, the M4 worked best with a sniper like the Victus or MCPR alongside SMGs like the Lachmann Sub. The M4 works wonders with SMG and other close-range weapons when equipped with a medium-range scope. Alternatively, without a scope, the M4 is efficient at finishing enemies with Snipers.


The Kastov-74U is an underrated assault rifle capable of eliminating threats at close and medium range. Moreover, it is unorthodox and functions similarly to an SMG, albeit with greater damage and better recoil control. However, the Kastov may be outgunned in situations by other weapons, such as the Fennec or Hemlock.

Kastov 74-U Modern Warfare 2
Attribute Value
Barrel Shorttac 330MM (0.00 Vertical/-0.20 Horizontal)
MuzzleSakin Tread-40 (+0.39 Vertical/+0.19 Horizontal)
Magazine 45-Round Mag
Rear Grip Demo-X2 Grip (+0.52 Vertical/-0.23 Horizontal)

The attachments chosen for the Kastov-74U offer a nice blend of Recoil Stabilization and Weapon Mobility. Due to its serious damage output, the Kastov-74U is made for running and gunning at close and medium ranges. We don’t recommend equipping the Kastov with a sight as it functions adequately without it too. However, if you plan on running the Kastov with a sight, we recommend alternating with the FSS OLE-V Lazer.

While the Kastov-74U functions sufficiently without tuning, we’ve still tuned it to optimize its strengths. We’ve selected mostly minimal values closer to the base tuning, as the Kastov doesn’t need to be heavily tuned. Much like the attachments specified, the tuned values refine the Recoil Control and Sprint To the Fire Speed of the Kastov.

The Kastov-74U is most efficiently used as a support weapon for Snipers as a replacement for SMGs. While SMGs may fall short at medium and long ranges, the Kastov-74U holds its ground effectively. We’ve won several gunfights when equipping the Kastov with the Signal 50, Victus and MCPR.

Victus XMR

In Warzone 2 Season 3, Snipers aren’t as widely popular as they used to be. This is because of the long-range capabilities of the RPK, Hemlock, Squall and TAQ 56. That said, Season 3 introduced One Shot Kills for any Sniper equipped with Explosive Ammunition. After several hours of testing, we believe the Victus XMR is the best pick for long-range sniping.

VICTUS XMR Modern Warfare 2
Victus XMR
Attribute Value
BarrelMack-8 33.5 Super (-0.30 Vertical/+0.30 Horizontal)
MuzzleNilsound 90 Silencer (-0.70 Vertical/+0.65 Horizontal)
Ammmunition50 CAL Explosive (+0.30 Vertical/+7.26 Horizontal)
Rear GripBruen Q900 Grip (-0.70 Vertical/-0.25 Horizontal)
LazerVLK LZR 7MW (-0.25 Vertical/-30 Horizontal)

We’ve ensured not to select attachments that harm the ADS and Sprint To Fire speed too much. With the build above, players will comfortably take down enemies at medium to long range. The relatively quick ADS Speed allows for quick scoping in tense situations too. Alternatively, players that plan to take their time and snipe only at longer ranges should replace the Lazer with a larger Magazine.

Tuning matters significantly for all Snipers, and the Victus is no exception. With the tuned values above, we’ve greatly improved the mobility of the Victus in several ways. The ADS, Sprint To Fire, and Aim Walking Speeds have increased with Recoil Control sacrificed. Not to worry, though, as Snipers hardly need recoil control as all it takes is one shot.

While taking down enemies with one shot is possible, fully breaking armour is more common with Snipers. As such, we recommend pairing the Victus with a suitable medium-range weapon to finish off enemies with. Our testing found the TAQ 56, Vaznev and M4 more than up to the task.


The TAQ V is only similar to the TAQ 56 in name and is, in fact, a Battle Rifle capable of fully automatic gunfire. The soundest advantage of using the TAQ V is its super serious damage output, almost instantly killing enemies. However, Season 3 heavily nerfed the TAQ V and increased the First-Shot and Sustained Recoil.

TAQ V Modern Warfare 2
Attribute Value
Barrel 18″ Precision-6
MuzzleZLR Talon 5 (+0.85 Vertical/-0.58 Horizontal)
Magazine50-round mag
Rear GripFSS Combat Grip (+0.56 Vertical/+0.22 Horizontal)
Lazer FSS OLE-V (-0.17 Vertical/+16.3 Horizontal)

The attachments above aim to improve TAQ V’s Recoil Stabilization/Control and Aiming Idle Stability. While a bit slow, the final build effectively eliminates enemies at close to medium ranges, provided all shots hit. Unlike other stable ARs, we recommend firing the TAQ V in short bursts at longer ranges to avoid unstable Recoil.

Most of the TAQ V’s attachments have been effectively tuned to enhance the Recoil Control further. Most values are closer to the base ones as the TAQ V is significantly difficult to tune. Setting some values too high may negatively impact other aspects of the TAQ V, such as mobility. That said, the finalized values slightly improve the recoil pattern without diminishing ADS Speed.

Due to its odd place in the Meta, the TAQ V is the most difficult weapon to pair others with. SMGs aren’t useful as the TAQ V is plenty useful at close range. Similarly, ARs and LMGs consume the same ammo type and only offer moderately better recoil control. Hence, we advise pairing the TAQ V with a swift sniper such as the MCPR or SPX.

With the list above, we’ve finalized the Warzone 2 Season 3 Meta Weapons you must use to win games. Our favourites are the TAQ 56, ISO Hemlock and Lachmann Sub though you’ll do wonders with just about any weapon from the list.

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