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Warzone Players Can Get Free Access to Black Ops Cold War

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It’s been a big couple of days for Call of Duty. As Warzone breaks away from Modern Warfare and joins Cold War, and with the launch of season 1 for Black Ops Cold War. COD fans have a lot of content to unlock this Christmas. Furthermore, Warzone players that do not own Black Ops Cold War will be able to get the chance to play and try the game out for free.

However, players will not be able to get access to Black Ops Cold War in full as both zombies and campaign will be locked. However, from December 18th players will get access to all operators during the free access week and will gain double XP in level and weapons. Furthermore, double XP will continue to December 28th for owners of Black Ops Cold War.

“Celebrate the holidays by partying up with your friends and jumping into a number of Multiplayer modes in Black Ops Cold War” From the official COD website.

Players can get free access to the game from December 17th at 10 am PT all the way up to December 24th at 10 am PT. However, players will not be able to get access to all modes as Treyarch has announced a 2 part stage system where certain game modes will only be available between certain dates.

PlayStation users will have access to an extra 24-hours of double XP due to the Sony and Treyarch deal. It should be noted that from December 22-25, double XP for the battlepass is only available for Black Ops Cold War.

Stage 1 – 17th – 21st
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Domination
  • 2v2 Gunfight
  • Nuketown Holiday 24/7 Playlist
  • Raid the Mall Playlist
Stage 2 – 21st – 24th
  • All Stage 1 Modes & Playlists
  • Prop Hunt
  • Combined Arms Hardpoint
  • Fireteam Dirty Bomb

Black Ops Cold War Season 1

Players should look out for the three new guns A MAC 10 SMG, GROZA assault rifle, and Streetsweeper shotgun. As well as a Sledgehammer and the Wakizashi sword. Season 1 will include three new operators Stitch, Bulldozer, and Zeyna.

Zombies will be getting a little love by Treyarch as two new game modes will be added, Jingle Hells and Cranked. Unfortunately, zombie fans will have to wait until season 2 for the next Zombie map.(If you want to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War & you are on XBOX then check this great deal for the game, for other platforms check here.)

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Imma be playing this till the 24th and if I like it I will buy it xd


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