Why We Need More Games Like Monument Valley 2

The affordable sequel to Monument Valley is the best puzzle game available on mobile.

why we need more games like monument valley 2
Why we need more games like Monument Valley 2

Whenever I feel exhausted and lose focus, my immediate solution is to open the chess app on my mobile and solve some puzzles. It instantly makes me active and focused.

Puzzles refresh my mind. I have lots of puzzle games on my phone. However, none of them is better than Monument Valley 2.

Key Takeaways

  • The indie studio Ustwo’s Monument Valley 2 is the best puzzle game available on mobile. So good that it should serve as an inspiration for other mobile games.
  • Its remarkable design combining minimal and abstract art feels soothing to the eyes. Each carefully crafted level makes use of the game’s impressive core mechanisms to give players a unique experience.
  • The puzzle game also incorporates optical illusions that are the game’s highlight.
  • Monument Valley 2 has a subtle yet emotional storyline and its accessibility attracts audiences from across the consoles and mediums.

It is the best puzzle game on mobile out there and I know anyone who’s played it will agree with me. Apart from MV 1&2, Lara Croft Go is also good but the MV series outperforms it in every possible way. Metacritic’s rating of 8.1 seriously underrates this game.

Let me share my thoughts on what makes it so amazing and why we need more games like Monument Valley 2:

Unmatched Artistic Design

From the moment you enter the game, the first thing that will grab your attention is its unparalleled artistic design. Simply put, It’s like solving a Rubik’s cube while strolling through an art gallery.

I feel like some artist has brought the Minecraft world to life. Every level is a work of art, with stunning visuals and complicated details that take players into a world of beauty and wonder.

unmatched design of monument valley 2
The game has a minimalistic design.

It is rare nowadays to see developers giving serious attention to core mechanisms while designing game levels. However, this is not the case with Monument Valley 1&2. Danny Gray, Ustwo Games’s Chief Creative Officer, has explained how each level is designed with its own core mechanism to give a unique experience to the top.

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

What sets Monument Valley 2 apart from other puzzle games is its innovative gameplay mechanics. Instead of relying solely on traditional puzzle-solving elements, the game introduces mind-bending optical illusions and perspective-shifting challenges (literally). As players progress through each level, they must uncover hidden pathways and solve intricate puzzles.

And I must say, it is not always easy to find these pathways even when they are lying right in front of you. Here is yet another interesting fact about Monument Valley’s highlight gameplay mechanism. The moving blocks were a glitch which was later adopted as a key mechanism to incorporate and complement the optical illusion factor. 

A screenshot from Monument Valley 2
The character is lying parallel to the wall.

You will never know what’s coming next. For example, I was probably at level 2 or 3 when I felt my character wasn’t moving where I intended to even though it was an open pathway. I thought the game was glitched as the character was weirdly laid down parallel to the wall. Turned out it was another gameplay mechanic that shifted the dimensions of the setup and I had to rotate my screen as well.

Emotional Storytelling And Mindful Pacing

At first, I thought Monument Valley was just an art-filled beautiful puzzle game without any storyline. However, I found that it is not just about solving puzzles and has an emotional storyline. The game tells the story of a mother and child as they make their way through surreal landscapes and overcome obstacles together.

I actually developed a deep emotional connection to the characters and their journey through subtle narrative cues and poignant moments. I felt happier whenever the characters reunited after finishing a challenging puzzle.

Similarly, with its soothing soft music and simplistic yet serene environments, Monument Valley 2 encourages players to slow down, relax, and appreciate the beauty of the world around them. 

Appeal To A Wider Audience

Unlike many games that have niched audiences, Monument Valley games appeal to everyone no matter what age, gender, or preference. I mean what’s not to like about this game? To make things even better, it is available not only on Android and iOS but also on Steam for PC players. 

Similarly, the incorporation of architecture, art, and culture from around the world makes it even more attractive for wider audiences as they find themselves represented there. All these factors account for its widespread success and relieved my hopes for mobile gaming’s success. The first-year progress report released by Ustwo also boasts 9 awards won and a revenue of over $10M in a single year.

monument valley 2 first year revenue
Monument Valley 2’s first-year stats

These positive numbers signal once again the importance of connecting to your audience and listening to your fans. This is also a good reason why Indie games are usually more loved by the fans and I’ve talked about it in my opinion piece on Why Indie Games are doing better than AAA Titles.  

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