We Were Here Forever
We Were Here Forever Coming To PS5, Xbox Series X/S And PC

We Were Here Forever Is Coming To PS5, Xbox Series X/S And PC

Total Mayhem Games have released a trailer today of next-gen, indie, adventure and puzzle game We Were Here Forever. You can watch it here:

We Were Here Forever continues at the antarctic setting of Castle Rock (“sounds like an Irish landmark”). Both of you are trapped inside and need to work together to escape. However, the further you explore, the more danger lurks within the darkness. Will you be able to face the dark forces of this realm or will you both be trapped forever?

Never Heard Of It?

We Were Here is an ‘online co-op only’ series where you and a friend have to solve asymmetrical 2 player puzzles. With that said, each of you can only see their half of a puzzle. Therefore you need to act as the other person’s eyes and ears. So the key to winning is how good the two of you are at giving out and following instructions. You do this by communicating through walkie-talkies. Remember those, fellow kids?

As a bonus, if you complete the game, both of you can switch roles and play again. This offers a fresh experience for each player, as they haven’t seen the puzzles the other person was doing.

Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Total Mayhem Games Managing Director Lucia de Visser had this to say:

“Our goal for We Were Here Forever is to further refine the cooperative gameplay people love so much from the series, designed for a new generation of hardware with a more immersive, darker, livelier Castle Rock. We Were Here Forever is a big step up for the We Were Here series. Furthermore, this game will bring some new insights on the mystery of Castle Rock. One cannot help but wonder what happened to those explorers who got left behind…”

Forever is the 4th title in the We Were Here series, which is set to launch in Q4 this year.

Are you a fan of the We Were Here series? Will you be able to find someone to play co-op with you? Were you betrayed or simply not that clever? Let us know in the comments.

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