What is The Snap in Marvel Snap [Explained]

The snap can be achieved during any match, but once from both sides!

What is The Snap in Marvel

The Snap function is used to raise the stakes in a battle. The player’s goal in Marvel Snap is to cover at least two locations with the highest Power. For instance, it will be secure if you have cards with powers higher than opponents in one location.

And if you have secured another location with the highest Power by the end of the final turn, you will win the match. During a match, you get Energy to draw cards from your deck on any of the three locations.

Key Takeaways

  • The Snap feature raises the stakes & can be used to obtain Cubes from the match, which offer Ranked Rewards and climb the tiers up high.
  • A player can only snap once per match & can earn up to 8 Cubes per match. Winning a match can reward players with Cubes, & the highest limit for Cubes per match is eight.
  • You can use a snap to bluff your opponent, and the best-case scenario is when both players snap after a turn.
  • Upgrading cards will grant green-colored Collection Levels that can be acquired & used for obtaining ranked items from your Collection.
  • Boosters are used to upgrade your cards, & you can earn different cards, some unique, others basic.

Findings of The Article

  • Each card that is used in Marvel Snap requires Energy.
  • The Energy is provided on each turn.
  • For example, the first turn will provide one Energy, then two on the second, and so on until the last turn, giving you six Energy.
  • Snap is a feature used to raise the stakes.
  • Players can unlock it after completing the tutorials and reaching Iron Rank 10.
  • By raising the stakes from snapping, players can have the chance to obtain Cubes from the match.
  • Cubes offer Ranked Rewards and climb the tiers up high.
  • Players can earn up to 8 Cubes per match.
  • A player can only snap once per match.

Location On Reveal
As you can see above, the first location has a feature that reduces the cost of Energy for cards by one. -Image Captured By Us.

The feature of the first location is revealed at the first turn so that you can place your starting card according to the reveal. Reveals on the first turn can be good and bad for you; therefore, you need to think before putting a card in that location.

You can view a collection of your cards with different Energy! The Blue color indicates Energy, and Yellow shows Power. -Image Captured By Us.

You’re mistaken if you’re wondering about having the Energy of your choice. The Energy is increased each turn, which means you will get one Energy at turn 1, two at turn 2, three at turn 3, four at turn 4, and so on.

You can’t have your Energy brought to the match!

Winning a match can reward you with Cubes, which players can use to unlock ranked rewards. Also, the highest limit for Cubes per match is eight, which means you can not gain more than the limit.

Let’s shift our focus back to snapping in Marvel. You can increase the number of Cubes in a match by a snap. It is shown on the center top of your screen between the names of you and your opponent.

You can only snap once per match and raise the stakes higher. You’ll get more cubes if you win the match on higher stakes. However, losing a match with higher stakes will cause you to lose those Cubes.

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The Best Way to Snap in Marvel

You can use a snap to bluff your opponent into thinking you have an advantage over him. If none of you snap during any turns, the stakes are raised automatically. For instance, if none of you snapped during the first four to five moves, the stakes will be 1.

On the final turn, the stakes will automatically double to 2, and one of you will receive two Cubes upon winning the match. I messed around with the Snap button for a few rounds and found some tricks that could baffle the opponent.

In a case where one of you snaps during any of the first five rounds, the stakes will be two, and by the end of the final turn, the game will double them to four. Winning a match in those conditions will grant you four cubes!

Snap to Raise Stakes
As you can see above, I was close to losing the match. However, I had two best cards and the Snap to win the match! I barely won 8 Cubes.  -Image Captured By Us.

The best-case scenario is when both players snap after a turn. When both players snap, the stakes are raised to four, and at turn 6, the stakes are doubled to eight! This means the winning player takes away eight Cubes!

Here’s the fun part, let’s say you are in a tough spot where the opponent has secured two locations, but the difference in Power is low. For instance, the opponent has a power of 17 at two locations, and you have 14.

You can trigger the Snap, raising the stakes to 2 Cubes. As a result, the opponent will think you have a higher power card on your deck, which you intend to use in your next turn.

The player will think you’re about to win the match due to the obvious bluff. However, you may not be bluffing and throw in two cards to take away two locations and win the match! Either way, it is useful to use whether you’re losing or winning the match.

You get to take home the total amount of Cubes appearing on the top middle of your screen!

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Basics and Know-how

You need Energy to place cards at any location! -Image Captured By Us.

There are a few functions and features in Marvel Snap that reward the player differently. For instance, upgrading cards will grant you green-colored Collection Levels. These Collections can be acquired and used for obtaining ranked items from your Collection.

On the other hand, Boosters are used to upgrade your cards along with Credits. Therefore, the more cards you upgrade using Boosters, the more your Collection Level will rise. On top of that, You are rewarded with different cards, some unique, others basic.

Collection Level
Climb higher to receive exciting rewards from the Collection Level! -Image Captured By Us.

Additionally, Collection Levels also reward you with Credits, which you can use to upgrade your cards. Moreover, you also get Boosters, Collector’s Cache, and Collector’s Reserve, which contain mystery cards or currency.

For instance;

  • If you reach Collection Level 16, you’ll get 25 Credits.
  • Collection Level 20 will give you 5 Boosters.
  • The amount will be doubled after Collection Level 218.
  • At Collection Level 506, you’ll receive a Collector’s Cache.
  • Collection Level 1,006 will grant you a Collector’s Reserve.
Free Credits
Marvel Snap gives away free Credits daily! -Image Captured By Us.

The levels mentioned above are the starting point to receive these exciting rewards, which means you can collect them more than once. Scrolling the Collection Level to see how many rewards I could get was without an end, guys. I mean, seriously, it went for 5,000 levels and still kept going! 

I hope I was able to answer the question in my “What is the snap in Marvel” guide because that was all from my side! Have fun messing around with your opponents by snapping.

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