Who Is Ifrit In Final Fantasy 16

Here is a detailed guide covering who Ifrit is and what are his origin, history and roles in the world of Final Fantasy.

Among the Iconic figures in Final Fantasy 16, one name that stands out most is Ifrit. In this guide, I’ll unravel its origin, powers, the significant role it plays in the game’s narrative, and how it affects the player’s journey.

Key takeaways

  • Ifrit first made its appearance in the 1990s.
  • It has fire-based abilities.
  • Its endurance and resilience are of core importance on the battlefield.
  • Abilities, like will o wykes, limits break, and ignition, are very destructive.
  • Appears on the night of flames and fights Phoenix.
  • If players summon it, they can use Ifrit to its full potential.
  • Being a primal being of fire, it carries a rich history.

History & Origin

Ifrit first appeared in Final Fantasy 3, released in the 1990s. The name is taken from Arabian mythology, as its form often shows jinn-like features. Ifrit has continued to appear in every Final Fantasy game since then. In FFXVI it is tied with Clive Rosenfield: The main protagonist.

Its Origin can be traced back to ancient times when the world was under crises that unleashed powerful elemental beings; among them was Ifrit. It has always been depicted as an imposing figure with great strength and dominance.


Ifrit, the second aspect of fire: Captured by us

Power & Abilities

Being a Primitive being of fire, ifrit can unleash destructing fire-based attacks that will surround and engulf the enemies in flames causing immense damage to the core. Ifrit’s endurance and resilience enhance its dominance on the battlefield.

It destroys its enemies by unleashing its fire-based abilities, including special moves such as Inferno and Hellfire. At the start, ifrit will only be able to use basic attacks, but as the story progresses, you can unlock more destructive fire-based attacks using ability points.

Below are a few set of abilities and their effect on the battlefield as an example:

Ability Effect
Will o’ the Wykes damages the targets around via creating a fireball around Clive. 
Limit breaks Enhance your battle performance for a shorter period.
Ignition Can be used mid-air; it attacks while charging.

This shows Ifrit’s dominance over the fire and his ability to instantly turn the tide of battle.

Ifrit’s Role In the Story

Ifrit plays a pivotal role in the development of the story. On the night of flames, Ifrit appears and indulges in a fierce battle with Phoenix (Joshua), Shattering the Rosefield family as Phoenix loses. Now Clive becomes the Ifrit’s dominant and sets out on a path of vengeance.

Throughout the game, players uncover layers of this character, a dive into the past, beliefs, and struggles. His Actions lead us to dramatic twists and revelations. Ifrit’s presence changes the player’s perception of both allies and enemies.

Clive Rosenfield & Joshua: Captured by us

Summoning Ifrit

In Final Fantasy 16, players are allowed to summon and control Ifrit during the battle, which allows to master the abilities and later apply in combat.

Since now you can better understand Ifrit’s strengths, weaknesses, and attack patterns, this allows you to use its potential to the fullest now. Although summoning it requires certain conditions but once done, Ifrits will fight alongside the player.

Summing It Up

Ifrits in Final Fantasy 16, being a primal being of fire, carries a rich history of the Final Fantasy series.

Its role in the protagonist’s journey plays an integral part in character development and provides fans with a strong narrative. So, exploring Ifrits provides depth and brings excitement to the immersive world of FF16. It leaves a lasting impression on fans and newcomers alike.

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