Why A God of War TV Show Will Be Epic

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god of war tv show
God of War - TV Show

God of War has to be one of the most iconic video game franchises out there. This series has had a significant impact on our current pop culture. You can’t possibly scroll your social media and not see a Kratos meme. Moreover, the recent reintroduction of the series for next-gen gamers has brought the game to a modern audience. 

If you weren’t on board the God of War mania, then do not forget that Amazon quite recently confirmed a TV show. Fans of the series couldn’t be more excited to finally see their beloved Greek Tragedy be brought to life. Furthermore, the recent success of Fallout and The Last of Us TV show, all point to the success of the upcoming series.

Key Takeaways
  • God of War is an iconic video game franchise developed by Santa Monica Studios.
  • Amazon Prime recently announced that they are working on a God of War TV show.
  • The Showrunners can adapt the Greek revenge story from the video games directly to TV Shows.
  • The main story isn’t just about Kratos’ rage. Expect complex power struggles and betrayals among the gods, rivaling Game of Thrones’ intrigue.
  • The show should translate the brutal combat to TV. Prepare for Kratos to unleash his fury with the Blades of Chaos and Spartan Rage.

A Greek Revenge Story

Atreus and Kratos
Atreus and Kratos

I have been a fan of Greek Mythology for a long time. The absence of quality media on the amazing Greek god stories has bothered me for a long time. We have gotten our Wrath of Titans and Percy Jackson, but nothing that cuts deep. There is a lack of story with substance and production quality to back that.

God of War has one serious advantage over all the previous renditions of the mythology. First of all, the story has been completely fleshed out over the years. The developers and creative writers behind the franchise have spent numerous years and several games to figure out their stories. This does mean that all of the plot holes and potential issues have already been ironed out.

We can expect the show to delve into Kratos’ haunted past, exploring his regrets and the consequences of his violent actions in the Greek pantheon. Flashbacks can be used to depict his epic clashes with Zeus and other Olympian gods, offering a thrilling counterpoint to the present-day narrative.

Greek God Ares
Greek God Ares

That is even how the games play out. The first God of War game sort of opens up in the middle of the story, while the successive releases reveal the past. Moreover, the TV show could even start directly in the Norse Realm and over the episodes also delve into Kratos’s past.

However, I do think it would be hard to juggle past and present constantly. Fans of the series would also want Kratos to start in Olympus. It is integral for the character to show his origin story, how he got his marks and the iconic ash-covered white skin. Therefore, the story has to talk about the death of his family and why the franchise is called God of War.

Game of Thrones Meets God of War

Witch of the Woods and Kratos
Witch of the Woods and Kratos

God of War over the air has gotten an air-tight story. The Greek Mythology serves as a great backdrop for characters with complex motivations and volatile relationships. The Olympian gods are not benevolent deities, but a family rife with jealousy, power struggles, and manipulation.

A television series can delve into these dynamics, creating a world where alliances are constantly shifting and betrayal lurks around every corner. This sort of political intrigue and drama is on par with HBO’s biggest show, Game of Thrones. God of War TV shows can fine-tune their story to create something equally intriguing.

The show wouldn’t just be about Kratos getting revenge. We’d see him rise through the ranks of the Greek gods. Finally becoming the God of War himself and changing the fate of the world. It could even reveal a shocking secret about Kratos’ family, something that would leave everyone talking online.

Kratos Becomes God of War
Kratos Becomes God of War

These wouldn’t be just exciting moments in the show, they’d be as epic and unforgettable as the myths that inspired them. Therefore, I can not wait to see what’s in store for the fans of the series. I would just hope that TV writers work closely with the writers behind the games. This would allow them to alter the show for the TV screens while not losing any essential story details.

Grand Action Spectacle

Ringed Temple - Alfheim
Ringed Temple – Alfheim

If these ingredients weren’t enough for a blockbuster the show also offers some exciting action. God of War is synonymous with brutal and awe-inspiring combat. A television series can translate this visceral action to the screen, showcasing the raw power and fury of Kratos.

The Blades of Chaos, his signature weapon, can be a focal point of the fight choreography, their chained fury tearing through mythological foes. Moreover, this show even has the opportunity to bring something like the Spartan Rage to the big screens. However, this would require them to make some creative choices to make this action translate onto screens.

Special effects can bring to life the fantastical creatures Kratos encounters, from the colossal size of the Titans to the grotesque monstrosities like the Centaurs and Gorgons. The game even offers up some of the most incredibly set pieces, from the fire and blood-covered underworld to the breathtaking Mount Olympus.

The Finale

God of War TV show has everything it needs to be a dominating TV Show. The show, with its rich mythology, political intrigue, and epic action, has the potential to be a landmark adaptation. It’s a Greek tragedy and an iconic tale of everyone’s favorite Anti-Hero, primed to both honor the games and excite a new generation.

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