Why Deadpool’s Game is Unlike Any Other

Deadpool shines in a game of his own, where the humor and gameplay are all scprited by Deadpool himself.

What Makes Deadpool So Unique
What Makes Deadpool So Unique

Deadpool is one of the most unique characters Marvel has. He is capable of breaking the fourth wall and even being aware of his very own comic book writers. This puts Deadpool in a completely different league making him hilarious and meta.

The infamous Merc with a Mouth received mainstream attention after Ryan Reynold’s perfect run at the character.

However, before movies made this mutant a household name, Deadpool also had a game in 2013. Developed by High Moon Studios, this game came out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox. This game is truly a product of its time featuring a lot of early 2010s video game gimmicks.

Key Takeaways
  • The Deadpool video game was developed by High Moon Studios and released in 2013.
  • Deadpool’s self-awareness and ability to interact with the narrative create hilarious and surprising moments throughout the game.
  • The campaign features unexpected twists and turns, including missions involving Lady Death and the X-Men.
  • Combat is fun and engaging, with over-the-top takedowns, environmental weapons, and witty banter from Deadpool himself
  • The game world is filled with Easter eggs, pop culture references, and a killer soundtrack.

Yet, the game features a hilariously meta campaign with some amazing over-the-top moments. The Deadpool campaign feels like a superhero game that I have never played before.

Deadpool Controls the Story

Deadpool Editing Game's Script
Deadpool Editing Game’s Script

This unkillable Mutant being the fourth wall breaker controls the narrative of the game. Deadpool is aware from the beginning that he is in the video game which leads to some surprising moments. It is like in the films where the credits often tell you that Deadpool himself wrote the movie.

There is even a narrator in the game, and both the narrator and Deadpool can talk to each other. This allows for some hilarious in-game moments where Deadpool and the narrator would often argue about what to do next.

Even the kill screens in this game are super meta. Every time you die, Deadpool personally comes out to shame you and asks you to do better.

This even happens during the combat, where Deadpool would occasionally shout at the player for their bad aim. The story of this game is absolutely bonkers but never strays away from its comic book roots. The campaign is mostly about Deadpool going after Mr. Sinister and saving Rogue.

Mr. Sinister
Mr. Sinister

However, the game takes some detours and turns that no one playing the game would expect. Lady Death plays an important role during the campaign. She shows up halfway through the game and gives out some of the weirdest missions. These missions are very fun and completely different from what players are used to.

Deadpool and Lady Death
Deadpool and Lady Death

The game suddenly becomes Supernatural and features absurd moments. Plus, the game also features X-Men, including everyone’s favorite Wolverine.

Deadpool’s shenanigans keep the heroes away from the battle until Deadpool himself defeats Mr. Sinister. Even how Deadpool defeats Mr. Sinister feels exactly like what Deadpool would do.

The Gameplay is Fun

Deadpool Combat
Deadpool Combat

The game’s narrative is very absurd and surprisingly fun. However, the gameplay and combat are another thing that keeps the player wanting more. I do admit that the gameplay does get repetitive and the missions are lacking variety. Still, the slicing and dicing while making fun of your enemies keeps the combat fun. 

Environmental objects also become comedic weapons. Picture sitting on a pink small bicycle attached to a jet engine, and launching yourself across the map. Enemies themselves react with over-the-top animations and witty one-liners when defeated. 

Deadpool Weapon Variety
Deadpool Weapon Variety

But the humor goes beyond slapstick. The variety in combat mechanics keeps things fresh. Players can switch between katanas, pistols, and shotguns for creative takedowns.

You also have Cable‘s gun that shoots plasma rays, along with two very large hammers. Players are also given Deadpool’s signature ability to teleport as a sort of evade or dash.

Boss battles are equally hilarious, with each villain boasting a unique and absurd persona. The game also features a few enemy variants. You have your basic soldiers that shoot and throw grenades, then you get Mr. Sinister’s clones with mutant powers and in the middle section, you also get to fight skeletons. Like actual horror movie skeletons.

A Celebration of Deadpool’s World

Deadpool Using Speech Bubbles To Jump Across
Deadpool Using Speech Bubbles To Jump Across

The game world is meticulously crafted to reflect Deadpool’s personality and crass humor. Easter eggs and pop culture references are sprinkled throughout, rewarding players who appreciate Deadpool’s brand of insanity. The soundtrack perfectly complements the tone, featuring a mix of heavy metal, cheesy pop songs, and even Deadpool singing karaoke.

Although Deadpool singing is not a pleasant experience for any parties involved. Deadpool’s game is a breath of fresh air in the superhero genre. It’s a hilarious, self-aware romp that breaks the mold with its fourth-wall-shattering antics, unreliable narrative, and humor-infused gameplay.

Deadpool Becomes A Retro Game
Deadpool Becomes A Retro Game

When was the last time you played a game where the character in the game used speech bubbles to cross a pool of toxic poison? Or suddenly your game shifts from a third-person game to a 2D platformer? It is these sorts of gameplay moments that make Deadpool such a breath of fresh air and something unique.

The game world itself is a love letter to Deadpool’s unique personality, creating a cohesive and unforgettable experience for fans of the Merc with a Mouth.

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