Why Did The Beloved EA Cricket Franchise Vanish From Gaming Landscape?

This Sports Game Was Loved By Many But Was Discontinued.

Why Did The Beloved EA Cricket Franchise Vanish From Gaming Landscape?
Why Did The Beloved EA Cricket Franchise Vanish From Gaming Landscape?

Playing EA Cricket 2007 will always remain a beloved part of my childhood memories. It meant immersing myself in the cricket world and experiencing the enjoyment of it from the comfort of my home. I still remember when most of the kids would return from school only to sit in front of the computer to play EA Cricket.

Key Takeaways

  • EA Cricket 2007 was a highly praised game, yet it was the last game in EA Cricket’s franchise.
  • Due to the inability to acquire licensing rights, EA hilariously named the players.
  • The major reason for EA Cricket’s demise was the changing preference for the gaming platform.
  • Cricket is less popular than other sports, and thus, its games are less profitable.

The game delivered countless hours of entertainment, from competing against friends in multiplayer mode to embarking on a cricketing journey with career mode. As a childhood memory, EA Cricket 2007 was more than just a video game. It embodied our love and passion for cricket.

However, we noticed the gradual disappearance of EA Cricket from the gaming landscape as we grew up. I mean, it held a special place within our hearts, evoking feelings of joy and nostalgia. 

Source: 365 Days Gamer, YouTube
Source: 365 Days Gamer, YouTube

The question arises: why did a game enjoyed by many not continue and suddenly vanish from the gaming landscape?

Licensing Issues 

EA Sports has produced many great games, like Need For Speed, FIFA, UFC, etc. Despite their strong portfolio of games, they have suffered from disagreements between licensing teams and players. Due to the challenges in securing licensing rights, we saw hilarious names of famous cricketers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Shara Aphred – Shahid Afridi
  • Shadid Akhti – Shoaib Akhtar
  • S.Tendehar – Sachin Tendulkar
  • Hurvaj Singh – Harbhajan Singh
  • C. Gaist – Chris Gayle
  • Mashef Mortaz – Mashrafe Mortaza
Source: Umer Azhar, YouTube
Source: Umer Azhar, YouTube

Without an official license, I believe it was an innovative yet funny move not to restrict people with licensed players only. 

Evolving Gaming Preferences

One of the significant factors for the demise of EA cricket games was shifts in the gaming industry and gamers’ evolving preferences. With the rising popularity of mobile gaming and the emergence of different gaming genres, many people walked the other path to explore more games. The developers also shifted their focus to making other sports and RPG games catering to the audience’s demand. 

However, sports lovers who still yearned for cricket games got online and mobile games like Stick Cricket, which was a blessing for casual gamers.

Cricket Is Not Popular As Other Sports

The market size of cricket games is smaller than that of football games. That’s why investing large in cricket games won’t be justified. Even if you notice the revenue of both games in real life, cricket is far behind football in terms of income.

Football is a highly celebrated game and brings broader global appeal. Every country is fond of football, while cricket is famous mainly in the Asian, African, and Australian subcontinents and may have a smaller audience.

Cricket 2007 Will Be Nostalgic Forever

Despite its disappearance, EA Cricket 2007 will always serve as a nostalgic reminder of my carefree childhood days spent playing such a beautiful cricket game. 

I hope one day, the curiosity of the cricket fans will be looked upon, and they will be given a realistic next-gen cricket game.

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