Why Hans Zimmer Should Compose Music For Video-Games?

Here's why I think the gaming industry will go nuts if Hans Zimmer composes music for games.

Why Hans Zimmer Should Compose Music For Video-Games?
Why Hans Zimmer Should Compose Music For Video-Games?

Music has always been an integral part of video games. They don’t just set the game tone but evoke emotions under different circumstances. For example, excitement, fear, and sadness, every instrument used to compose the music amplifies moods and sentiments.

Key Takeaways

  • The two-time Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer can set the entire gaming industry on fire with his epic and orchestral composition. 
  • Hans Zimmer can create different types of music for non-linear games.

My point is, that without music, the games are just a bowl of spaghetti without tomato sauce.

However, here I am not particularly talking about the importance of music in video games. I am naming a specific individual whose music composition can make gamers go nuts, Hans Zimmer.

As a fanatic of both music and video games, I can’t help but daydream about the synergy that will unleash when Zimmer produces a banger for a game.

Hans Zimmer and Cinema

Hans Zimmer is synonymous with perfection. He is the maestro behind some of the most iconic film scores. There is no doubt that he makes movies reach unforgettable heights through his music. 

His work on movies like “The Lion King,” “Dune,” “Kung Fu Panda,” and “Interstellar” has redefined how music can have a profound impact on storytelling. Each of the chords he pulls elevates the cinematic experience, creating a tapestry of sound that pulls the audience deeper into the narrative.

Personally, Zimmer’s No Time For Caution is my favorite soundtrack from Interstellar. It is a prime example of how music can enhance a scene’s dramatic impact.

It is particularly famous for its use in the film’s “docking scene” where the intense combination of visuals blended with Zimmer’s musical masterclass makes it a memorable cinematic moment.

Now imagine if this musical genius lends his magic to the video games industry. The potential impact will be staggering.

Hans Zimmer’s Foray Into Gaming

Very few people had known about Zimmer not being a stranger to the world of video games. His composition for 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a classic example of music turning up the gaming experience. The soundtrack did more than being a backdrop.

Hans Zimmer talks about his musical score for Call of Duty.
Hans Zimmer talks about his musical score for Call of Duty.

It fueled the adrenaline-fueled combat action further enhancing the narrative. The deepening of the feelings created a bridge of emotions between players and the game. Hans Zimmer’s work in COD is just a glimpse of the melodic tsunami he can bring through video games.

Evolution of Music in Storytelling

Video games have come a long way and have evolved dramatically since its beginning. They are no longer about completing levels and achieving high scores. They are now more on the path of delivering narrative-driven gameplay with music playing a big part in it.

Take Red Dead Redemption 2 as an example. It managed to set new benchmarks for emotional engagement and narrative depth by stitching together multiple subplots and exploring several characters. With the progression of its story, the music becomes more haunting and melancholic resonating with players through Arthur’s heartbreaking journey.

Simply put, music is a crucial element in elevating the storytelling, providing an emotional undertone.

What Will the Zimmer Effect Look Like?

We are well aware Hans Zimmer is a big name in the industry and has a lot on his plate to cater to. However, if he steps into the gaming realm, he’s likely to evoke positive and strong reactions from the audience. Not only the euphoria of victory but his composition can make us feel the sorrow of loss or the tension of an instant danger.

Imagine a stealth-based game like Thief, where Zimmer’s flair for building tension can turn every mission into a heart-pounding situation. Or consider The Last of Us with a Zimmer score, exploring the awe-inspiring experience with his epic and sweeping composition.

Attracting Audience

Being a big fan of Hans Zimmer, I eagerly want him to bless a video game with his work. As he carries a big weight to his name, I guess that he has the potential to bridge the gap between games and movies. His involvement in a game project wouldn’t just attract gamers only but also music enthusiasts who are intrigued by his original scores.

Hans Zimmer - The Versatile Music Composer
Hans Zimmer – The Versatile Music Composer

This crossover will be huge, invaluable, and exceptionally thrive in the environment. With Hans Zimmer’s experience and endless sound creativity, the gaming landscape will embrace a new demographic of audiences.

Future of Gaming With Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer might already have a lot of movie projects lined up. I don’t think we’ll be enjoying his scores for games any time soon. However, his catchy music combined with the interactive medium would result in a huge capitalization of money as well as a critical reception.

As a fan of both games and Hans Zimmer, I can only hope to hear more of Zimmer’s magic in the virtual world I explore.

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