Why Naraka Bladepoint Is An Underrated Masterpiece

The free-to-play Battle Royale deserves more attention and appreciation.

Naraka: Bladepoint is underrated
Naraka: Bladepoint is underrated

It’s been a few months since I started playing Naraka: Bladepoint. I got it in December last year on Epic Games after a fellow gamer spoke too well of it. The game has been free-to-play since July last year. I am amazed to see how soon it became one of my favorite Battle Royales. 

Key Takeaways

  • Even with hundreds of thousands of concurrent players in Asia, Naraka: Bladepoint is highly underrated in the West.
  • The melee-focused unconventional battle royale experience makes it a hybrid with Arcade games, giving a more open experience enjoyed by fans of both genres.
  • The challenging gameplay mechanics make it more than a few button smashings and test players’ nerves and skills to the fullest.
  • Smooth graphics, clean transitions, and quick maneuvering abilities with the given fast traversing options make it a more stable and enjoyable experience than many other Battle Royales.

Now that I think of it, I was nothing more than stupid to sleep on this game. And this is the case with many of my fellow gamers as well.

Don’t get me wrong, after seeing its popularity on Steam, it is mostly played in Asia, and especially in China. You won’t find it as much popular in the West.

Naraka Bladepoint is genuinely an underrated masterpiece, and I will explain why:

Unconventional Battle Royale

Within three years of release and without specific marketing, Naraka Bladepoint now gets hundreds of thousands of concurrent players daily. It owes a lot to its unconventional battle mechanics within the Battle Royale genre. I mean, going in with swords in a genre dominated by guns certainly takes guts, and 24 Entertainment made it a success.

Even though you can find modern weapons in the game, what I found so much fun was how melees are enough to dominate them. Therefore, ranged combat is not a common thing in Naraka: Bladepoint. This shift from the conventional Batte Royal logic makes it stand out as a more fun alternative. 

Engaging Melee Fight

Shifting from guns to melee-focused BR is an outstanding concept, and I think it is highly under-appreciated. You can enjoy it as a Battle Royale and an Arcade game like Tekken. I like to call it a hybrid genre as it appeals to a wider audience, and players get the best of both worlds.

Playing a few matches was enough to let me know that the melee combat is not just smashing buttons randomly here. In fact, it is highly engaging and requires good control of nerves. Similarly, the swift moves make it more efficient than guns, which are usually slow and less precise. 

Ruthless & Strategically Challenging

As I said above, Naraka: Bladepoint is not just pressing a few buttons to bombard your opponents with combos. It requires skill, control of your nerves, understanding of your surroundings, and tactics to dominate your opponents.

Now this is a good thing, especially from e-sports’ perspective. However, it can also be a negative point for many.

Snapchot from Naraka: Bladepoint
Snapshot from Naraka: Bladepoint

Funny story: my first few games matched me with bots, and I dominated them easily. Moving along, I was confident in my skills until I met a real player and got my ass kicked by them. I must confess that it happened quite a few times.

Takeaway from this story? Naraka: Bladepoint is unforgivably ruthless.

You either play with bots or get destroyed by pros, but there is no in-between. This keeps happening until you are a pro yourself, which takes some time. Casual players will find it annoying. However, if you are determined, you can take down these pros, mostly Asians, and move up the ranks, and even join e-sports for lucrative rewards.

Yes! Naraka: Bladepoint gives millions of dollars in rewards in its annual e-sports competitions.

Traversing Through The Terrains

The developers were kind enough to provide proper means of traveling through the terrains. You can use grappling hooks to launch yourself around anywhere. These work the same way as the ODM gear in Attack on Titan.

You can get these hooks in random loots. Being an AoT fan, I love this conveyance method and its multiple other uses. For example, I can use these hooks to quickly cover the gap between me and my opponent.

I also use these hooks to avoid getting hit by opponent’s attacks. Another of their interesting use is to catch fleeing opponents by targeting them. 

Proper Optimization

The game’s fast pace is accompanied by its proper optimization, which makes the whole experience even more fun. In its genre, Naraka: Bladepoint is relatively lightweight and requires moderate hardware specifications to run smoothly. Top it with regular updates, making it even better.

system requirements for Naraka
System requirements as recommended on Steam

Similarly, unlike its competitors, which have low graphics in multi-player lobbies, Naraka: Bladepoint ensures there is no compromise on visuals. Even when you are fighting with multiple enemies, the swift movements, quick maneuvers, and combos in the heat of battle will work as conveniently as your situation-reading thought process. 

Finally, it is more of a tactical warfare where you must act swiftly and ensure no blunders to survive for a longer period. These skills come with time, and I, myself, am learning them step by step. I just hope this masterpiece gets the respect and attention that it deserves.

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